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5 Natural Brightening Ingredients You Need To Know

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With Natural Brightening Ingredients To Get You Glowing

Natural brightening ingredients have become some of the most sought after ingredients on the global skincare market.  Two trends are causing this rising demand for natural skincare ingredients. More and more consumers are looking for sustainable, natural and even organic product options across all consumer goods.  That coupled with that emergence of Hyperpigmentation as the number one skincare concern all over the world is prompting many skincare manufacturers to offer more and more products with natural brightening ingredients.

Treating Hyperpigmenation Can Be Challenging

It’s no secret that treating hyperpigmenation can be a long and hard road to travel with a client.  It takes a lot of exfoliation, to ensure that the old dead pigmented skin cells are being swept away. Clients also need to be compliant with and home care to insure that the brightening products they’re using have the opportunity to do their job.  Oh and keeping them IN SPF and OUT OF THE SUN!!!!


Treating Hyperpigmenation

“Using tyrosinase inhibitors topically aide in treating the discoloration, making the appearance even toned and in some cases significantly reduce or rid the hyperpigmentation. Think of it as putting a stray jacket on the melanocyte. They are there, they have been activated, they aren’t leaving, but we can try to control by inhibiting the production.”

Read the 4 Tips For Treating Hyperpigmentation

Trin Yokoyama

Guest Blogger

5 Natural Brightening Ingredient Rich Products

1. Willow Bark

Fruit Acid Cleansing Scrub – Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare

This super smoothing exfoliating cleanser polishes skin to perfection. Now with 100% Sustainable Bamboo, Active Fruit Enzymes and Helichrysum! Great forAging, Sun Damaged, Pigmented, Oily, Acne, Combination skin. Apply to wet skin in gentle circular motions for 1-2 minutes until product produces some sudsing.  Remove with warm towel.  Let the product do the work, you don’t need to scrub harshly. Use 1-3 times per week.  With the active enzymes and fruit acids this product can be left on the skin for 5-20 minutes as a home facial treatment.


2. Daisy (L-arbutin)

Incredible Enzymes – Hale & Hush

A powerhouse against lusterless skin, Incredible Enzymes optimizes skin’s complexion at a surface and cellular level using a blend of botanical exfoliating enzymes and refinement assistants that work together to rejuvenate texture and tone for clarity that can be felt and seen.

DAISY FLOWER EXTRACT: This extract naturally lightens skin by modulating various pathways of melanin synthesis, including melanocyte and tyrosinase activity.




3. Azelaic Acid

Lemon Lightening Serum – Sorella Apothecary

Watch sunspots, hyperpigmentation, redness and inflammation fade thanks to Lemon Lightening Serum’s Azelaic Acid, lemon and licorice root extracts. Natural hydroquinone alternatives leave you with smooth, calm and bright skin.  Apply a pea-sized amount to cleansed and toned face and neck morning and evening to even complexion. When layering serums, begin with the thinnest consistency and finish with the thickest.


natural brightening ingredients

4. Songyi Mushrooms From Japan

RENEW™ – Skin Lightening Cream by ATZEN from California Skincare Supply

RENEW™ – Skin Lightening Cream contains ten concentrated lightening & brightening ingredients of natural or organic origin, plus boosting agents, reduce pigmentation caused by sun damage, acne, & hormonal changes. Lightens & brightens while strengthening skin’s ability to prevent future damage. Doubles as a moisturizer. Is a safe alternative to toxic products made with hydroquinone.



5. Licorice Extract

SPF Solar Shield 30 Classic Tint – Lira Clinical

This essential daily moisturizer with SPF 30 for all skin types. Delivers refreshing and nourishing ingredients for skin protection and repair. Provides a healthy glow with beautiful tinted coverage.

natural brightening ingredients

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