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Was It Olive Oil Or Botox That Kept Skin Smooth In Winter?

Olive oil for hands and lips in winter works so well because of a few key ingredients in olive oil. 

Olive oil skincare is ideal for winter skin because olive oil is jam-packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids + vitamins. It has natural healing and soothing properties that are good for both the inside and outside of the body. One simple ingredient can be the game changer in your skincare routine, energy levels, stress reduction, and so much more. 

Nufree Nudesse
Nufree Nudesse

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Benefits of Olive Oil

There is a wide variety of antioxidants in olive oil, but we are going to be focusing on three main ones. 

When you pair Polyphenols with other vitamins like those in olive oil, K, E, A, it creates synergy to protect the skin against free radicals. This allows the antioxidants to fight inflammation and help reduce skin damage caused by environmental factors. Poly in Greek means ‘A lot’ so olive oil contains more than one type of phenols otherwise known as anti-oxidants. 

Olive Oil is Monounsaturated, meaning that it is more stable than thinner oils. This gives it a higher shelf life and a slower rate of absorption. A high-quality olive oil also contains a good amount of polyunsaturated fatty acid, linoleic acid which gives products a non-greasy.

Next, there is an antioxidant called Secoiridoids, which helps activate genes that contribute to anti-aging effects and a reduction in cellular stress. A spoonful a day has been known to support brain health, protect heart health, strengthen immune systems + strengthen hair and nails. So simple and so effective! Additionally, olive oil may positively influence glucose metabolism by altering cell membrane function, enzyme activity, insulin signaling, and gene expression. 

We refer to Greek Olive Oil as the golden liquid your skin, mind + body need. 

olive oil for hands

Contribution by Stephanie Gannon-Malcom

Stephanie Gannon-Malcom is a green makeup artist and founder of Ouli’s Ointment who relocated to Los Angeles with her family after having built her career in London over the last 17 years. She has an extensive portfolio of work and has worked with the likes of Alexa Chung, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cara Delevingne, Elle Macpherson, Suki Waterhouse, Labrinth, Little Dragon, and Morcheeba. 

Having worked at Fashion Weeks in London and New York has taught Stephanie a wealth of skills that she applies to her career on a daily basis. 

She knows how to create a perfect balance between creative and beautiful makeup due to a degree in Fine Art. Stephanie prides herself on fantastic skin and enhanced beauty. Some of her editorial clients include Grazia, Glamour, Marie Claire, Vogue, Wonderland, and Harpers Hong Kong.

Olive Oil for Hands and Lips In Winter

By using Olive Oil products, you are protecting your skin from environmental factors, reaping the benefits of anti-aging effects, and experiencing a reduction of cellular stress. Not to mention, the ultra-hydrating nourishment you will experience upon first application! 

With being a monounsaturated oil, you can feel the oil working on your skin at a slow rate, not leaving you feeling greasy but creating an occlusive layer and preventing water loss. This helps keep the elasticity in your skin and helps restore smoothness. If you can apply to damp skin this will really enhance the hydration levels.

One reservation about using olive oil on the skin before Ouli’s was the smell. If we’re putting a product on our skin, especially our face, hands or lips, we want it to have a nice scent. Founder, Stephanie G-M puts an emphasis on not using strong scents that can cause irritation to any of our senses but instead, a combination of both uplifting and calming aromas. Ouli’s All-in-One Balm brings a grounding calming sensation with a bright citrus and sweet apple scent with all the benefits of olive oil. 

Your skin will be thanking you all day long. 

How Ouli’s Ointment’s Olive Oil For Hands Works

Ouli’s olive oil is produced through a time-honored cold “press” process without the use of any water and zero waste. 

This is note-worthy because it truly is a challenging process that we don’t see very often. Our partner in Zakynthos, Greece has successfully brought the traditional olive oil production system, with millstones and hydraulic presses, up to today’s food production standards operating from a solid scientific base. 

This allows our product to retain its utmost nutritional value, antioxidant levels, and vitamins contributing to our unique texture great for skin everywhere! 

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