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O2SKINPRO Calms + Restores Compromised Skin

O2SKINPRO For Compromised Skin

O2SKINPRO was introduced to us earlier this year by our annual sponsor, E.F. Tropics. Rene from E.F. Tropics reached out and told us that she found a really interesting product that had incredible effects on compromised skin. She continued to tell us that it had healing and pain-relieving effects on wounds.

This stopped us in our tracks.  Our thoughts went right to using this after aggressive skin care treatments to improve comfort levels and recovery time.

Then Rene agreed to sponsor this article so we could tell you all about this amazing product!


O2SkinPro™ is a back-bar product that pros can add to their treatments to promote skin healing and cell regeneration and will be sold only to professionals in the spa and med-spa industry. Primarily, professional estheticians will be able to add O2SkinPro™ to serums after micro-needling, use in acne treatments, and for all corrections whose purpose is healing and rejuvenation.  

Additionally, EF Tropics has O2SkinPro™ approved labels to use with “home use” products that you professionally formulate for your clients. This will bring the retail purchases back to the spa because they are personally formulated by you. Your customers will not be able to purchase this on Amazon or any online store! 

Using O2SKINPRO In Treatment + Home Care

O2SKINPRO Featured in Spring Guide To Skin Care Science

When we looked at the landscape of the professional skin care industry for our Spring Guide Go Skin Care Science we were thrilled to invite E.F. Tropics to submit O2SKINPRO to the guide.

We loved the science of using oxygen to improve the healing process after aggressive treatments.  We see the professional skin care industry moving towards treatments that leverage devices and professional only products to produce lasting results.  These treatments usually always create a short-term wound on the skin in order to achieve results. Any product that can jump start healing, is going to be vital to the overall success of advanced treatments.

O2SKINPRO Facial Protocol

by Beauty Industry Distributors LLC

  1. Double cleanse face with your choice of cleanser
  2. Exfoliate with your choice of exfoliator or derma/oil plane
  3. You can mix a spoon full of O2SKINPRO into your serums or mask to help penetrate the products faster, speed up the healing process and saturate the skin with oxygen.
  4. Or mix the O2SKINPRO into your finishing serum or creams to  speed up the healing process and saturate the skin with oxygen.
  5. Add a spoonful of the O2SKINPRO to your client’s home care serum.

Learn More About O2SKINPRO 

O2SkinPro™ Information Request Form

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We’d like to thank E.F Tropics for sponsoring this content. 

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