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Maskology with Nature’s Super Powders 

Masks are an excellent addition to all skin care practitioner’s treatments, to rehydrate, purify, rejuvenate and nourish.

One of the most interesting ways to use different masks is to get creative with the carriers that you use to mix with base powder masks. 

Top 5 Carriers for Masks

Plain Yogurt

Plain yogurt with its creamy texture and packed with billions of live and active probiotics. This can be milk, goat, cashew, coconut, or any favorite yogurt of your choice.

Raw Honey

This is the purest form of exfoliation on the Planet. Vitamin and mineral rich, with calcium, magnesium, manganese, niacin, pantothenic acid, phosphorous, potassium, riboflavin, and zinc. In addition, raw honey is a source of varying amounts of amino acids, enzymes, and other beneficial compounds. It is antibacterial and antifungal, and loaded with antioxidants. Leaves the skin with a velvety, glowing finish.

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Hydrosols are obtained at the same time as essential oil during the steam distillation process of plant material. There are oil-soluble and water-soluble constituents that are extracted from the plant, both bearing many of the same healing properties. The resulting oil portion is the essential oil. This extract is highly concentrated and often must be diluted before making contact with the skin. The water portion of the distillate is the hydrosol. Hydrosols are much lighter in concentration, making them safe for direct skin contact and useful for a variety of applications. As facial toners, hydrosols continue the cleansing process, refreshing your pores and calming the skin while adding moisture, balance, and protection.  You can also enjoy hydrosols as: room or body fresheners, aromatherapy spritzers, powder makeup setting sprays, post-workout skin refreshers, and liquid bases for powdered masks.

Hydrosol Video

Herbal Oil Infusions

Penetrate to the dermal layer of skin where new cells are developing, and help stimulate and regenerate.

Produce healthy skin cells quickly following sudden damage burns, wrinkles, or the healing of wounds.

Reduce bacterial and fungal infections, acne and other related skin problems.

Smooth delicate, sensitive and inflamed skin regulate sebaceous secretions, balancing over or underactive skin.

Promote the release and removal of metabolic waste products through lymphatic stimulation.

Contain plant hormones that help balance and alleviate hormone related skin problems.

 Exert a positive influence on the mental and emotional state, thus alleviating stress related skin problems.

Herbal Infusions Video

Essential Oils

Pure essential oils can be utilized in a variety of skincare applications and have an abundance of therapeutic benefits. These aromatic molecules can be inhaled through the nose and carried through the olfactory nerves to the limbic system of the brain, or absorbed by the skin and lungs, passing directly into the bloodstream for immediate and effective results. Apart from their enchanting aromatic effects, the use of essential oils can address issues ranging from congested skin conditions and sun damage to helping improve the look of scarring and discoloration. On an emotional level, essential oils uplift the spirit, warm the soul, invigorate the senses and stimulate memory, both consciously and subconsciously. In addition to relieving stress and balancing emotions, many essential oils can even address physical discomforts to further create a sense of harmony and well-being.

In bowl [KM1] with wet base,* add approx. 1 teaspoon of powdered mask as needed until you reach a workable consistency. Gently apply mixture to clean damp skin and allow to remain for 15-20 minutes. Remove with tepid water or a soft, warm, dampened cloth.

 *Can use water, hydrosol, yogurt, honey, oils, or experiment with other liquid, gel, and cream product bases

Contribution by Kim Manley

Kim Manley’s enthusiasm for formulating personal care products developed while awaiting the arrival of her beloved daughter, Bonnie Rose. Concerned about the harsh chemicals used in mainstream baby care products, she instead created her own collection of gentle and soothing formulas, planting the seed from which her business has since thrived. Always at work expanding the scope of KM Herbals through channels of production and education, Kim continues to commit herself to providing luxury products crafted with intention, wisdom, and passion.

3 Favorite Powder Masks

Nutritive & Rehydrating Powder Facial Mask 

Formulated for mature, dry, or sun-damaged skin:

This sweet blend of petals and herbs loaded with antioxidants, help to boost hydration, while softening and supporting healthy looking skin. Rose and Lavender flowers are paired with Oats (Nature’s Beta Glucan), Almond, and Marshmallow Root to freshen, revive, and repair depleted tissue. These types of ingredients not only have healing benefits to the skin, but reduce stress while having the impact on the client’s sense of well-being. Clients will relax and de stress in this aromatic, grounding formula. Mixes well with any hydrosol, pure honey, creams, gels, organic herbal oil infusions or base oils like Rosehip Seed or Borage for extremely dry conditions. Add 1 drop Rose essential oil to help lock in moisture and comfort the skin and spirit.

Formulated With:

Calendula (Calendula officinalis):
Soothes inflammation and irritation; protects and improves skin texture; improves visible discoloration and scarring; clarifying, toning, and gently astringent.

Red Clover (Trifolium pretense):
High in vitamins and minerals; clarifying, balancing, and toning; calms irritation and redness; reduces dryness and soothes itchy conditions.

Marshmallow Root (Althea officinalis):
High in vitamins and minerals; moisturizing; soothes inflammation and irritation; protects and improves the look of damaged tissue; refreshing and hydrating.

 Detoxifying French Green Clay Mask 

Formulated for oily, congested, sensitive skin:

Enriched with Green Tea and Oats, this clay mask gently purifies and balances the skin. Best for oily and congested conditions, this herbal clay blend is a new twist on a classic treatment room favorite. It assists with drawing out impurities and regulating oil production on the skin. These combined ingredients help decongest the T-zone, regulate bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) and impurities on the skin, as well as help with a shine free complexion. It provides a wonderful calming option for blemishes and overly stressed skin, especially when mixed with Lavender Hydrosol as a base, and 1 drop of Tea Tree or Chamomile essential oil. More sensitive skin would benefit from using pure honey as a blending base, as it will help support the skin’s natural defenses against dryness and irritants.

Formulated With:

French Green Clay (Montmorillonite):
Purifying and detoxifying; balancing to oily complexions; calms redness & irritation; improves skin texture and tone.

Green Tea (Camellia sinensis):
High in free radical fighting antioxidants; soothes inflammation; improves the look of sun damage and scarring; balances skin tone.

Oats (Avena sativa):
High in vitamins and minerals, and Nature’s beta glucan, soothing & strengthening.

Mineral Rich Seaweed Powder Face Mask

Formulated For: Dry, dull, sensitive, sun-damaged skin:

Packed with superfoods, high in vitamins, enzymes, and minerals, this purifying mask uses botanicals from the ocean to refresh, renew and hydrate the skin. Protein packed Spirulina helps detoxify and revive a sluggish or dull looking complexion, while  mineral rich seaweeds transport nutrients to the cells and protect with antioxidants. Mix with your favorite hydrosol and add 1 drop of balancing Rose Geranium essential oil for an extra splash of esthetic indulgence. 

Formulated With:

Kombu (Laminaria digitata):
Hydrates, soothes, and moisturizes; improves skin texture and tone; clarifying and balancing.

Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis):
Extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants; calms irritated skin conditions.

Red Algae (Lithothamnium calcareum):
High in calcium and other vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and trace elements; detoxifying and balancing.

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