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Using Canva + Instagram for Marketing Spa Services for Hyperpigmentation

Marketing spa services for Hyperpigmentation is crucial to growing your spa business because Hyperpigmentation affects nearly 5 million people in the United States alone. There are almost 1.4 Billion people on Instagram, nearly 115 million of those users are from the United States. These stats don’t include the people that may not be aware that they have hyperpigmentation. That is why education on Instagram is important, through your business account you have the power to teach your followers about their skin! In this article, we will give you five tips for creating hyperpigmentation content for your business Instagram account.

caitlin durning Meraki Media Management


Contribution by Caitlin Durning, Meraki Media Management

I am Caitlin Durning, owner of Meraki Media Management, a company I founded after running an Instagram campaign that grew from 18k to 500k followers in under a month. This viral campaign stirred me to realize the help I could provide small businesses in developing their online presence through social media. My experience spans managing viral social media campaigns to everyday social media management. I work with clients in the aesthetics industry every day, and DermaMed Solutions was one of my very first clients. 

5 Tips Using Instagram and Canva For Marketing Spa Services for Hyperpigmentation 

Why Marketing Spa Services Such as Hyperpigmentation on Instagram is Important

As the skin expert, your clients need to know you have the knowledge to help them with their skin conditions. You want to position yourself on this platform as the ONLY person that can help your followers solve their skin worries, that is why next time they have a question about their skin you are the first person they reach out to. How do you do so? By developing your credibility through this platform. Don’t give your clients a chance to question how much you know, share it on your account, so they know you have the knowledge to help them!

Caption Writing for Marketing Spa Services Posts 

First thing’s first, you have to have a catchy caption when marketing spa services. Whether you want to share a fun fact, a story about yourself, or another client, your account has to grab their attention! Think about what free value you are offering through each post, are you helping them treat their hyperpigmentation at home? Why is it so important to get treatment? How can you help them right now? Can you explain what may worsen hyperpigmentation for your clients? 

Don’t be afraid to open up about your own experiences when marketing your spa services, share how you feel about your own skin, have you struggled with hyperpigmentation before? How can you make them FEEL like they are not alone? That there is still hope for their skin? Conveying feelings is the best way to sell on Instagram. Don’t be afraid to ask questions back to people that are engaging on your posts. Reach out to them via DM and see if you can offer some advice now. That goes a long way especially with people that may not know you yet.

Utilizing Canva for Hyperpigmentation Imagery

Canva is my favorite tool for creating content when marketing spa services. You can do almost anything there! I want you to focus on making content that is eye-catching, we all know before and afters do very well on the platform, but how can you make your content stand out? 

Step 1 – Create your post in Instagram, it can be any still image. Choose your branding colors, change the fonts and add your before and after photos. 

Step 2 – At the top of your CanvaPro page you will see this button: 

This allows you to change any static image you have on Canva to a video! Instagram loves videos right now, so utilize this trick to help your before and afters stand out even more than your competitors!

Creating Reels For Marketing Spa Services

Ah, the wretched Reels! We all hate this feature, right? Another thing to add to your to-do list, and editing on the app? Forget about it! It’s so small, how are we supposed to do so? 

Luckily you can easily create your reels in Canva (Free) You can upload any video of you working on your client, before and afters, and any type of content you currently have. You can even compile before and afters and use them to create a flip-like reel.

Here are a few steps:

You want to select an Instagram Story size template on Canva.

Then you will upload your videos or images. 

Each video you can trim to be a certain part that you would like to add to your reel. 

You can click the bottom part where it says:

This is where you will upload any still images, you can even choose to add a cover image to your reel this way as well.

You can trim the amount of time on your images using this:

You will want to trim them to 2 seconds or under. 

Then you will export your video as an MP4.  

For more info check out my page @meraki_media_management where we post tutorials on how to easily do this!

Carousel Posts for Hyperpigmentation 

Carousel images allow your clients to engage with your content for more than just a 30-second video, this is a great place to offer education through your platform. Plan to include at least one Hyperpigmentation carousel post for earlier in your week, that way by the time you are sharing your reels and before and afters, your clients are aware of what Hyperpigmentation is and what may cause it. Include a fact at the start of your carousel image and then get into the definition, how do you help your clients, and how can they start to identify hyperpigmentation on their own skin?

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