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5 Benefits Of Microcurrent For Acne

5 Benefits Of Microcurrent For Acne

Microcurrent for acne?  What?  It was like a bomb dropped when I read the June Advice From Our Experts column. It was suggested that microcurrent would be a great treatment for acne.  I knew it was a great treatment for firming, toning and tightening the skin, but to help treat acne?

The usual suspects in the acne treatment arsenal are chemical peels, oxygen treatments and hydrogen peroxide, but microcurrent?

15 Products To Combine with Microcurrent For Acne Treatments 

We have the ultimate guide to treating acne at home at in the treatment room!  These unique treatment options are ideal options to combine with microcurrent for acne treatments.  They range from from mask to peels to oxygen chambers!  Then we have a list of home care products for treating acne that cover everything from spot treatments, cleansers, masks and serums.

What Treatments Help Clear Up Acne?

“… LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent are also effective since they are able to calm down inflammation, stimulate cellular ATP and assist in wound healing.”

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Jenna Kent

Guest Blogger

We Asked More Experts

We realized that if an award winning esthetician such as Jenna Kent was using microcurrent for acne treatments, maybe other prominent estheticians were too.  Nichelle Mosely is also a prominent, award-winning esthetician so we reached out to her. Then we decided to dig a little deeper and ask a few other industry experts.

We reached out to industry leaders who are scientists, educators, and trainers on microcurrent.  We asked each of them the same question., “Would you use microcurrent as a treatment for acne?” Their responses were nothing short of brilliant!

Experts Offer 5 Reasons To Use Microcurrent For Acne

1. Stimulate ATP

We reached out to Pam Huck, owner/esthetician of MedSpa Distributors.  Pam distributes the Jeunesse microcurrent device by Clareblend.  Pam spends a lot of her time educating estheticians on microcurrent.  She’s even given Jenni a Jeunesse treatment at a trade show, watch the Facebook Live video.  

This is what she had to say about microcurrent for acne.

“A combination of  finding out about lifestyle/environment factors while repairing damaged cells can make a big difference. I use the microcurrent to help stimulate ATP and as a pathway to blend in great products to help with the acne issues.” Pam Huck

2. Oxygenate The Skin

We reached out to Pooja Johari, Director of Marketing and Education for 7e Wellness Corporation.  We’ve known Pooja for years and have featured 7E Wellness in several articles on microcurrent in the past.  Pooja has even created treatment protocols using microcurrent for acne. 

This is what she had to say about microcurrent for acne.

Microcurrent helps oxygenate the skin getting rid of bacteria and with frequency specific waveform a deep detoxification can be achieved.” Pooja Johari

3. Improve Hydration

Patricia Picciano, R.N. is Director of Sales & Training for NeurotriS.  We have known Patricia for years, we’ve interviewed her and received treatments from her.  We’ve written several articles on microcurrent, featuring NeurotriS  including quotes from Tony Picciano, who is the scientist behind the NeurotriS dynamic microcurrent technology.

 “Microcurrent is effective in treating acne by increasing collateral circulation, improving intracellular hydration thereby flushing out the toxins while improving the overall radiance of the skin.” Patricia Picciano

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4. Reduce Stress & Congestion

After years of hearing about TAMA, we were able to connect with Tina Abnoosi, CEO/ President of TAMA Research Corp. While we’ve never experienced this microcurrent machine, one of our respected guest bloggers informed use they use Tama microcurrent for acne.

“A congested skin results in stressed structure. By reducing inflammation the tissue can regain its normal health. Specially designed Microcurrent devices with correct frequencies and low current-carrying  capabilities …. deliver proper energy required to subside inflammation, reduce stress and tension, and promote healthier skin.” Tina Abnoosi

5.  Deeper Product Absorption

Finally, Nichelle Mosley, award-winning esthetician, owner Queen City Beauty Group and creator of Rooted Queen® Skin Care Practice .  Nichelle is one of our guest bloggers and one of our “go-to professionals” who we count on for feedback. 

Here’s what she had to say about microcurrent for acne.

“I use it for deeper product absorption and to clear acne scarring. As a simple replacement for microneedling to boost collagen production, naturally, without inducing trauma. It can be used for lymphatic purging to detoxify and reduce inflammation, great for acne which is caused by bacteria or hormonal in-balances! Microcurrent helps to eliminate bacteria internally and topically!” Nichelle Mosley

Pro Tip

I hold the probes on either side of the lesion for 3 minutes. You can literally see the inflammation go down. They never leave your treatment the same!!!”

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