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Discovering New Makeup and Skin Care at SpaHIVE

New Makeup and Skin Care Discoveries!


We are always on the hunt for hot new makeup and skin care!  It’s what we live for!  That’s why we travel every single month to events all over the country, so we can keep our finger on the pulse of the beauty industry!  We found SpaHIVE and fell in love!   A two part event that gives you the best of both worlds!  A day of treatments and a day of education!

Barry Found New Makeup And Skin Care

I’m kind of obsessed with finding new things!  “Show me something, I’ve never seen before…”  Is one of my favorite things to say when I meet a new brand.   New brands truly excite me, but when a brand has something that I’ve never seen on the market before, then I feel the need to pull out my new iPhone 11 Pro and start video taping.  That’s exactly what I did at SpaHive!  I found 3 yummy pieces of makeup that I think are really essential!

Hot Trends In Skin Care 

Move over glycolic peels and pumpkin!  We’ve got a S’Mores facial from Circadia and an organic yogurt peel from Ilike for Fall.  Don’t get it twisted – we’re still super #basic and love Pumpkin, but, come on!  Who doesn’t love a S’More?  Sadly, S’mores are rarely on my list of go-to foods because of my macros!  Gotta keep it cute when I enter my daily grams of protein, carbs and fats.  I usually eat a lot of Greek Yogurt to hit my protein macros.  So when Ilike told me about their Yogurt Peel, I was in love!  Then, my love, Darlene from Hydrafacial broke the news that they just launched their partership with HydroPeptide!  Huge news!

SpaHIVE Experience Center, Power Panel Explained

SpaHIVE is a 2 day event produced by Julie Pankey of JMPankey Partners.  Day one is an experience center, which allows attendees to see, smell and try the latest products and treatments.  Day 2 is a Power Panel, Key Note Address and lots of shopping!  

SpaHIVE Power Panel

Barry moderated the SpaHIVE Power Panel, where he opened discusion on Spa Marketing by posing quesitons to the panel.  The power panel included:  Emily Krauz, Jenessee Roy, Leigha Gardner, Jenn Ross-Boshes and Julie Pankey.  The panel answered questions about Facebook, Instagram, Email Marketing, and in-house marketing tactics that were offered by the moderator and from the attendees.

SpaHIVE Key Note Speaker

Gretta Monahan was the key note spaker.  A dynamic salon, spa, owner who branched out into entertainment as a regular on The View and The Rachel Ray Show.  She offered her inspiring story to the attenees and gave lots of tangible advice that these business women could use to find the motivation to succeed!

Side Note:  She’s fabulous and rocked a leapord print dress and the hottest shoes.  She said she loved me and the she’d call me, so obvi we’re best friends now!  xo xo

Julie Breaks Down Why SpaHIVE’s Uniqueness

Barry chatted with Julie Pankey, SpaHIVE Founder.  Julie explains her passion behind SpaHIVE and how she brings it all together.  He also had a chance to meet one of the spa owners who talks about why she loves SpaHIVE.

Photos Of New Makeup and Skin Care from SpaHIVE

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