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Why This Award-Winning Clinical Spa Owner Loves M.A.D Skincare

Nathalie Singh has been an esthetician for 16 years and has owned Bella Luna Day Spa since 2011. Nathalie founded Bella Luna Day Spa on her own, “It’s truly been a passion project that is constantly evolving and I’m so grateful for it and all of my clients.” Nathalie Singh.

Bella Luna is an advanced clinical day spa that has manicure and pedicure stations, as well as two dedicated rooms to facilitate facials, laser hair removal, massages, body scrubs, and waxing. Bella Luna has several spa therapists and a social media manager.

How M.A.D Skincare Fits Into Bella Luna Spa 

Nathalie began carrying M.A.D Skincare in 2017 along with Farmhouse Fresh and Dermastart’s ClearChoice. We asked if she has any favorites from M.A.D Skincare. Here’s what she had to say, “Ok, that’s like asking which of your children is your favorite. But, if I’m forced to choose, I have to say my favorite professional products are the Jenasus Growth Factor Mask and the Radiant Brightening Mask. My favorite retail products are from the Acne, Environmental Brightening, and Anti-Aging lines. 

We asked Nathalie Singh what treatments she offers at Bella Luna.  She told us, “Geneo 3-in-1 Oxygen Facials which is one of our newest additions that has quickly become one of our most popular. Our M.A.D Environmental, Brightening & Acne Facials are also a staple in many of our clients’ monthly skincare routines. My clients love the incredible results from M.A.D Skincare Facials.  Also, the repurchase rate of M.AD Skincare retail products is exceptional, because of how amazing the M.A.D Skincare line is.”  Nathalie

5 Platinum Awards From Reesel’s Spa & Beauty Supply

“At Reesel’s Spa and Beauty Supply, we honor our best accounts with annual awards! Every year we offer a Platinum Award for top-performing accounts that purchase M.A.D Skincare. We’re so proud of Bella Luna and Nathalie Singh for receiving 5 of these Platinum Level Awards. ” Reesel Patrick of Reesel’s Spa and Beauty Supply 

Barry asked Nathalie why she loves M.A.D Skincare so much since she’s able to sell it so much of the product line. Here’s what she had to say, “ The Platinum Awards that I have been so honored to accept over these years are truly a testament to how effective, successful, and well-loved the M.A.D line is. Reesel is always updating me on the latest from M.A.D and I am beyond grateful for her guidance on what’s new.

The marketability of this line is effortless now because I have been studying the products for so long, and have integrated it within my services and the retail end of the spa. The line speaks for itself because of how many clients have purchased, repurchased, and spread the word about how phenomenal it has performed for them. Many people have visited and reached out to Bella Luna simply from the recommendations of others and their experience with M.A.D. Due to our climate in Trinidad and Tobago, M.A.D has also found itself fitting in successfully to deal with those contributing factors that cause skincare issues. 

M.A.D Skincare has transformed the way my clients experience their skin and that is something I never get tired of hearing. We have received countless reviews on products, our M.A.D facials, and the overall results from combined usage of the line. We have been told that the products are now their holy grail in skincare and that their confidence has improved so much from the effectiveness of the line on their skin. What more can you ask for? My client’s happiness is my happiness. It truly solidifies my purpose in this career and in always seeking out the best for them. M.A.D Skincare has been like that.” Nathalie Singh

Bring The M.A.D Skincare Line Into Your Spa

You can find the same success as Nathalie Singh at Bella Luna. You can start to offer M.A.D Skincare facials and offer M.A.D Skincare retail products to your clients. You can sign up for a M.A.D professional account.  

Thanks to M.A.D Skincare for sponsoring this content so we could share Nathalie’s story with our community. 

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