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Nature’s Survival Secrets

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I’ve never thought of myself as a survivalist. I have friends who camp in the Montana mountains to experience all the benefits of nature – you know – clean air, wide open spaces, blah, blah, blah.  It’s that kind of camping where you have to carry everything you in need in backpack. You know – your food, your bed, your electricity. These rustic campers spend their days on a trail, hiking and eating dehydrated food. They spend their nights sleeping on the a bed of leaves and dirt, while, I assume they’re praying that it won’t rain and that they not be eaten by a large grizzly bear.  

Clearly, I’ve seen the movie with Leo Dicaprio!  

I don’t like the woods at night!  

Please note, that at no point, did I mention that my rustic, camper friends packed any type of toiletries, let alone any anti-aging skincare products. Personally, I prefer to reap the benefits of nature without having to risk my life.  

I’m more of a “all the luxuries of home” type of camper!

This is why I am obsessed with the new Marine Collagen Anti-Aging retail products from BelleCôte Paris.  These products give you the benefits of Nature’s Survival Secrets without having to actually survive nature!

BelleCôte Paris has harnessed scientific discoveries from Arctic researchers to create an amazing line of marine based products.  They launched the new Marine Collagen Anti-Aging  product line and their new  Arctic Ice Facial – Anti-Pollution Treatment this past September.  Jenni was lucky enough to receive the treatment in Florida at the launch event!  

Arctic Ice Facial

This facial PREVENTS, PROTECTS and deeply REPAIRS the skin from the damaging effects of urban pollution, sun damage and oxidative stress; making it a magnificent anti-pollution treatment.

This facial was inspired by arctic scientists’ research that began about 20 years ago. The explorers were amazed by the mystery of the arctic glacier’s change in color.

During the last decade Arctic Micro-Algae with unique survival abilities were studied and drew the interest of the beauty industry.

Arctic Micro-Algae are mostly concentrated in the bottom layer of the Arctic Ice, but can also occur in brine channels within the ice, in melt ponds, and on the ice surface. In order to adapt to these low-temperature conditions, complete darkness in winter and continuous light and high UV in the summer, arctic plants and micro-algae have the very unique ability to change their composition and pigmentation by producing a significant amount of carotenoids, anti-oxidants, fatty acids, enzymes and peptides.

The Arctic Ice Facial – Anti-Pollution Treatment is transferring this unique ability to the skin, allowing the skin to modify its composition and pigmentation that in turn significantly slows down the aging process.

My New Favorite Home Care

BelleCôte Paris’s Marine Collagen products are a drink of water for mature, dehydrated skin!  Over the past year or so, I’ve seen a shift in my skin. My skin now loves rich, creamy, moisturizing products. I learned this when I noticed how beautifully my skin reacted to 3 of the amazing products from BelleCôte Paris.  

Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Cleanser

I’ve never used a cream cleanser before.  However, I am obsessed with this one! A dime sized portion is all I use.  Its creamy consistency and amazingly luxurious fragrance creates a feeling of velvet on the skin.  Bonus: It’s loaded with Marine Peptides. My skin drinks in the moisture and is left feeling soft, but not at all greasy.

Ultra Lifting Day Cream with Caviar Extract

Ultra delicious!  This cream is so rich and nourishing!  I’ve been so afraid of moisturizers with this level of viscosity.  But my skin absorbs every last drop and just plumps up and shines! Jenni tried it and said it made a great make-up primer.  

BellEye with Arctic Micro-Algae

Plump! The fine lines and small brown spots around my eyes legit diminished!  This cream is so luxe, you need the smallest amount, the size of a BB to use on both eyes.  Your eyes will love you for it!

I told Jenni all about my obsession with these products.  I was convinced that this treatment and home care are truly exceptional after she told me about her skin the day of the Arctic Ice Facial – Anti-Pollution Treatment.  Jenni said, “The best way to describe this treatment is HYDRATING and SOOTHING.  From the initial cleanse, to the layered mask, my skin felt extremely nourished and replenished.  I loved it! I spent the remainder of the day makeup free and glowing, and never felt oily. My skin felt great for days.”

If you’re looking for a facial that will help sooth mature skin while providing repair and protection from environmental damage then you need to try BelleCôte Paris’s new Arctic Ice Facial – Anti-Pollution Treatment and Marine Collagen Anti-Aging retail products. If you want to get these products for your spa you can Contact BelleCôte Paris.

Thank you to BelleCôte Paris for sponsoring this article.

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