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The Savvy Esty Who Struck Gold 

Monique Waters struck gold, Emerald Gold, the hard film wax that is the heart and soul of her thriving beauty business! This success did not happen by accident or by chance, it was a combination of Monique’s savvy charisma and brilliant creativity! She’s a multi-tasking wife, mother of 2, and serial entrepreneur. 

“Have you ever met anyone and wondered, ‘How does she do everything?’ That’s exactly what I wonder when I think of Monique. I see her on one of her regular morning live broadcasts – and wonder – does this girl sleep? Her live broadcasts are hysterical – she runs through her thoughts for the morning while mixing a protein shake or a pre-workout boost! She keeps it 100, every single day!” Barry Eichner  

Monique Waters Founded WU Aesthetics

Never ever settling for that status quo, Monique Waters knew that the beauty business called Wax Unique in Stuart, Florida was only the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey in the beauty industry.  She quickly created WU Aesthetics, a company that manufactures and produces wax along with pre and post-waxing products and supplies. 

The WU Aesthetics Wax Essentials To Make Waxing A Pleasure

Monique is a waxing expert and was not content with just running a beauty business that offered waxing services. She quickly realized that she needed to create something for herself. The WU Aesthetics Wax Essentials features her now famous Hard Film Wax – Emerald Gold which you can clearly see from the Instagram post that Barry is quite familiar with Emerald Gold!

However, more than just wax, Monique Waters, couldn’t stop there – she needed to create all of the pre/post products estheticians will need. The stand out product in the product collection is the Restore Serum! Monqiue used this on Barry and gave it to him to use after his many back waxes. “I used Restore Serum by WU Aesthetics after my back waxes with Monique and did not have a single ingrown hair or breakout! This is the first time I’ve not had either after being waxed, the Restore Serum is amazing.” Barry

Monique also created WU Body. During the pandemic Barry caught a Facebook Live of Monique working out using the WU Body Booty Bands and was hooked. Monique sent Barry bands and he used them for his at-home workouts while the gyms were closed.

Monique Waters Central Focus is Training

One thing that Monique Waters realized early on in her beauty career was that nothing was more important than knowledge! She knew if she was going to be successful she needed to learn. Education is a central tenet of her philosophy of success and she brings that to life at WU Aesthetics by providing extensive education. 

WU Aesthetics is an approved provider of advanced aesthetic training for multiple states online and in-person. WU Aesthetics has a Hands-on School where you can learn waxing and other skin care classes. There are classes in Advanced Waxing, Manzilian, and Dermaplaning. 

WU Aesthetics offers Online Continuing Education for Florida, Ohio, and Texas. Monique has even partnered with IECSC West Palm and Premiere Orlando to offer her course for Florida beauty professionals. 

WU Online Courses:

Florida 10 Hour CEU For Cosmetology

Florida AIDS HIV for Barbers

Florida Initial AIDS HIV 4 Hour

Ohio 3 Hour Infection and Sanitation


Monique Waters Created A Beauty School Partnership Program

In order to continue to help foster waxing education throughout the country – Monique Waters created a Beauty School Partnership Program that offers schools favorable pricing on product, Online Education, and her Hands On Waxing School courses. “It’s imperative that we work to help the students get the absolute best training, so they can be set up for success! The WU Aesthetics Beauty School Partnership Program allows schools to train with a high-quality product and offer their students advanced training at a special price so they can graduate ready to succeed.” Monique Waters 

Monique Waters Waxing Judge Director – The Skin Games

Monique Waters is committed to giving back to the aesthetic community! She’s committed to working as the Waxing Judge Director for The Skin Games, in Atlanta, March 14 – 17, 2024. Monique is working with The Skin Games team to oversee the judging process of the waxing categories at The Skin Games. 

“My hope is that waxers from across the country will join in The Skin Games, it’s for everyone! You don’t need to be a waxer of 50 years. You will make connections at The Skin Games that will last for your whole career!” Monique Waters

Be sure to get registered for your chance at $5,000 and an award-winning, career-boosting experience!

Thanks to WU Aesthetics for sponsor this content so we could share Monique Waters story with the L+A community.  

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