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Make the Moist of the New Year!

This Week’s Pop 5 Products…

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That’s right I said – MOIST!  
It’s December, it’s dark, it’s cold and it’s dry!  My skin is literally screaming at me every minute of every day for a drop of moisture!  I can’t put on enough lip balm, my hands actually hurt from being so dry and I can’t even talk about what’s happening around my eyes!  Don’t get me started on the crow’s feet!  In this weather it looks like the bags under my eyes have stripes because of the lines.  

I have a line of of goodies in the winter to make sure that my skin stays hydrated and moist.  

Moist Skin Is Healthy Skin

I am never without a lip balm!  My current obsession is one that was featured in our Holiday Gift Guide CBD Lip Balm from Gemstonz.  I use a few different yummies to keep my hands and body hydrated.  I love the Honey & Calendula Body Lotion from Kiss My Face, it smells amazing and keeps my hands from cracking!  But these are just two of these are some of my personal favorites.  I reached out to my skincare guru’s and asked them for some truly note worthy products that are great for nourishing and hydrating skin in the harsh winter weather!

The amazing thing about moisturizing the skin is that you can do it with lotions, creams, oils and gels!  I remember when I first heard of a facial oil, I instantly turned my nose up at it.  

But now, I love using a facial oil to hydrate my skin in the winter. Sometimes when it’s really bitter cold out, I’ll layer a facial oil under a light lotion to give my skin a little added boost!  I just LOVE the way oils sink right into the skin.  But don’t stress it if oil isn’t for you.  My team of skincare guru’s came back with 5 of the coolest products that you can use to get hydrated skin.  You’ll have skin that is so full of moisture that it will shine bright!  

This Week’s Pop 5 Products To Nourish + Hydrate!

Med Spa Distributors & Skin Recover Science’s Moisture Glide 

This is an amazing moisturizing mask!  But this product has several functions.  This is an incredible tool for 2 very popular treatments that many estheticians perform.  Want to know which treatments this is designed to enhance – Click Here


E.F Tropics Illuminating Young 

This product is new to the U.S. skincare market!  It was a huge hit on the Esthetician Connection in 2018! It’s an amazing moisturizer with 3 different types of a very nourishing and hydrating ingredient – find out which ingredient – Here

BelleCôte Paris’s BellEye

Keep fine lines around the eye plump this winter!  This new eye cream is infused with an incredibly unique ingredient that’s found in the Arctic.  Want to know how they infuse the secret ingredient into a luxe, rich eye cream that will firm and brighten    –  Click Here.

PFB Vanish ManMask 

 Guys, this one’s for you!  If you’re shaving every day, your skin is going to be taking a beating in the winter.  This leave on mask is amazing to give your skin all the extra love it needs in the winter.  Want to know what moisturizing ingredients will hydrate your skin – Click Here.



Tu’el Rescue Me

Don’t let an oil freak you out!  A few drops of this on moist skin and you will experience hydrated skin like never before.  The skin absorbs this oil, literally just drinks it right in.  You see a glow that, just doesn’t happen when you use a lotion or cream based moisturizer.  Want to know the truly unique oils used in this product- Click Here.



These 5 products will help you have MOISTurized skin this winter!  When your skin is moisturized properly, it will be able to function at optimal levels.  When the skin cells are fully hydrated they reflect light, giving your skin a luminosity that is so beautiful!  Get your glow on this winter!  

Thank you to Tu’el, Med Spa Distributors, E.F. Tropics, PFB Vanish and BelleCôte Paris  for sponsoring this article.

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