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5 Tips to Speed Waxing for Financial Success

NaturaverdePro is a new wax brand to the U.S., officially launching in 2021 at the New York IECSC Show, where we met the team. This is a diverse brand that can help estheticians and waxing specialists improve their business. The product quality and brand education are poised to give American spa professionals a leg up on their service sales.  

One of the best ways to improve your waxing service sales is to increase the number of clients that wax daily. You can’t add time to an 8-hour work day, but you can increase the number of appointments you fit into 8 hours. The key here is speed! If you can speed wax you can speed earn!  

NaturaverdePro’s 5 Speed Waxing Tips

We asked NaturaverdePro’s National Educator, Elise Agostinelli, to give us her top 5 tips for speed waxing! 


1. Stay open-minded to learning! 

Education is key, take a class with one of our Pros, learn different techniques, and keep your mind open to learning advanced techniques even if you’ve been waxing for many years. You never know what you can learn from a fellow waxer. 

If you work with NaturaverdePro, you’ll work with Elise, the National Educator, or one of their other educators.  They are all amazing, and focus on ensuring that you have all the education you need to Speed Wax for Success. NaturaverdePro has an arsenal of educational material and ongoing education for their professionals to use and learn from. 

  • Library of video tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Zoom demos
  • Hands-On classes
  • Waxing certification classes
  • Trade show education classes

Esthetician Review

“I get great results with the pink wax. It works great! Grabs every hair without breakage and pulls that root out beautifully.”

Carrie, Esthetician

 2. Try different types of waxes!

Try as many different kinds of wax as possible. There are so many options; soft waxes, hard waxes and cartridge wax systems.

Find your groove, not all waxes are made the same. Give creamier waxes like Karite Flex Hard Wax a try, or thin film waxes like our Blue or Gold Hard Flex.  If you prefer soft waxes that’s ok too, but try them all and see which one suits you and your clientele the best & your need for speed will come with ease!

NaturaverdePro Offers Soft Wax

Their smooth and silky soft waxes spread thinner than many others with even coverage for precision waxing. Ideal for both facial and body waxing, soft waxes have a low-melt temperature to ensure client comfort, complete hair removal, and ideal results.

NaturaverdePro Offers Hard Wax

NaturaverdePro Hard wax has a very fast setup time, it applies thinner than most others so increases profitability because you use less. Hard waxes are super flexible and pliable and don’t crack. Also hard wax gets even the smallest hairs, while built-in buffers and emollients keep clients comfortable.

NaturaverdePro Offers Roll-On Wax 

Roll-On wax enables waxing of large areas all at once with super-fast application and removal without having to stop to re-apply wax with an applicator on multiple sections. Plus cartridges are very affordable.

Esthetician Review

“Clients love the Deluxe Pink Wax! Great Product!”

Bekah, Esthetician

3. Be organized and alert!

Keep your product organized, neat and clean, and WATCH YOUR TEMPERATURE. Elise has taught classes where the students are not mindful of the temperature changes in the room or the client and the wax. We’ve got to make sure our wax is at the proper temperature to perform a quick and successful service.

Brow Specialist Review

“I’m absolutely obsessed. Every time I use it I’m always impressed!”

Kiva, Brow Specialist

4. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Before the speed you need accuracy!!! We cannot stress this enough….practice, practice, practice! The speed will come once the technique is perfected! Wax anyone and everyone, the more bodies you touch the more your speed will increase. 

Brow and Makeup Artist Review

“Super easy to work with and gets Every. Single. Hair.”

Sarah, Brow and Makeup Artist

5. Use High-Quality Products

Lastly, and most importantly use a quality product. The ingredients in your product are key to a speedy service. If the tools you’re using aren’t high quality, you will not get the results as quickly because you’ll have to go back over the area with hard waxes or even worse take that tweezer out! No one likes a tweezer anywhere near their Brazilian area!  

Esthetician Review

“Love it! So glad we made the switch!”

Stephanie, Esthetician

Which Wax To Use For Each Waxing Treatment You Do 

Brazilian Waxing

Blue Flex Hard Wax

Facial Waxing

Gold Flex Hard Wax or Pomegranate Soft Wax


Blue Flex Hard Wax or Karite Flex Hard Wax or Tea Tree Roll-On Wax


Gold Flex Hard Wax or Honey Roll-On Wax


 Blue Flex Hard Wax or Pink Roll-on Wax

Underarm Waxing

Blue Flex Hard Wax or Pink Soft Wax

Thanks to NaturaverdePro for sponsoring this content. 

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