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Makeup Fosters Healthy Skin

Wearing makeup is more than just an aesthetic decision.  It can actually be healthy for the skin.

As we all try to navigate what products work best for our clients, many times makeup products take a back seat in the minds of skincare-only focused estheticians. Little do most estheticians know is that makeup is an important product for protecting the skin against environmental elements that wreak havoc on many complexions on the daily. Makeup helps to protect the skin and keeps it safe from pollution, smog, and harmful airborne particles. Makeup creates a slight barrier or forcefield around your skin to keep it from being directly exposed to these harmful elements. One of the healthiest and most natural forms of makeup, mineral makeup contains a unique blend of SPF ingredients, pigments, and reflectors to shield the skin against UVA and UVB rays which also protects the skin against cancer and keeps the skin cool on a hot summer day.

Contribution by Jaclyn Peresetsky

Jaclyn Peresetsky began her career as an esthetician in 2003 and created Colore Me Perfect in 2010. During her day to day interaction with clients, she learned that her clients desperately desired to know their perfect colors and were tired of wasting money on the wrong colors. Her expertise in color from the Columbus College of Art and Design along with her knowledge of skin science from Ohio State Plastic Surgery gave her the know how to begin the journey of creating a color analysis system to define one’s perfect makeup colors, hair color, nail color, and clothing color for all complexions. Being a born entrepreneur, she opened a small color studio followed by opening Skin Perfect Spas and Identity Retail Store.

The additional experience made her realize she needed to define the color analysis system and color palettes even more so she created the patent pending 16 global city palette that encompasses all color characteristics and intricacies of all global complexions. Colore Me Perfect is now sold in spas and salons across the country so more people can discover the power of their colors. Skin Perfect spas continue to thrive and be the research and development headquarters for Colore Me Perfect. Jaclyn’s book, “Discover the Power of Your Colors” is sold on Amazon to color seekers across the world. She is a noted speaker and travels all over the country teaching advanced makeup and skincare techniques. She is opening an advanced esthetic and color school, Skin Perfect University to continue elevating the expertise of the skincare industry.

Makeup Formulations

Not only is makeup have a protective quality from outside invaders, but the makeup formulas are now created to be a skin-care-makeup hybrid product. Clients are looking for multi-functional products and that includes even their makeup products. Primers have been a major feature for many makeup lines like Colore Me Perfect’s Perfect Canvas. This primer provides a great tinted base that is the perfect underlayment for foundation, doses the skin with a green tea antioxidant, and also seals water into the skin while reducing excess oil production. The visual effects are quite mesmerizing as the look of enlarged pores disappears and fine lines look like they smooth away leaving an invisible silky-smooth coating that provides a broad-spectrum SPF 30. The makeup formulas today are quite different from the makeup formulas of the past. We need to help our skincare service providers see that the consumer and focus on skin health have driven the change in how makeup products are now formulated.

What Estheticians Think of Makeup

When most estheticians think of makeup, they think of Instagram-heavy foundations and the more-is-more thick contouring creams. These products may be ideal for photography, or a fashionable runway look however, the everyday client is looking for a healthier and more natural version of makeup that can make them look and feel their best and stay confident in their own skin. Spas and skincare facilities need to step up and offer their clients cosmetics that bring a healthy glow to their skin with added nutrition and protection. Clients want products that have high-performance results without compromising good-for-you ingredients. The spa and skincare provider should be a trusted resource for a quality line of cosmetics. 

Makeup Myths Debunked

The skincare mentality that makeup will ruin the results they are achieving with their client’s skin are no longer valid. More and more people are seeing a skincare expert to have better skin and no longer are they looking for makeup to mask their skin concerns and instead looking for makeup to enhance their complexion and define their features. These consumers are also reading labels and are becoming very savvy when choosing their products. This level-up knowledge is now expected when visiting their beauty professionals. They want to know that their beauty team is current in their product knowledge and also offers the best skincare and beauty products on the market. They want to have worry-free spa visits and prefer to buy from their trusted skin expert that offers results-oriented skincare products and nourishing and complexion-perfecting cosmetics.  

For most clients, makeup is an essential part of a client’s daily routine whether it’s a barely-there look or a more polished look. There is an estimated amount of between $350-500 that a person will spend a month on makeup. These staple products are primers, tinted moisturizers, concealers, powders, and foundations. The idea that they can purchase from your skincare practice makeup that not only is a perfect color for their skin tone but also has skincare added benefits is a no-brainer! This is what they are looking for and will buy again and again. They will spend more money if they can get a good quality, well-formulated cosmetic that betters their skin while they wear it.

Makeup Ingredients 

“Natural” has always been a buzzword when it comes to skincare products AND makeup products. In today’s cosmetics, there are natural ingredients AND a natural finish. Some natural ingredients you may see in formulas are sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and chamomile. 

Cosmetic brands are also focusing on meeting the demands of active ingredients in formulas for consumers who want skin transformation. Makeup lines are introducing ingredients like probiotics and ion-charged water that hydrate and leave skin better than it would be on its own. This is a huge accomplishment considering makeup was the product that always got blamed for causing breakouts. No longer are the days that a foundation sucks the water out of your skin, but instead, it aids in the betterment of your skin. A dynamic ingredient like hyaluronic acid has been the superstar in skincare formulas and now in its cosmetic counterparts. Skin-protecting antioxidants and skin-stimulating peptides are now a part of many makeup formulas such as concealers and lip balms.

Clients Trust Estheticians’ Suggestions

Clients love when their skincare practitioner can choose products that they know will meet the needs for their clients and they want to take the guesswork out of choosing makeup shades. There are opportunities for customizing the foundation formula to perfectly fit your client’s complexion color and skin needs with Colore Me Perfect’s customized complexion colore system. They can only purchase this product from their trusted skincare provider as it is not a mass-market product, and it is only created for your unique client. The customized foundation can be tweaked for the skin’s ever-changing needs as well as tweaking the shade for seasonal change. Makeup sits on the skin for upwards of eight hours a day and the right formula will protect the skin and highlight its beauty. Consider offering cosmetic products that your client will purchase again and again because they know you know what’s best for their skin. Clients will inevitably spend money on makeup, so why not have them spend it with you?

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