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How This Peel Goes From Superficial To Sizzle

Mandelic Acid Exfoliator has three levels of intensity. You can control the delivery and make it a superficial treatment or really get it to sizzle for a deeper exfoliation. The protocol calls for the addition of the Mandelic 5% Toner Pads to prep the skin and allows the addition of an enzyme for desincrustation

Mandelic Acid Exfoliator Treatment 

The Mandelic Acid Exfoliator Treatment is great for hyperpigmentation, sun damage, anti-aging, and brightening. The key feature of the Mandelic Acid Exfoliator is that it has the ability to be a very mild, gentle peel for sensitive skin or first-time peel clients. Keep in mind that the Mandelic Acid Exfoliator treatment is a great option for higher Fitzpatrick clients. We all know that Mandelic Acid is a larger molecule, it will penetrate slower, decreasing the risk of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. 

This peel is also able to be combined with other modalities and devices

Increasing The Intensity of The Mandelic Acid Exfoliator Treatment

The protocol from BiON Skincare for the Mandelic Acid Exfoliator Treatment requires that the esthetician prep the skin with Mandelic 5% Toner Pads to eliminate all oils. We love these pads and have used them many times! They’re a great product to retail to clients so be sure to discuss them with the client during the treatment. 

The treatment offers the esthetician a few options to boost the intensity of the treatment based on their understanding of the clients’ skin.  

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask For Desincrustation

Nevermind that the BiON Skincare Pumpkin Enzyme Mask has the most delicious aroma! Nevermind that it’s the perfect addition to your treatment menu in the fall, especially during the holidays. Look to the benefit of the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask for desincrustation and an opportunity to take the treatment to higher intensity. 

The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is a fan-favorite BiON product.  We know this to be true because we’ve used it and trust us when we tell you – it has some kick! It will definitely bring the sizzle. The  Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is an enzyme exfoliation mask made from natural pumpkin puree, enzyme ferment, and seed extract containing antioxidants and moisturizers for a wonderful spa experience. Pumpkin contains dozens of beneficial nutrients that can help to reverse the signs of aging and re-texturize the skin while adding essential hydration. Pumpkin Enzyme Mask helps increase cell turnover, promotes skin healing, helps restore the skin’s elasticity, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. 

Mandelic Acid Exfoliator

Increase The Passes of Mandelic Acid Exfoliator 30% To Boost The Sizzle

If you’re working with a regular client and know their skin really well – then you can increase the intensity of the peel by doing more passes of the Mandelic Acid Exfoliator 30%. You can do up to three layers for up to seven minutes total time on the skin.

This multi-acid peel is multifunctional and ideal for anti-aging, acne, and skin brightening. BiON has included niacinamide, azelaic acid, and lactic acid; these are an esthetician’s brightening and lightening dream peel combo! Damaged skin has been shown to respond well to this combo in breaking up hyperpigmentation and melasma. pH 2.2

Mandelic Acid Exfoliator

Combine Peel With Other Modalities

This is an ideal treatment to pair with many different types of devices and modalities. Depending on your desired result you can combine this treatment with:


You can also add the following modalities into the treatment to improve the treatment results.

Cold Therapy

Nothing works to reduce inflammation like cold therapy. You can combine cold therapy with this treatment while the client has the Hydrating Gelee Mask on their skin. The mask has soothing properties, the gentle movement of the gold therapy tool is relaxing and the cold is incredibly calming and soothing to the skin. 

LED Light Therapy Treatment 

If you want to give the skin a boost of ATP to help it bounce back from the sizzle – having the client rest for 30 minutes under and LED Light Therapy device with clean, dry skin after the Hydrating Gelee Mask is removed is so good for the skin!

Ultra Sound 

If you want to take this treatment up a notch you can use ultra sound to help improve product penetration. While the BiON Skincare’s protocol doesn’t include a specific anti-aging serum – the brand allows estheticians to add in any serums they think are beneficial. Give the client a bit of a firming boost with by using Ultra Sound to drive the high-power peptides in the BiON Skincare Line Reducing Complex, it has Hexapeptide-8 peptide and provides firming/visible reduction of fine lines!

Thanks to BiON Skincare for sponsoring this content so we can share this amazing treatment with our community.

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