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Be An L+A Expert! Open Call For “Advice From Our Experts” Writers

Open Call For “Advice From Our Experts” Writers


Looking to the future has never been more exciting!

We’ve finalized our 2021 Editorial Calendar and are excited about what 2021 has in store for Lipgloss + Aftershave!

We are looking for expert skin care industry professionals who are looking to share their skills and knowledge with the L+A Community!

Are You One Of Us?

Are you one of us?  Are you – a skin care fanatic? Do you find yourself needing to talk about skin care daily?  Do you find yourself trying to work the topic of peptides into the conversation?  If someone asks what they should use on their skin – do you create an am and pm skin care routine for them? Do you find yourself wanting to talk people out of the skin care you see them buying at CVS or Walgreens?

If you answered yes to these questions – you’re one of us!

You should join us!  Join an exclusive list of skin care fanatics who have helped L+A become the destination for those just like you!

What It Takes

It takes experience.  It takes knowledge.  It takes savvy.  It takes professionalism.  It takes a positive outlook.  It takes a passion for skin care.  It takes an understanding of the skin care industry.  It takes a desire to grow.  It takes humility to try something new.  It takes the courage to take a chance.

We Need You To Answer These Questions (copy and paste in the contact form message below)

1. What Is Your Current Job in Skin Care Industry?

2. How Many Years Have You Worked In The Skin Care Industry?

3. Are You On Social Media?

4. What Are Your Social Media Platform Handles?

5. Have You Written Before? If Yes, Tell Us Where!

6. Why Do You Want To Write For L+A?


Let Us Know You're Interested

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