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Check The Technique: Technology + Nature Pure To Treat Acne

NaurePure Skincare is an incredibly potent botanical skin care brand! We’ve been obsessed with Victoria, the CEO, and this line of skin care for the past few years. Whenever we want to discuss the power of botanicals we always look to Victoria and NaturePure!

NaturePure Botanicals + Devices = TechNature Acne Treatment

Jenni did a visit to a spa in New Jersey called Everlasting Haven and had a treatment with Gina, the owner. Jenni was blown away at the incredible marriage of Technology and Nature that Gina used in this incredible treatment that is designed to help combat a huge side-effect of acne; hyperpigmentation!

Everlasting Haven, Featured NaturePure Spa


Everlasting Haven

At the age of 18, Gina became a NJ Licensed Cosmetologist. She became a Sugaring Practitioner in 1997.

Her next accomplishment was to become a NJ Licensed Massage Therapist.

Gina worked for 22 years after obtaining her license and was able to open her own location! Everlasting Haven, uses NaturePure exclusively for skin care. 

Gina also does Sugaring,  massage, and cryotherapy.

Jenni’s Visit to Featured NaturePure Spa Everlasting Haven

Jenni had the chance to chat with Gina and asked her a few key questions

Jenni:  When did you decide to open your own location? 

Gina:  In August of 2017, I signed my lease for the location where my small business owner’s journey was beginning! On November 13, 2017, we were officially open to the public and our beautiful clients.


Jenni:  Why did you choose Nature Pure?

Gina:  I decided to bring Nature Pure to my small business about two years prior to opening. I started to use Nature Pure while I was working for a Medical Spa in South Jersey. I was not familiar with Nature Pure but the doctors and the other Aestheticians and I knew that the skincare line that we were using at that time was just not delivering the results we wanted for our clients.

When Nature Pure took over our Back-Bar and our Retail products; clients were so happy and they have definitely seen results. We were so excited for our clients that at that moment I knew this line was going to be in my spa, it became part of my dream!

I attended one of Victoria’s classes at the NY IECSC, and learned so much about the entire line – it was so extensive! 

I was personally in touch with Victoria to explain that my location was new, and I wasn’t sure how much retail I would be able to start with.  There were no minimums, and she was so supportive in helping me choose what to bring on at first.  There are not very many skincare lines that will work with you on that level.

The “C” Me-ReEnergize! TechNature NaturePure Treatment

Jenni received the “C” Me-ReEnergize! This skincare treatment is focused on mainly reducing any skin discoloration due to past acne scarring and sun damage. Gina used products to brighten the skin and to reduce any tired and dull skin with the use of vitamin “C” and to hydrate the skin as well.

Technology Modalities Incorporated

Microneedling – Dermaroller

Jenni observed that there were not a lot of facial options on Gina’s treatment menu. This is a trend that she has been observing in spas.  Most spas are just having clients book a set time frame reserved and everything within that time frame is tailored to address the client’s specific concerns.  

“This facial treatment was the best example of Tech-Nature, that I’ve seen in a long time!”

Jenni Nagle

Lipgloss + Aftershave

Gina started by doing a thorough skin analysis before starting the treatment so that she could completely customize the facial.

I remained under steam for about 15 minutes while Gina cleansed and allowed my skin to soften to aid in easier extractions. Gina applied the Pumpkin Enzyme Brightening Peel to loosen stubborn congestion and allow this to remain under steam for about 5 minutes. During this time, she customized my treatment masque and provided the most amazing neck and shoulder massage.

To stimulate blood flow and remove any loose congestion, she used vacuum suction as part one of the extractions, followed by manual extractions for deeper congestion in the t-zone.

Post extraction, Gina used Deep Pore to cleanse any bacteria in the skin after extractions, followed by an application of the Cucumber Mint Mist Toner, then used the Micro-Roller, then applied the Diopin Wrinkle Diffusing Serum, and Stem Cell Face Complex.

Post rolling, the MYSKINUDDY was used on the green LED setting to further infuse and provide hyperpigmentation support.

On top of this infusion, Gina layered the custom masque of a combination of Strawberry -Kiwi, Collagen, and Chocolate Moose to address, discoloration, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin all in one customized masque . . . and said:

“I prefer to layer my serums under the treatment masque, rather than wait until the end of the treatment.  This way, I can infuse with various devices and ensure we are maximizing penetration.” Gina

During the mask portion of the facial Gina provided an extensive neck and shoulder massage.

The final, and most invigorating part of the facial was cryotherapy.  This 5-minute treatment can be incorporated into any facial and provides skin tightening, addressing any inflammation that might not be obvious to the untrained eye, like under the eyes or on the top of the eyelid, as well as sagging of the neck and jawline due to loss of elasticity.

After an application of SKIN GLOW TINTED MINERAL MOISTURESCREEN SPF-50, my skin was left hydrated, glowing, plumped, and rejuvenated.

The NaturePure Tech+Nature Treatment Results

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