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Top 10 Spa + Wellness Holiday Gifts

My Skin Buddy, Celluma, and MedSpa Distributors Devices Lead Gift Options in 2021

Thanks to My Skin Buddy, Celluma, MedSpa Distributors, KM Herbals, and Essence Rings for sponsoring these gift suggestions.

My Skin Buddy
My Skin Buddy

My Skin Buddy

My Skin Buddy, the multi-setting cleansing, infusion device that has taken the skin care and wellness industry by storm over the past 5 years! Don’t miss revenue-generating opportunities this holiday season with My Skin Buddy! Make sure you take advantage of the cult-like following of My Skin Buddy!

Celluma POD

A vibrant, healthy glow is in the palm of your hand with the Celluma POD! Boasting the efficacy and 3-in-1 versatility of Celluma’s larger LED panels, the POD is FDA-cleared to treat Acne, Wrinkles, and Pain. Ideal for targeted treatments, retail, or on-the-go use, this portable, cost-effective and professional-grade light therapy device is the only handheld you will ever need.

ClareBlend Mini from MedSpa Distributors Holiday Gift

Clareblend Mini from MedSpa Distributors

Lift & tone with the Clareblend MINI handheld microcurrent device.  MINI uses low-level electrical current at unique, variable frequencies which mimic the body’s natural current. The current stimulates the facial muscles for a natural, toned appearance.

Essence Rings and KM Herbals Master The Essential Oil Gift in 2021

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blends From KM Herbals

Register to Become A Wholesale Client to learn all about The Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blends from KM Herbals Take a holistic approach to improve your well-being by browsing through our assortment of aromatherapy products. From personal care kits to unique and invigorating aromatherapy blends, you can find what you need to enhance your mind, body, and spirit with these natural plant extracts. Our essential oil blends are carefully crafted with high-quality organic and wild-harvested ingredients and are specially formulated to help you live a more healthy and holistic lifestyle. Perfect for creating a more curated atmosphere throughout your home, these products can be utilized in a number of ways, including with a diffuser, topically with a carrier oil of your choice, as well as a variety of other personal wellness practices.

​​Pearl Travel Case, Soaking Bay, Oil And Rings from Essence Ring

The Pearl Travel Case, Soaking Bay, Oil and Rings Kit includes pearl travel case, pearl soaking bay, two unscented rings, and a 5 ml bottle of essential oil. Essence, the discreet, compact, and comfortable silicon nasal diffuser is an innovative way to take your favorite oils and blends with you everywhere you go while doing what you love. Step up your soul, your spirit, and your life. Step up your Essence.

Wellness Gifts Good Enough To Eat

​​Make Me Whole – by Free + True Skincare

Make Me Whole is a blend of protein-packed, freshwater vegetable plankton boasts a full spectrum of bioavailable nutrients, compounds, essential fatty acids, and amino acids to support optimal cellular function. Goji berry, acai, and camu camu superfruits, loaded with Vitamin C, support collagen synthesis and boost immune function. Blended together in powder form, this protein-packed complex will boost energy levels, restore skin radiance, and make you whole again.

Element Chocolate CBD Caramels from BLNCD 

Element Elixir’s Chocolate CBD Caramels are handcrafted with superior quality ingredients and finished with a dusting of sparkling sea salt. Each caramel delivers 20mg of CBD in a sweet, savory, delicious delivery system. Let the caramel melt in your mouth for maximum CBD absorption and enjoy every minute of it.

Pause Bloom CBD Tea by Press Pause

The Pause Bloom CBD Tea combines the eastern tradition of the tea ceremony with the highest quality, water-soluble CBD to provide a beverage that calms both body and mind.

Give The Gift of Chill Vibes With These Wellness Gifts 

CBD Bath Bomb - by Chakra Skin

CBD Bath Bomb – by Chakra Skin

The Chakra Skin luxurious bath bombs are created to provide you with a therapeutic experience to help you heal and relax. Made with 300mg of CBD isolate, these bath bombs are an amazing way to treat yourself. Each one is an aromatic paradise- hand made by Reyna, a single mother on our team that pours her heart and soul into her work. Vegan, Cruelty Free and free of harmful dyes.

Essential Oil Roll-On Gems with Hemp Extract by Kushed Candles 

The Essential Oil Roll-On is a must-have for the car, backpack, and handbag! A topical roll-on that helps you keep fresh, energetic, and calm the entire day.

The bergamot, clary sage, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, orange, peppermint, ylang-ylang, or tea tree create a riot of pleasing tenderness.

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