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5 Top Microneedling For Hyperpigmentation Devices

5 Top Microneedling For Hyperpigmentation Devices To Use In Your Spa

We’re obsessed with microneedling!  Jenni’s done her own series of microneedling for hyperpigmentation.  It’s one of the hottest modalities on the professional skin care market right now. In fact, we’ve lead several classes on microneedling for hyperpigmenation.  We’ve even had classes on microchanneling, which, is a more superfical verstion of the modality.  

If you’re looking for a treatment that will help to improve skin texture, improve skin tone and help to firm skin – microneedling is ideal! 

However, October 2020 is all about hyperpigmentation. 

We all know it’s a multi-pronged approach when trying to treating hyperpigmentation.  Skin care professionals can perform chemical peels  on their clients.  They can even offer dual exfoliation services to help speed up the cellular turnover process. The L+A 2020 Fall Resurfacing Skin Care Guide has options to resurface along with post treatment healing products. We’ve also featured The Energetic Esthetician’s 4 Go-To Treatments For Hyperpigmentation.


5 Top Devices To Perform Microneedling For Hyperpigmentation

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5 Top Microneedling for Hyperpigmentation Devices

#1 Intensif

 Intensif by EndyMed 

The Intensif by EndyMed is the first FDA cleared non-insulated motorized microneedle RF technology in the market. Powered by EndyMed’s unique 3DEEP RF technology, the Intensif stands out among other microneedle technologies with its exclusive, smooth and fast operating mode.

  • A smooth, gliding needle insertion motion that allows for a fast and comfortable continuous operation mode
  • Non-insulated gold needles which generate more heat safely into the dermis – resulting in better collagen remodeling, and significantly higher heating than insulated needles
  • Unique needles which require fewer passes per treatment – resulting in shorter treatment times and greater patient comfort, and provide quick treatment recovery times, faster than any other device on the market
  • No bleeding or bruising

#2 Meso Touch Plus

Meso Touch Plus Kit by Merry Laz

Meso Touch Plus kit 
Microderma Pen
10 Mirco tips Cartridges (Meso Gold Box)
9 DermaSerums (Collagen, Azalea (anti acne), Hyaluronic acid, Vital C, Hair growth, Lip serum, Apple stem cell, Gold anti wrinkle, Retinol)
10 Nano 5D tips (Nano Plus Box)
5 Mask sheets
1 Cleanser

Meso Touch plus kit will help you to start offering new treatments, that are getting more famous due to its accurate and visible results in short time. value for money, meso touch treatments has minimal cost with high revenue.
The kit will help you to reduce your treatment cost and make money back in less that month.
You will benefit from the set of 6 serums that will come with the kit, each serum has its own unique use and act on the skin.

This ‘collagen induction therapy’ micro & Nano channeling device effectively improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by plumping up the skin, to create a more youthful appearance. The Photon Nano Channeling is highly effective in improving a wide variety of skin conditions, such as: rough skin texture, enlarged pores, sun damage, wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks and lax skin, eliminate active acne

The benefits of Photon Micro-Needle Therapy:

Affordable for both client and practitioner – no expensive high-tech equipment to buy

  • Can be used at home or done by a professional
  • Can be used on face, neck, body, scalp, etc.
  • Does not thin out the skin
  • No infection, discoloration or permanent damage to the skin
  • Creates thicker, tighter, smoother skin
  • Increases blood flow to areas of poor healing and poor circulation
  • Increased penetration of skin care products
  • No downtime with easy recovery
  • Plumps and enhances lips
    Treats active acne and acne scars
    reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars 

#3 DermaFrac™

DermaFrac™ by Genesis Biosystems

Patented Technology

Ok, have a seat and prepare yourselves, because you’re going to love this!  You know how with microneedling, your focus is to push needles into the skin.  There’s all that talk about how much pressure you apply and the depth of the needle.  Well, DermaFrac is chainging the game.  It’s offering estheticians, nurses and physicians a new way of thinking about microneedling. The DermaFrac is so unique, it truly is the best microneedling machine, because it has two truly unique features.

Vacuum Technology

Perspective is everything!  DermaFrac took a totally different look at microneedling.  Rather than focus on pushing needles into the skin, DermaFrac incorporates vacuum technology to lift the skin into contact with the needles, which are on a roller wheel located in the hand piece of the device.  In a calming and relaxing manner, one simply glides the hand piece over the patients skin as the calibrated vacuum technology gently lifts the skin into contact with the needle.

Infusion Capability

The second unique feature of the DermaFrac is its ability to infuse serums WHILE you’re microneedling!  Take your microneedling to a whole new level so you can help your clients achieve incredible results!  DermaFrac offers an assortment of infusions. Now you can rejuvenate, lighten and clarify as you perform the microneedling treatment with an even stream of product to ensure maximum product impact on the skin.


#4 MTS Roller

MST Roller by BiON Skincare

Derm Rolling or Microneedling is a useful and successful tool in the armament of the skin care professional in the fight against aging skin. The MTS Roller in combination with tried and tested BiON skin care products, it can have a significant effect on the health and overall appearance of the skin with minimal downtime and discomfort. Microneedling stimulates the wound healing process to produce new collagen and elastin and therefore, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and reverses the signs of aging and photo damaged skin.

Experience has shown that microneedling is also beneficial in diminishing scars, including acne scars and stretch marks.  Used with BiON products, skin tone can be evened out and hyperpigmentation inhibited. Plus, by allowing BiON’s active ingredients to be introduced deeper into the epidermis, we achieve an 80% higher absorption rate for faster and greater results.

Clinical studies have shown that microneedling is more effective than ablative laser resurfacing and just as effective as non-ablative treatments like CO2 lasers in stimulating collagen and elastin production. Lasers generate a fibrosis response that promote scar collagen (thick, parallel orientated bundles), while microneedling results in increased TGF-B3, FGF-7and EGF which promotes natural collagen with scarless wound healing.

  • Stimulates wound healing process
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reverses the signs of aging and photo damaged skin
  • Diminishes scars and stretch marks
  • 80% higher absorption rate

#5 C.I.T Pen

C.I.T Pen by Herbal Skin Solutions

For more information on C.I.T. Pen – REGISTER FOR A WHOLESALE ACCOUNT

Between its array of applications to effectively solve a variety of skin issues including acne scarring, stretch marks, sun damage, sagging skin, and fine lines, in addition to its ability to render results with little to no downtime, collagen induction therapy/micro-needling and nano-infusion treatments have quickly become one of the most in-demand esthetic services in the industry.

With the Herbal Skin Solutions CIT Pen Package, you’ll get everything you need to not just begin offering micro-needling and nano-infusion treatments, but you’ll also see the return on your investment with your first package of Collagen Induction Therapy treatments sold allowing you to quickly boost the profitability of your skincare business.*

And just because you get a new device doesn’t mean you’re left to your own devices.

As an official CIT Pen Provider, we’ll help ensure your success with live-online training, assistance in target marketing to your potential customers, customized imagery created by our graphic designer to help you advertise your new CIT treatments, on-going support through our private CIT Pen Provider community, as well as exclusive first-look access and discounts to continued education courses and advanced trainings provided by The Esthetics Academy.

(For those who are interested in receiving private, hands-on training, please view our CIT Pen Ultimate Package, which includes our Extended Warranty and additional products to get you started offering full CIT treatment packages in your spa).

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