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4 Ways A Microcurrent Facial Stimulates Skin Rejuvenation

ATP Is Stimulated in MyoLift™ Microcurrent Facial  

Microcurrent facials are the only aesthetic treatment available that can physically firm & tone the skin through muscle re-education. The process of gentle re-education of the fine facial muscles stimulates them with very small amounts of electricity. Microcurrent is a specific amount of electricity that mirrors the body’s own natural current and works in harmony with the bodies system.

No lazy skin cells!  A microcurrent facial stimulates the mitochondria to work.  Let me break it down for you.  The mitochondria are the power production centers of the skin cells.  They work by metabolizing glucose through oxidative phosphorylation to create ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Whenever a cell needs energy it calls on ATP and then chews it up through respiration and creates ADP.

I picture in my head an esthetician singing (like a favorite pop star of mine…) to the skin’s cells as she performs a microcurrent facial for skin rejuvenation.

You want skin rejuvenation?

You want to cellular respiration?

You want oxidative phosphorylation?

You better work b*tch!

Esthetician Singing To The Skin Cells

7E Wellness Explains How Microcurrent Works

ATP and MyoLift™ Microcurrent Facials 

  • Microcurrent paired with ATP expedites healing.
  • Microcurrent ranges from 10-1000 microamps. At this range, ATP increases its’ concentration in the tissues and stimulates amino acids.
  • ATP resides in the tissue until needed. In other words – it doesn’t go to waste! This is why microcurrent treatments are recommended in a series for cumulative and progressive treatments.
  • The turnover rate of ATP is high, therefore the storage of ATP in the tissues is important to the healing process.
  • A 40-50% healing of scar tissue.
  • Microcurrent stimulates ATP to decrease edema and swelling and increased physical endurance in sports.
  • Microcurrent instruments deliver a direct current (DC), and so the nature of its electricity works the same

When MyoLift™ Microcurrent facials are integrated into skin rejuvenation, the ATP is affected to encourage the following:

  • Stimulate Dermal Collagen production and increase elasticity.
  • Tighten elastin and collagen matrix deep within the dermis layers.
  • Reduce and constrict pore size.
  • Improve moisture retention.
  • Reform facial muscles.
  • Reduce solar damage / photo damage.
  • Mimimize laxticity in the neck muscles.
  • Lift and tighten muscles surrounding the eyes and forehead.
  • Minimize wrinkles.
  • Tighten skin, reduce redness and improve skin texture.
  • Reduce puffiness and edema due to swollen lymph nodes.

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Introducing The All New…

MyoLift™ 600 Microcurrent Facial ATP Booster Kit from 7E Wellness

Now, helping clients with skin rejuvenation is easier than ever before!  7E Wellness has launched the MyoLift™ 600 ATP Booster Kit , a brand new system at an introductory price of $1199.00
It is designed as a 4 part series of treatment protocols by utilizing the FDA-Cleared and latest professional True Microcurrent machine. By incorporating the 7E conductive treatment gels, conductive eye and lip masks, and the active ATP booster mask, these protocols will not only leave the skin and muscles rejuvenated, but equally as important, they stimulate the ATP production instantaneously and cumulatively.

4 Ways MyoLift™ 600 ATP Booster Kit Improves Skin Rejuvenation

#1 Pre-Callibrated Programs 

Simply use the MyoLift™ 600’s 4 Pre-callibrated programs for ATP Stimulation and the re-education of muscles for the treatment of anti-aging.  The pre-callibrated programs help you offer uniform treatments to all clients.  You can just run the programs and trust that you are providing a quality skin rejuvenation treatment to your clients.  No guess work.  No adjustments.  Just run the program with ease and confidence.

#2 ATP Booster Mask

The MyoLift™ 600 ATP Booster Kit has The ATP Booster Gel Mask is designed to be used after any of the signature MyoLift™ Microcurrent Treatments. The active ingredients stimulate ATP synthesis by supplying energy to cells, reducing free radical damage, elevating cellular stress, minimizing wrinkle formation, improving skin elasticity, increasing hydration levels and balancing skin tone. 

A stand out ingredient in this mask is the unique ingredient, Ergothioneine. Learn more about Ergothioneine….

#3 Eye Mask Conductive Patch

Easy to use Facial Mask for Microcurrent Face Lift

Super easy to apply microcurrent treatment on the forehead, around the eye and cheek. One of the most innovative ideas to apply microcurrent on entire face. Reusable for up to 10 times. …more info…

#4 Lip Mask Conductive Patch

This specialized lip mask for hands free microcrrent around the lip area offers quick and easily application.  You can deliver the microcurrent evenly around the lip area to improve the overall appearance. …more info…

Never Stop Learning 

Microcurrent is amazing technology.  It can be incredibly beneficial for skin rejuvenation.  The more you know about microcurrent the more you’ll be able to do with the modality in your skin care business.  Getting advanced education is vital to your success.  

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