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In the 80’s, I was totally addicted to T.V. – because 80’s T.V. was epic!  Not only were the shows amazing, I mean, y’all are still watching The Golden Girls!  But the ads on TV had a life of their own!

Many ads became cult phenomenons. How many times has anyone who lived through the 80’s, said, “Where’s the beef?”  (There is a Wikipedia page for the phrase!)

But the pinnacle of any truly amazing ad campaign in the 80’s were the jingles and the slogans!  Jingles were everything. They were cheesy, they rhymed, they made no sense and the music was awful, but we worshiped them! Slogans would bore into your brain and never leave.

One slogan that always got me was…

“Two mints, two mints, two mints in one!”  

I was a huge Certs fan!  I had them all the time. Was my love for Certs the minty fresh breath or the jingle that spoke to my inner Type A, taunting me with fresh breath and the ability to multitask?   

Whenever I can multitask – I’m totally on board!  I mean my to do list is out of control.  

I’m just over here trying to #LiveMyBestLife :

  • Drink Water 100% 100%
  • Workout 100% 100%
  • Run A Business 100% 100%
  • Navigate The Dating Scene 100% 100%
  • Eat Right 100% 100%
  • Do The Dishes 100% 100%
  • Walk The Dog 100% 100%
  • Find My Spiritual Center 100% 100%
  • Have Great Skin 100% 100%


You too right?  I know!  

We all need to get so many things done on a daily basis!  Any time I can catch a break, I take it.  

Which is why I’m totally obsessed with the newest product from Control Corrective – C Defense Serum!  

It’s two products, two products, two products in one.

Control Corrective took the amazing anti-aging properties of Vitamin C and combined them with the ultimate hydrating ingredient – Hyaluronic Acid.  But not just any HA – no, they are using a patented Poly-Pore® Technology that offers a multi-functional, microparticle delivery system that allows for sustained release of Hyaluronic Acid into the skin, allowing for long term moisturization!  

Sure, some brands combine antioxidants and moisturizers, but Control Corrective took it up a notch.  They raised the bar! With C Defense Serum you don’t have to worry about losing that dewy glow that you get right after you apply your products.  The sustained release of HA will give you long term moisturization.

# # #


Back to the 80’s.  If you remember the commercials of the 80’s, then you’ll definitely remember the Infomercials of the 80’s.  Who can forget, the now famous, Cher infomercial pushing Lori Davis Hair Care?

Best line from any infomercial 

“…But wait, there’s more…”  Just when you thought the offer couldn’t get any better, the star always said, it…..

# # #

Just like I’m about to say now!

Yes, the C Defense Serum by Control Corrective is 2 amazing products in one.  

Yes, the C Defense Serum by Control Corrective uses an amazing delivery system to provide you long term moisturization.

But Wait, There’s More….

The C Defense Serum by Control Corrective also contains Ferulic Acid, to provide stability and photoprotection for Vitamin C, while also protecting the skin from UV damage.  Vitamin C is highly unstable and can easily degrade and breakdown. The inclusion of Ferulic Acid ensures that the Vitamin C will be potent and effective.

Now you can fight hyperpigmentation, get vital antioxidant protection and have wonderfully hydrated skin in a single step for your daily skincare routine.  Enjoy the cosmetic elegance of this fast absorbing, lightweight serum. This is an ideal serum for both am and pm use and is recommended for all non-reactive skin types.  

Want to learn more about C Defense Serum from Control Corrective?  Simply complete the form below for more information from Control Corrective.

Thanks to Control Corrective for sponsoring this article.  

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