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Stem Cells in Skincare – Why They Are Must-Have Super Heroes

Don’t you just love it when science meets skincare in ground-breaking ways?  Let’s talk about stem cells and how the power of these versatile cells can be harnessed to assist in not only obtaining and maintaining the skin’s optimal function and health but can also help speed repair in the event of its injury.


Contribution by Stephanie Huck

Meet Stephanie Huck – licensed esthetician since 2011.  She is the Director of Operations at MedSpa Distributors and her favorite part of esthetics is enhancing everyone’s natural beauty by promoting skin health and optimal function.  When Stephanie is not reviewing ingredient lists or writing results-boosting skin care protocols, she can be found practicing her hula hoop moves or planning her next adventure abroad with her husband and daughter.

What Is A Stem Cell 

Adult stem cells are incredible, capable of renewing themselves through cell division without limit.  Each stem cell has the ability to either remain a stem cell or become another type of cell in the body. The main task of skin stem cells is to replace, restore, and regenerate the epidermal cells that may have been lost, damaged, or have become pathologically dysfunctional.  They are blank slates ready and willing to take on any role, containing the information on how to be a rockstar cell and operate at the highest level.  Roaming through the cellular matrix, they find any other cells out there that might need some operating assistance.

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Stem Cells In Skin Care 

Our cells are constantly talking to each other by sending and receiving signals on what to do.  Skin stem cells allow our cells to obtain protein signals that ensure our skin cells are performing at their fullest potential.  Skin regeneration depends on multiple processes within the epidermis, all of which can be greatly optimized by the introduction of an entire army of stem cells ready and willing to assist in the fight toward skin optimization. As we age, cellular division slows and while we are able to repair our cells naturally, any and all assistance would certainly speed the process.  The introduction of stem cells will greatly increase not only the total number of active cells in the skin, but increase the number of HEALTHY active cells which will then go on to replicate MORE healthy cells, effectively eliminating all the improperly coded, dysfunctional cells.

Wound Healing 

Wound healing is a complex process that includes inflammation, blood clotting, cellular proliferation, and extracellular matrix remodeling. During the inflammatory phase, the wound becomes sealed by fibrin, which forms a temporary matrix occupied by cells whose task is to remove dead tissue and control infection. Fibroblasts are recruited afterwards into the site of the injury and secrete collagen, form granulation tissue, and promote skin components that provide structural support around the wound while it’s healing from within. This entire time, skin stem cells having been mobilizing into the site to begin the process of cellular assistance, starting from the edge of the wound.  Imagine how much quicker a wound would heal with more “healthy cells” plunged into this reserved area.  It’s a no brainer to see how this will quickly tip the scales back into a healthy balance and send the skin well on its way to recovery than it would have unassisted.

It’s important to recognize that there is a fundamental difference between plant stem cells and adult human stem cells.  Plant stem cells contain a cell wall, giving the cell a rigid structure, as well as choloplasts which allows them to make their own food from sunlight.  Animal cells no not have a cell wall and require ingestion of an outside source to obtain nutrients. Humans can’t obtain human cellular repair information from plants, however, plant stem cells can act as fantastic antioxidants. As we all already know, antioxidants are always an important part of optimal function, our ultimate goal.

A Unique Take on Stem Cells

There are multiple skin care lines that advertise their products as using adult human stem cell technology. Some are using older technology involving the entire kin stem cell.  It was advanced at the time, but science has moved on and we have greatly improved upon the older technology.  Industry favorite NeoGenesis uses all the previous advanced knowledge of stem cells and takes it a step further – they’ve built a new stem cell-based platform technology that has been proven in the skin and hair care marketplace. 

Their platform technology, called S²RM® exosome technology, is different from other stem cell technologies and is a more effective way to harness the cellular proliferation benefits that stem cells have to offer. Here’s why:  Instead of the cells themselves, they use the *molecules released from* stem cells, basically cutting straight to the most important thing the stem cells can provide – the message signals with the correct cellular info. This makes it much easier for the cell to rewrite its own flawed cellular info and the replication of new, improved cells is much faster.

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One of the most popular wax alternatives out there is Nufree Nudesse! Jenni has been using it for years. It is carried by thousands of professional salons throughout the world. It was developed over 25 years ago to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery. It doesn’t stick to the skin, it’s self-preserving antibacterial/antimicrobial so it’s safe, clean, and germ-free. It’s completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body! It doesn’t dry and can be erased at any time! Finally, Nufree Nudesse is scientifically tested and uses no animal products.

Given that the power of stem cell therapeutics is largely because of molecules stem cells release, the scientists at NeoGenesis have been able to optimize the cells and their release of molecules in the laboratory, and then apply those optimized molecules directly into the skin in the form of highly cosmetically elegant skincare products.  Many of the line’s products contain an incredibly high concentration of the active molecules, as well as tons of skin supporting ingredients that are adding EVEN MORE support to this entire cellular optimization process.

NeoGenesis Recovery, their most potent product, uses a combination of SRM molecules from several stem cell types, all naturally packaged into exosomes that are released from the stem cell types. Included in Recovery’s ingredients are a number of compounds native to the skin, and helpful in the skin’s maintenance and repair. These include such industry favorites as urea, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and collagen, all vital in optimal skin function and peak performance.

Dr Greg. Maguire at NeoGenesis has been researching stem cells and their unique contributions to overall health for his entire career and is a leader in the advancement of stem cell science.  For more detailed information on stem cells and the NeoGenesis technology, please visit  www.medspadistributors.biz/neogenesis-1

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