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Organic Skincare Brand Launches Natural Sanitizing Spray With VIP Exclusive Offer

Organic Skincare Brand Launches Natural Sanitizing Spray

Dawn Lorraine Skincare is launching their all new Natural Sanitizing Spray exclusively through the Lipgloss + Aftershave Mobile App with a VIP Exclusive Offer.

We love Dawn Lorraine Skincare, they’ve been a part of many stories that we’ve written!

Has VIP Exclusive Offer For L+A Community

This award winning organic, conscious skincare brand is so proud to launch their beautifully fragrant natural sanitizing spray via the Lipgloss + Aftershave Mobile App.  Dawn Lorraine will offer everyone who uses our exclusive code a FREE 1 oz of the Refuge Natural Sanitizing Spray with the purchase of a 4 oz Refuge Natural Sanitizing Spray and offer FREE SHIPPING TOO!

Get The Mobile App HERE


Refuge Natural Sanitizing Spray


Premium sustainably sourced protection with natural Non-GMO 70% Alcohol and naturally antibacterial Lemongrass Essential Oil combine to make a powerful sanitizing combination. Delightful blend of citrus essential oils is uplifting and refreshing. Special formula leaves your hands soft and silky. 

Easy to use spray so you can use it anywhere and any time and on hands and surfaces.

Deionized water content helps prevent alcohol from evaporating before it can do its job and moisturizes so hands aren’t left dry and irritated.

Available in 4 oz household size and 1 oz travel.


About Dawn Lorraine Organic Conscious Skincare

“As a spa professional for more than 20 years, and a passionate advocate for sustainability in the skin-care industry, I have strived to create a truly high-performance, eco-friendly line that will help you and your clients achieve radiant, healthy skin – naturally.

Early in my career I discovered an intuition about ingredients – and a knack for combining them – that improved my clients’ skin dramatically.  My colleagues affectionately referred to me as “Dr. Dawn.”  This unique ability has helped thousands achieve transformative results.

A series of life-changing events, and my growing concern about the impact of my industry on the planet, led to a major turning point in my practice.  As an Esthetician in the treatment room, I wanted results for my clients.  As an environmentalist I wanted organic.  I looked extensively for a product that was organic and gave my clients the results they desired, and when I couldn’t find it I embarked on a journey that led to the creation of Dawn Lorraine, Conscious Skincare.  Dawn Lorraine is an organic brand dedicated to Skin Care Professionals who want to make a difference, both for their clients and the earth.”

Dawn Lorraine, Founder

The products began as a personal quest by our founder nearly 10 years ago as she sought to find natural products that got results. 

The formulas contain organic ingredients with natural scent blends along with the latest in proven actives to truly transform the skin.

Together with their Estheticians all across the states and into Canada, they are leading the way in truly sustainable skincare.

If you care about the earth, we are your brand!
Reducing, Reusing and Recycling are at the top of our list.
Our ingredients are produced with Wind Power
We use 100% recyclable Glass containers
And, we ship using re-purposed materials.
Your skin will be more radiant than ever
Our formulas are created for optimum improvement in tone, texture & appearance.
Our products smell so good you will want to eat them!
From the moment you open a jar you are enticed by delectable natural aromas.
You will see a difference immediately
We use pure organic actives along with proven ingredients so you get results!

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