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2 Pro Tips For New Mandelic Acid Toner Pads

Exfoliate, Tone + Brighten with Mandelic Acid Toner Pads

Mandelic Acid 5% Toner PadsTone, exfoliate and brighten all with one jar and an easy applicator that travels well.  BiON uses two additional acids on top of mandelic acid to gently remove bacteria, control sebum production, clear pores and help control acne.

Mature skin will enjoy these mandelic acid toner pads, they given an even skin tone, less wrinkles and a reduction in hyperpigmentation. All of this while bathing your skin in three essential oils that rejuvenate and lighten dull skin, and provide moisture.

All new for 2021! BiON continues to lead the way in advanced scientific skincare with the addition of these incredibly convenient mandelic acid 5% toner pads. Now clients who crave an easy to use product will be able to get 3 key skincare needs satisfied in a single step!

Apply 1 pad after cleansing using circular motion to spread the product over face and neck, avoiding eyes. Allow to absorb and follow with other BiON products for acne or anti-aging.

#1 Pro Tip from Jenni

Jenni’s been testing these at home for the past few weeks and she likes them.  “They are easy to use, and have a fantastic fragrance! I use them as directed by BiON and my skin feels great, they’re not drying, and I’ve had zero reaction to them at all.”

#2 Pro Tip from Barry

I’m obsessed with any type of toner pad. I love them for travel or a quick refresh during the day. I keep them in my gym bag and give a quick wipe after my work out. I also love them for right after I land after a flight.  I do a quick freshen in the airport lavatory after I land to wipe away germs from the flight.

BiON Research Skincare Products

About BiON

BiON Skincare is a family owned USA manufacturer that takes pride in its innovative products and great detail to customer service. Founded in San Diego, California by Glen Lockhart in 1997, we believe in using natural ingredients to produce outstanding and effective skincare products, based on scientific research. Larry Lockhart, Glen’s brother, and his wife, Barbara, became owners and CEO of BiON in 2007.

BiON has a history of excellence in product development and ingredient research. The BiON team focuses on science, research, and outcomes, and includes individuals with degrees in science, education, pharmacy, nursing, marketing, and management who combine their expertise to achieve highly effective product technology.

We develop skin care products for medical and clinical skin care professionals such as estheticians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The products are available to the public in spas and clinics throughout the United States and were introduced into Europe in 2002. We also export to Canada, Russia and Ghana and work hard each year to expand our business into other countries.

BiON products for acne, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation are carefully formulated to improve the health and beauty of your skin using active natural ingredients that produce specific changes within the skin. We provide easy to use skincare regimens and a variety of products for the clinician to treat all types of skin and skin conditions. BiON has received recognition and awards for its development of top products in the skincare industry.

Interested professionals can fill out this form to receive an information packet about how you can include BiON products in your salon , spa or clinic. We do not sell products from this website, as we believe that our products are most successful when recommended by a professional who has evaluated your skin. Please see our Spa Locator page to find an esthetician or clinician near you who carries BiON products.

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