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Compromised Skin Barrier + Microcurrent

Microcurrent has been used in esthetics for decades, but how do we approach microcurrent on a client with compromised skin?

What’s Microcurrent?

Microcurrent devices are used to deliver a low voltage dual polarity electrical current. It is measured in millionths of an ampere called a microamp uA. Microcurrent is a non invasive, subsensory treatment that mimics the body’s own bioelectric current.

Defining compromised skin

When talking about compromised skin, as estheticians we are usually referring to damage on the skin’s outer layer. This is the part of the skin we can see – working like a protective shield for our bodies. Injury to the body disrupts its normal electrical activity. Microcurrent produces electrical signals like those naturally occurring in the body. By applying similar electrical currents, the healing process is enhanced.

How Microcurrent Is Beneficial For Compromised Skin

Microcurrent helps stimulate the body to manufacture and utilize the proteins and nutrients required for optimal cell metabolism and it supports cell homeostasis. Homeostasis is the property of a system in which variables are regulated so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant. Many conditions involve a disturbance of homeostasis. Research conducted by Dr. Cheng in 1982 revealed microcurrent increased levels of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and free amino acids in injured cells. The current also promotes ion transfer through cell membranes.

Pam Huck

Contribution by Pam Huck

Pam has contributed many articles to Lipgloss + Aftershave. A licensed master esthetician and educator of 20+ years. Pam’s experience began as a spa director, in the treatment room and has grown over the years to the President of an award winning skin care distribution company, MedSpa Distributors, Inc. Work is a family affair with her daughter, Andrea and daughter in law, Stephanie making up the team behind MedSpa Distributors and Save Our Skin. MedSpa Distributors distributes award winning skincare brands and equipment to skin care professionals. Pam’s passion is to research and find results behind each brand she works with to help estheticians to have the best tools and products to be successful. Two of her main areas of expertise are DiamondTome exfoliation and Clareblend microcurrent. She prides herself on working and training with exclusive products and equipment; inspiring and sharing esthetic tips; traveling and being with life long time friends/family in our esthetic world.

Infusing Products

In compromised skin, we can select products that can be infused into the skin via microcurrent, enhancing the benefits of the active ingredients. Adding highly effective, skin health focused products such as Viktoria DeAnn peptides and NeoGenesis serums along with a conductive gel can greatly enhance the results of the microcurrent treatments by delivering those ingredients deeper into the skin.

All of these factors can accelerate cellular repair. It is essential to maintain skin integrity to keep our body’s largest organ healthy. Marked improvement can be attributed to increased circulation (lymph-blood), increased adenosine triphosphate synthesis, reduction of inflammation, increased fibroblast activity, infusion of beneficial ingredients and more, all of which can result in the health improvement of compromised skin, helping to rebuild the integrity of the skin from the inside out.


Results are dependent upon age, health, lifestyle, and amount of damage to the skin barrier. Adding highly effective products such as Viktoria DeAnn peptides and NeoGenesis serums along with a conductive gel can greatly enhance the results of the microcurrent treatments. Most skin barrier skin damage did not happen overnight. Explain to your clients that improvements will take time. Great skin care home products and devices, diet, increasing water intake, applying sun protectant, and adjusting lifestyle choices work alongside microcurrent sessions to achieve results and prolong skin health.

It’s always important to check with your governing board regarding what services and treatments are appropriate under your licensure. Severely compromised skin should always be referred to a dermatologist. And, remember to discuss contraindications with your clients before performing any skin care procedure.

Microcurrent is not just for aesthetics, as both the medical and cosmetic fields use microcurrent. For over fifty years, microcurrent has been used to improve wound healing, muscle rehabilitation, TMJ, lymphedema, bell’s palsy, collagen production, reduction of inflammation, pain management, fascia release and more.

Combining microcurrent with key products could have your compromised skin clients taking a step forward on a journey to healthy, stronger skin!

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