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2 Proven Devices To Rebuild Skin After Aggressive Treatments

It’s no surprise that Microcurrent and LED Light Therapy top our lists of devices to use in your treatment room after aggressive treatments. These two modalities come from devices that help stimulate ATP in the skin cells. This increased production in ATP gives the skin cells a boost.

ATP Defined 

“The structure of ATP is a nucleoside triphosphate, consisting of a nitrogenous base (adenine), a ribose sugar, and three serially bonded phosphate groups. ATP is commonly referred to as the “energy currency” of the cell, as it provides readily releasable energy in the bond between the second and third phosphate groups. In addition to providing energy, the breakdown of ATP through hydrolysis serves a broad range of cell functions, including signaling and DNA/RNA synthesis. ATP synthesis utilizes energy obtained from multiple catabolic mechanisms, including cellular respiration, beta-oxidation, and ketosis.”  National Library of Medicine.

 BiON Skincare

All-New Mandelic Acid Exfoliator 30%

Mandelic Acid Exfoliator – 30%. It is a multifunctional chemical peel for your treatment room, that is ideal for anti-aging, acne, and skin brightening.

Including mandelic acid in acne treatment has been shown to reduce sebum production, dead skin cell buildup, inflammation, and bacteria. The results can be helpful in reducing acne breakouts on the skin. BiON has included niacinamide, azelaic acid, and lactic acid in this product to further improve acne control and skin lightening. A powerful combination of quality acids to assure excellent results.

How Microcurrent and LED Light Therapy Boost ATP 

We reached out to two industry leaders in the area of microcurrent and LED light therapy. Our friends at Celluma and MedSpa Distributors help explain how their respective devices can help the body stimulate ATP.  

They will also explain how the uptick in ATP will help the skin rebuild after aggressive treatments. 

LED Light Therapy + ATP 

“Following any deeply or mildly ablative treatment, whether it’s microneedling or laser resurfacing, the newly treated area can significantly benefit from a light therapy session using a medical-grade LED system. Light therapy utilizing red and near-infrared wavelengths has been proven to increase cellular levels of ATP, the fuel that drives all cellular processes. When cells are compromised from aging, illness, or trauma, increasing ATP will enhance cellular performance leading to improved dermal restructuring, as well as post-procedure side effects including erythema and edema. 

After an ablative treatment, the skin goes through a stage of healing and light therapy can play a role in enhancing this process. Here’s how it works. LED light therapy can help reduce inflammation by increasing blood flow to the treated area, thus resulting in reduced swelling and discomfort.

LED light therapy, particularly red and near-infrared wavelengths can stimulate the production of collagen, a crucial protein providing structural support to the skin by improving its elasticity and texture. Especially after an ablative treatment, promoting collagen production can help with forming new, smoother skin.

As mentioned previously, light therapy can help in the healing process by increasing ATP production, thus helping the skin to regenerate quickly. And don’t forget about the pain associated with these types of treatments. Research demonstrates that light therapy is proven to have analgesic effects. Light therapy is non-invasive and painless, making it a proven option for post-ablative care. LED light therapy is great as a standalone option or used in combination with other post-procedure treatments to optimize healing.

Ideally, the light therapy should be applied to the treatment area as soon as possible following the procedure, and twice more in the first week. Depending on the severity or extensiveness of the procedure, and for optimal outcomes, therapeutic light therapy may be prescribed for several weeks post trauma.” 

Denise Ryan. Vice President – Brand Management at Celluma By BioPhotas

MedSpa Distributors 


C2S Serum is an ideal antioxidant to have on your back bar and for clients to have in their daily skincare home care plan. It glides onto the skin easily and effectively fuels skin cells to stimulate regeneration, bringing renewed vitality to the skin.

It features Salicylic Acid, an Oil Soluble Vitamin C, and a Water Soluble Vitamin C.

The potent antioxidants in this product bring long-term benefits, along with a clearer, brighter complexion. This makes it a go-to age management product. It also offers clients with congested and acne-prone skin a perfect antioxidant-rich skin-balancing serum.

Microcurrent + ATP 

Accelerated Cellular Repair 

Microcurrent increases ATP (adenosine triphosphate) levels, increases free amino acids in injured cells, and promotes ion transfer through cell membranes. These factors contribute to accelerated cellular repair and age prevention. Microcurrent provides a boost to a process that your body can do on its own, but with the help of microcurrent, the repair process occurs much faster.  

Cumulative ATP Results 

With each Microcurrent application, ATP levels are stockpiled or stored. After a series of microcurrent sessions, the increased levels of ATP allow muscles to stay in the re-educated positions for longer periods of time. The increased blood circulation improves the overall health of the skin, underlying tissues, and muscles. Just like all those days of crunches and planks will result in washboard abs, your diligence to microcurrent will be seen on your jawline and cheekbones. It’s important to note that while we might attend just one training session and feel great afterward, it’s not likely we will be able to obtain and retain lasting results from that one session. Microcurrent is also a long-game sport – results are cumulative and treatments must be continued to maintain those results.  Sure some of us are just born with it, but the rest of us have to commit to the process and incorporate wellness into our routines, and microcurrent treatments with consistency are needed for optimal long-lasting results.

Also important for results is a varied routine. It’s crucial that the microcurrent equipment vary the speed and wavelength of the current being delivered. Let’s compare microcurrent to your average 30-minute treadmill cycle. Running the same speed with no variety in incline or speed can become routine over time and could result in what avid exercisers call a “plateau” with little or slowed results. To break through this, athletes often have to adjust their routines to continue to challenge their physical limits. The Clareblend Jeunesse and Jeunesse Petite achieve this effect by constantly varying the speed and wavelength of the current being delivered so the facial muscles are always being challenged in new ways and no pattern is “learned” or expected.  That way, we deliver a new workout every single treatment” “Exerpt From Microcurrent – The Treadmill of Skincare Treatments By Stephanie Huck 

Barry’s Experience With Celluma LED Light Therapy Post Needling

“I had an aggressive microneedling done to a depth of 2.5mm. This was the deepest that I’ve ever had done. The facility gave me 30 minutes of LED Light Therapy with the Celluma Pro after my treatment. My skin healed almost 2 times as fast as previous needling treatments where I didn’t have LED Light Therapy after the needling session.” Barry Eichner

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