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Multi-Ethnic Skin Expert + Celebrity Esthetician Launches Skin Care Brand

New 7 Product Skin Care Line By Multi-Ethnic Skin Expert + Celebrity Esthetician Aliesh Pierce

Multi-ethnic skin care expert, celebrity esthetician and pigmentation specialist, Aliesh Pierce, launches new Ayurvedic + Clinical skin care brand called, ask aliesh!

ask aliesh merges ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with clinical ingredients, to brighten the skin and create balance during these stressful times. Earlier this year Aliesh launched an online training platform to teach estheticians about multi-ethnic skin care, creating a community of advanced pigmentation specialists. Now, to bring her beauty philosophy to life, she provides these products that are meant  to work in harmony with each other to brighten, hydrate, and nourish the skin.Aliesh Pierce has launched a 7 product skin care brand!

Looking to treat hyperpigmentation? Combine ask aliesh skin care products with chemical peels.  You can also combine ask aliesh skin care with  dual exfoliation services to help speed up the cellular turnover process. The L+A 2020 Fall Resurfacing Skin Care Guide has options to resurface along with post treatment healing products that can be combined with ask aliesh skincare. Our October Advice From Our Experts column Treating Hyperpigmentation on Dark Skin offers suggestions on multi-ethnic skin care and you can use ask aliesh skin care products for those suggestions.


7 ask aliesh skin care products

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More About Aliesh Pierce

“My name is Aliesh Pierce. I’m the founder of AskAliesh and the author of the textbook Treating Diverse Pigmentation. I’m an educator and brand strategist who entered the beauty industry over 30 years ago to establish myself as a celebrity makeup artist.

While holding the position of personal makeup artist to India.Arie, Yolanda Adams, and R.Kelly, I became interested in skincare. Upon obtaining my license, I began writing for trade magazines and was invited to collaborate on a project for Burn Survivors Throughout the World. This experience fueled my desire to offer the same quality of service to all my clients, regardless of their ethnicity or the severity of their skin issues.

Inspired by my desire to share my philosophy with the next wave of master estheticians, I created the AskAliesh e-learning platform to share my expertise in skin physiology, cosmetic chemistry, product development, and brand strategy.

At the ongoing request of my peers, I also offer hands-on master aesthetics classes, where I train estheticians on the proper use of chemical peels, advanced skin analysis, and electrical modalities. In addition, I continue to support marketing and sales teams seeking to build personal care brands that serve the multi-ethnic population.”

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