We Found a Dirty Mind in NYC

A Dirty Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!

Fasten your seatblets lipglossers!  Jenni’s Make Up Mondays are going to get a little racy!  For the 2nd year in a row Barry attended The Make Up Show in NYC and he scored some of the coolest make up finds!   

Jenni’s Make Up Mondays are going to get a lot more exciting!  Barry found new make up artists for her to interview!  He also met some great make up companies that have offer some of the most unique and interesting products that you will love to create Jenni’s signature every day look!   Barry also found a few goodies to add a little zoom-zoom for those times when Jenni wants to get a little racey!  

Advice From Our Expert

Barry met Ivan Betancourt last year and reconnected with him again this year!  Ivan is an independent Make Up Artist based in Los Angeles.  In his 11+ year career, he has worked many industry events and fashion shows both local and abroad, offered his expertise as the a senior artist for MuseBeauty Pro and as a platform stylist for Aquage Haircare. Ivan wants to show Jenni how women can add a little flair to an every day look using products from Muse Beauty Pro.

OMGLO – Highlighting and Finishing Sprays

OMG!  Who doesn’t want to glo?  

Barry met Joelle at OMGLO, she’s a local Philly girl – like – LEGIT she’s in Fishtown!  She’s going to become someone that we work with a lot!  We love local!  Anyway, Joelle has a line of finishing sprays and serums that give you a little zoom-zoom!  So if you see us start to glo – you can thank OMGLO!  


Dirty Mind Cosmetics – Lipsticks

Inspired by Tim Burton – a line of lipsticks that will help you add some ZOOM-ZOOM! 

If your lips are on the runway but your mind is in the gutter, we have the perfect shade for you! What’s fun, sexy, naughty, and classic? You are! Thats not just lip service either. We make a whole line of cosmetics for women and men that compliment who you really are.


Love Make Up?  Stay Tuned…. 

Make up is so much fun and we’re going to bring you so many amazing new brands and ideas! 

Stay tuned for more guest artists! 

Stay tuned for new brands!

Stay tuned for exciting launches!

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