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NeurotriS Body Contouring Treatments Hugely Popular in Dubai

NeurotriS Body Contouring Treatments Popular in Dubai


neurotris body contouring

Meet Orsi Matheiszhu, owner of ORSKIN AESTHETICS , located in Dubai, UAE. Orsi has been an esthetician for 18 years and has been using NeurotriS for 2 years. She found NeurotriS on social media and was convinced that she needed to add it to her practice.  

Orsi’s First NeurotriS System Was SX-3800
Orsi’s first investment into NeurotriS was with the  SX-3800, she loved that system because she was able to treat the skin of different age groups easily.  She loves its multifunctional features. She raves that the results are significant after the very first session.

How Orsi Uses the NeurotriS SX-3800
We asked Orsi, “What skin conditions do you treat with the NeurotriS SX-3800?” She told us she loves using NeurotriS for, “Dehydrated, mature and even acne prone skin with enlarged pores.”

NeurotriS was featured in the 2020 L+A Tech Tool Box. NeurotriS is also an award-winning system, having won the 2020 L+A Favs Award!

Orsi Added The NeurotriS SX-4500 For Body Treatments
Orsi loved the SX-3800 and wanted to begin offering body contouring services, so she added the SX-4500 to her business.  We asked her how she uses it for body treatments. “Well, first, it’s my favorite system!  I use it mostly for body sculpting, toning, anti-cellulite and firming. Post delivery treatments for muscle strengthening.”, she told us. 

NeurotriS Body Contouring Services Marketing Tips
We asked Orsi to share some of her tips on how she became so successful with NeurotriS Body Contouring Services. We loved the simplicity of her response. “Well, I use Instagram, my website but mostly word of mouth through client recommendations”. 

This is why NeurotriS is so important to add to your business, because the results speak for themselves. The results of the treatments drive clients to brag to their friends about how they look. Then you get referrals!  

Market Research Shows Body Contouring Services Growing
According to Grand View Research, the global body contouring industry is set to exceed 5 Billion dollars by 2025. This segment of the spa/wellness/skincare industry is expanding heavily.  

It’s clear that with Orsi’s success, which she is attributing to client referrals, you can see that the consumer is very interested in body services.  

NeurotriS Systems Make You Indispensable
The spa and skincare industry are expanding and becoming more and more common to all consumers. In today’s economy, consumers can learn how to do skin care treatments via YouTube tutorials or by watching Instagram stories or IGTV.  If they want to do a mini-facial at home they can learn how.  

That’s not the case with NeurotriS treatments.  If you offer NeurotriS treatments, you are now indispensable.  We know the industry is growing and we know clients love the results and we know they tell their friends about them.  If people want a NeurotriS treatment, they must come to you! 

Orsi’s Tips For Success With NeurotriS Treatments for Body
Orsi told us, “I like to combine body services with a facial and add body enzyme or lymphatic drainage for better results”.  She also is doing so well with treating women that she’s looking to add services for men. 

 NeurotriS Has Had An Amazing Impact On My Business.
“NeurotriS is our most popular treatment because the results are phenomenal and it feels so relaxing!” 

“It’s the best microcurrent device on the market.  Clients feel the difference they never experienced before.”

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