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New CBD Products And Skincare For Spring

You’re in luck!  This Week’s POP 5 has hot new CBD products and a patented skincare product for Spring!  Seriously, CBD is everywhere now and we’ve been on top of the story since last summer!  We’ve featured at least 10 different CBD brands over the past year and 2019 will be no exception.  When I attended the World CBD Expo in San Jose last year, I met some of the CBD industry leaders.  Well, we’ve stayed in touch and now, we’re getting the inside scoop on all the hot new CBD products.  

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No secret that Jenni and I are obsessed with CBD and all of its truly remarkable benefits. I love taking CBD orally for better sleep, and it really helps Jenni with stress management.  After a workout, nothing soothes aches and pains like CBD body products, which this 49 year old body just loves!  But the creme de la creme is CBD infused skincare.

I really think it’s what keeps me looking so young and pretty! 

Not that I think I’m pretty!  Just look at these dark spots and fine lines I need all the help I can get!  I mean, Thank God for Vitamin C and Oxygen products, I think they help me look young and pretty!  What do you think?  


If you want in on my secrets to all this pretty, keep reading!  We’ve got 4 Hot New CBD Products and A Hot New Skincare Product that I know you’ll love!  Our CBD and skincare gurus have been hard at work creating new products that they’re launching this spring!  We’ve got CBD soft gels, CBD Pain Cream, a new CBD Mask, and a CBD Booster, just for skincare professionals!  Then, we’ve got a Vitamin C, that you’ll love, it’s got a patented delivery system!  

This Week’s Pop 5:  Hot New CBD Products For Skin + Body

Control Corrective Vitamin C New For 2019Control Corrective –  C Defense Serum 

We’re so proud to announce that Control Corrective is allowing us to launch this product for them!  This brand new Vitamin C serum uses a very specific technology allowing for long term moisturization. Want to know what this technology is – Click Here


Professional CBD Booster – GLYMED PLUS 

NEW PRODUCT ALERT!  GLYMED PLUS just released this amazing new professional only product.  We’ve written a lot about CBD, so our review of GLYMED PLUS CBD Booster is an emphatic, 2 thumbs up!  Now you can add CBD to any of your favorite skincare products! Want to know how? – Click Here

ZAQ CBD Pain Cream

Pain Cream by ZAQ

I’m so excited to tell you about one of my favorite hot new CBD products I use after squatting!  When ZAQ told me that they were releasing a new CBD product, I asked for one to try!  This is one is invigorating and the CBD really gets to work with its anti-inflammatory properties to help bring down any post workout soreness!  Brand New For Spring  –  Click Here.

Nature Leaf Organics CBD Soft Gels


Full Spectrum Soft Gels – Nature Leaf Organics 

The secret is out.  Everyone knows what CBD can do for you!  It can soothe aches, calm anxiety and increase the glow of your skin!  We’re totally obsessed with CBD! Nothing has helped me more with post workout recovery!  Whenever I use a CBD skincare product, my skin has an amazing GLOW!  Jenni and I are so excited to use/take the soft gels so we can give you our review of Nature Leaf Organics. Want to learn how these soft gels can help you Click Here.

Nature Pure Energizing Oxygen Mask

Energizing Instant Oxygen Mask – Nature Pure

Love the instant boost that an oxygen infusion can give to the skin!  Our friend Victoria at Nature Pure was raving about the updated version of her Energizing Instant Oxygen Mask with CBD! When we heard CBD, we demanded that she send it for us to try!  Fell In Love!  You will too, see why –  Click Here.


We’re obsessed with spring, it means, winter is over and summer is around the corner.  We love getting news about hot new CBD products and skincare products that are being released for spring in anticipation of the new year of trade shows!  This week’s collection of products is filled with some of the best!  If you loved everything in this Week’s POP 5, be sure to read all of our other Weekly POP 5 posts.  

Thanks to ZAQ, GLYMEDPLUS, Nature Pure, Control Corrective, Nature Leaf Organics  for sponsoring this article.

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