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Jenni Reviews Miraval Arizona

3 Days At Miraval – A Life’s Goal, Realized

Miraval Resort and Spa is not just a destination spa, it is a destination for physical and mental wellness.

Miraval has been on my bucket list for over a decade.  When I was approaching 30, I really wanted to plan a trip for my birthday, and SURPRISE! I was pregnant and the timing just never worked out.  So here we are nearly 8 years later, and the opportunity presented itself and there was no way I was going to pass it up.


Miraval Can Be Life-Changing

This can be a life-changing experience for many, as healers, masters and pioneers from all over the world come together to provide resources for guests.

Fitness Instructors
Behavioral Specialists
Crystal Healer
Trauma Specialists
Wellness Counselors
Music Healers
Registered Dietitians
Lift Coaches
And more…

Miraval has created a landing page with information on their specialists so you can better understand their credentials before booking your experiences.  In addition, upon arrival, you are provided a booklet with detailed descriptions of each spa treatment, experience, and outdoor activity.  This booklet also provides property information.  This was so helpful in preparing for each day’s activities.

TAKEAWAY: Do you showcase staff profiles on your website? This is a great way to clients to get to know their provider before meeting them in person.  It’s also a great way to highlight their training and certifications.

Planning For Miraval

As I started making plans to attend, as with any travel, the guilt and questioning set in: do I really have time to do this? How am I going to get any work done? Who is going to pick up Jack from camp for 3 days? 

But Miraval has been on my bucket list for over a decade.  When I was approaching 30, I really wanted to plan a trip for my birthday, and SURPRISE! I was pregnant and the timing just never worked out.  So here we are nearly 8 years later, and the opportunity presented itself and there was no way I was going to pass it up.

When you plan your stay, you can choose from an extensive list of educational workshops, fitness classes, outdoor adventures, and spa experiences.  This can get overwhelming, so you have the option to work with an Experience Planner to help guide you through the booking process.

I would strongly recommend working with the Experience Planner, as the booking software is overwhelming! Being experienced with various booking platforms, I didn’t think I’d have an issue navigating the process, but this proved to be the one (and only) challenge in preparing for my stay.

TAKEAWAY: if your guest book online, check in with them.  How fluid is their booking experience?

Three days of workshops, outdoor adventures, workouts and of course, spa treatments were booked! I knew I would love this trip, solely based on the spa treatments I had arranged, but I was in for much more of an experience.


Arrival at Miraval

Upon arriving at the property, I was warmly greeted by the concierge to review our schedule, provide a property tour and inform us of the Digital Mindfulness policy.  

Miraval is a digital device-free environment. Our intention in establishing a digital device-free environment is to support you in having the most rewarding and inspiring Miraval experience – and to give yourself permission to unplug.”

To be honest, I was excited to be forced to unplug.  To be forced to be present.  To live in the moment, rather than try to capture it or be distracted by things that didn’t need my immediate attention.

TAKEAWAY: Do you have a digital free policy while your guests are in the treatment room?


I had a pretty extensive itinerary planned out for the 2.5 days at the property, starting within minutes of arrival, and going right up to the evening before departure.  


Afternoon Stretch
The perfect way to start the experience, and stretch out after a day of travel.

Meaning balance in Sanskrit, Tula harmonizes your energies in a celebration and communion of traditional eastern practices.  A hand-crafted sliver of exquisite jade stone assists with purifying tangerine jojoba oil to gently glide over your meridians, Gua sha-inspiried techniques open energy channels, stimulate circulation, relax muscles and resolve tension.

The combination of traditional massage with the Gua sha stones was amazing! Having only used Gua sha on my face, this was a great experience, and the warm stones felt like butter on each limb.



Athletic Walk
Rise and shine! I was awake at 4:00 am most days, which allowed time for a quiet walk around the property before starting the day.  This walk was a great way to go beyond the paths of the resort and get your body moving.

Educational Session: Dietary Supplements: Boom or Bust?
A very informative session, reminding me to do research on any supplements that are added to my daily intake.

DaVinci Body Boards
A fun workout using resistance bands tethered to a DaVinci Body Board.  I found most of the fitness activites to be beginner-level, so if you are looking for a higher level workout, you may consider working one on one with a fitness instructor, or planning solo-workouts.

Foam Rolling
Who knew you could do this wrong? While one of the most uncomfortable additions to a workout, this was by far the best way to rollout sore and tight areas.  Guided instruction demonstrated the proper way to perform this necessary step in any fitness routine.

Qi Journey
Balance your being with fusion of Nuad Bo Rarn (ancient Thai massage), acupuncture, and CranioSacral therapy.  

By far my favorite experience.  Thai massage moves your body in ways you never knew!  One of the best hip openers, a majority of the service took place on the ground and focused on the legs/hips.  This was my first time receiving acupuncture and CranioSacral therapy, and the relaxation that ensued after was beyond!  

Outdoor Floating Meditation
I have meditated on and off, especially throughout quarantine.  This was such a great reminder that it doesn’t always have to take place seated, in a silent atmosphere.  I was cocooned in a silk sheet, floating above the ground with a sound bath.  This was good practice for me to work on calming the mind, acknowledging the never-ending thoughts, and reminding myself to be present.  Work in progress!

With this experience, I do wish there would have been more guidance at the start.  A few words about meditation, ideas on breathwork practices, or advice to quiet the mind would have been helpful to those that are new to the practice (like me!).

TAKEAWAY: Do you commuinciate clearly with first time guests to manage their expectations? 



Morning Meditation
Having done the meditation the previous night, this was much more of a guided process, with gentle reminders to come back to the breath when you got distracted.

Desert Sky Zipline
The biggest step outside my comfort zone.  I am not afraid of heights, so climbing up the 40 ft tower was the least of my struggles.  It was letting go, pushing myself forward and off that was the biggest challenge.  Both before and after the experience, our small group met with Miraval leaders and talked about stepping out of our comfort zone, and what it felt like to accomplish something that you were resistant to do.

Organic Facial
100-percent natural, paraben-free, and results-oriented facial.  The antioxidant rich plant and marine extracts of spirulina and kombucha bring balance to your skin while goji berry, white and green teas, and aloe hydrate.  Uses products found in nature and refined by science.

The power of organics!!!  Naturopathica products were used, including the  Pear Fig Polishing Enzyme (LOVED!), followed by Dermaplaning with the Dermaflash to remove excess dead skin and peach fuzz.  This handheld device has Sonic Edge Technology and two speeds, and can be used in the treatment room and sold for retail.

While the results were nowhere near a handheld, dermaplaning blade, there was a good amount of peach fuzz and dead skin that resulted.  My skin was left soft and smooth, and this was an ideal way to prep skin to allow the hydrating mask to work its magic.

Quantum Consciousness
This workshop examines consciousness, soul and spirit as the fundamental source of all our thought, action and physical manifestation.  Helped to gain a greater understanding of consciousness and its connection with quantum physics.  


There is something very powerful about spending time in nature, and the property at Miraval allows you to balance your time both indoors and out.  Many of the activities offered take place outside, such as the Floating Mediation.  

The staff led you to each location, ensured you had what you needed, and allowed you to have your own experience.  (Meaning, they weren’t all over you…they led you there and almost set you free).

TAKEAWAY: If you are unable to bring guests outdoors, are there elements of nature that you can bring into your treatment room, such as water features, plants, sounds?

Are you creating an atmosphere for your clients that gives them permission, even if just for an hour, to disconnect?  Can you invite your clients in for 15 minutes prior to their treatment to unplug, enjoy tea, and mentally prepare for their treatment with you?  How can you step up your clients’ experience so they leave feeling transformed?

I have made a commitment to return to Miraval on a regular basis; hopefully annually.  This is an experience that takes physical, mental, and spiritual wellness to another level, and I am looking forward to bringing so much of what I learned into my daily life. 

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