2 New Oxygen Skincare Products From GLYMED PLUS

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2 New Oxygen Skincare Products From GLYMED PLUS!

That’s right, GLYMED PLUS, a leader in the professional only skincare products for estheticians, day spas and medical spas market will be releasing two new oxygen based skincare products March 11th for professional use only!  

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It was hard to contain my excitement when GLYMED PLUS reached out to us and asked us to help them announce the launch of their 2 new oxygen based skincare products.  It’s no secret that I love the team at GLYMED PLUS or that I’m obsessed with Christine Heathman’s accessories!  It’s also no secret that I fell in love with their 5 Berry Pigment Control Peel that they sent to me for my Birthday. Maybe you saw the photos? 

Oxygen? For Spring? Groundbreaking!

GLYMED PLUS has been really busy in R+D recently!  If you remember, we announced their brand new Organic CBD Booster in Barry’s Birthday Favorite’s Weekly Pop 5!  Now we’re here to announce that they are releasing a new Oxygen Power Booster and a new Oxygen Regenerative Peel this spring!  Oxygen?  For Spring?  Groundbreaking!  And I’m not saying it, in that rude, dismissive, condescending tone like Miranda Priestly!  

These 2 New Oxygen Skincare Products Are Groundbreaking! 

Oxygen Power Booster

Oxygen Power Booster

This cleansing powder helps to grow your back bar and services with the power of Oxygen. Add powder to any cleanser, masque or chemical treatment to instantly deep clean pores, kill acne causing bacteria and prevent the oxidative stress that leads to premature aging in the skin. Customize any product to be an anti-aging and anti-acne treatment instantly.  Good for all skin types. Great for Photo-damage, Fine Lines & Wrinkles and Acne. Learn More.


Oxygen Skincare Products
Oxygen Skin Regenerative Peel

Oxygen Skin Regenerative Peel     

This oxygenating peel combines the power of oxygen & lactic acid to provide a thorough exfoliation while breathing life back to dull, tired cells. Pack with antioxidants to help repair and prevent the harmful effects of oxidative stress that lead to premature aging. This exfoliator helps to instantly brighten dull skin while increasing firmness and elasticity.  Good for all skin types. Great for Photo-damage, Fine Lines & Wrinkles and Acne. Learn More.


5 Reasons To Love The 2 New Oxygen Skincare Products From GLYMED PLUS

I wanted to dig into these 2 New Oxygen Skincare Products From GLYMED PLUS and find out more about why any esthetician would love them.  I took it upon myself to pick the brain of one of the smartest women in the skincare industry! Sarah Robbins, Licensed Master Esthetician and Director of GLYMED PLUS Skin Science Institute.  Sarah and I had a little “Coffee Conversation” about Oxygen!

Barry Eichner Sarah Robbins Glymed Plus


Sarah Robbins Answers 5 Questions

About 2 New Oxygen Skincare Products 

I had the best time talking with Sarah!  I had a ton of questions for her, and she was gracious enough to take the time to really explain why the 2 new oxygen skincare products From GLYMED PLUS are better alternatives to treat various skin issues! She also had a great pro tip on how to use the Oxygen Power Booster by GLYMED PLUS to make treatments more effective.  

Question 1


Barry:  Would you add the Oxygen Power Booster to a clean step of the peel protocol?  

Sarah:  The Oxygen Booster – yes absolutely! It will help to deep clean the skin to allow an even saturation of the chemical peel.


Question 2


Barry:  Why Oxygen Regenerative Peel over a Mandelic acid peel  for Hyperpigmentation?

Sarah:  Our Oxygen Regenerative Peel literally breathes life into dull, tired cells and prevents free radical damage — especially toward our melanocytes. Our Oxygen Peel also contains lactic acid – which is a smaller molecular size and is able to penetrate deeper into the skin than mandelic which is much larger and cannot go very far into the epidermis. Lactic acid has also been shown to exfoliate more than glycolic due to its slightly larger size vs glycolic, which allows the acid to exfoliate more as it makes its way through the layers of the skin.

Question 3


Barry: Is there a reason one would use the Oxygen Regenerative Peel over Salicylic acid peel for acne?  

Sarah:  Salicylic has a lot of contraindications (Don’t get us wrong, we love Salicylic Acid) but there is a time and place for it in the treatment room. Our Oxygen peel not only provides oxygen – which will kill acne causing bacteria- but it also feeds and nourishes other cells helping to boost the over health of the skin. There is also no contraindications for Oxygen and it’s not as aggressive on the skin as far as desquamation goes. Oxygen also has incredible wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties making it one of the best choices for Acne.


Question 4


Barry: Do you think the Oxygen Power Booster  is better in a cleanser or a masque?  

Sarah:  I personally prefer it in my cleansers, however if you have anyone struggling with dull, tired and inflamed skin issues a masque is your best option. Using it in a masque allows you to combine the benefits of the masque + oxygen longer on the skin.  

Question 5

Barry:  Would you add Oxygen Power Booster to both cleanser and masque for severe cases?  

Sarah:  Absolutely! Cleansers aren’t made to penetrate deep into the skin but they do offer a great prep – since cleansers are used for a short amount of time and then removed it’s perfectly fine (preferred) to use both if possible.

Pro Tip
Add 1/8 – 1/4 tsp of the Oxygen Power Booster to the Ultra Hydrating Enzyme Masque along with ¼ tsp of water.   Mix and voilà you have SUPER CHARGED OXYGENATING ENZYME MASQUE



Now you can turn any facial in your treatment room into a oxygen infusion!  The Oxygen Power Booster allows you to breathe life into the skin of any client.  You can help diminish hyperpigementation, minimize fine lines and treat acne!  The new Oxygen Regenerative Peel rejuvenate tired cells and will prevent free radical damage!  

If you’d like to know more about the 2 new oxygen skincare product, you can fill out the contact form below.  We’re so thankful to GLYMED PLUS for sponsoring this article.  

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