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Spring Into A New Protocol for Rejuvenation

The renewal season is upon us, and it is time for clients to rejuvenate and replenish their skin. Clients have been going from forced warm air to the cold outside in these past winter months. And now moving into warmer weather and increased humidity and time spent outdoors, your client’s skin will need a blooming burst!

It’s time for skin rejuvenation, replenishment, and the M.A.D Signature Spring Has Sprung Renewal Facial Protocol you can read the protocol below or watch a YouTube Tutorial

Why the M.A.D Signature Spring Has Sprung Renewal Facial Protocol

Spring means longer days and increased time spent outdoors. This means additional skin exposure to environmental aggressors that can cause aging and dull skin. Exfoliation is as important as ever for skin’s cellular renewal. Clients may need to switch to a lighter moisturizer, yet hydration is key. Skin needs time to adapt to spring weather while moving on from winter skin woes.

Help clients say “goodbye” to winter woes and “hello” to spring glow. The team at M.A.D outlines the ideal spring protocol including tackling environmental aggressors, clogged pores, dull, and dehydrated skin. Clients will experience M.A.D Cocktails, unique exfoliation, and deep nourishment. See how M.A.Ds Environmental Concern works in this renewal protocol delivering smoother, fresher, hydrated, brighter looking skin.

Contribution By M.A.D Skincare

Thanks to the team at M.A.D Skincare for contributing this article to the L+A Industry News.

The M.A.D Signature Spring Has Sprung Renewal Facial Protocol

All products can be found on M.A.D Skincare’s Professional Site.

1. Thoroughly cleanse the client;s skin with Mega Rich Antioxidant Cleansing Gel.

2. Apply M.A.D Everyday Renewing Toner with a cotton round over the entire area. Clients will immediately feel the difference with this alcohol-free, non-drying, nourishing toner. It contains multi fruit acids for gentle exfoliation and enriching botanicals to fight free radicals, reduce irritation, and accelerate cellular repair.

3. Apply M.A.D Four Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Mask with Pumice to the entire area. This powerful mask nourishes skin with over fifty minerals as pumice gently etches the skin to improve enzyme effectiveness and exfoliation. Remove the mask with water.

4. Peel time! Dispense the M.A.D Environmental Renewal Peel into a portion cup and apply to the area. The combination of lactic and multi fruit acids infused with antioxidants makes this a great peel for light to moderate exfoliation, leaving skin refreshed and nourished.

5. Remove the peel by gradually bringing the pH of the skin back up, avoiding “shocking” the skin and for maximum results. How? Use M.A.D’s Gradual Neutralization Process: First, apply M.A.D Everyday Renewing Toner over the entire area. Second, apply water to the entire area and then finish with an application of M.A.D Neutralizer Solution.

6. Apply M.A.D Platinum Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Facial Mask. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acids and Tremella Mushrooms, this sheet mask locks in moisture for a more supple, youthful-looking skin. Remove mask after 7-10 minutes. Massage in any left-over mask into face and neck.

7. Cocktail Time! Combine equal parts M.A.D Environmental Detox Mask (including 3-4 drops of Environmental Shielding Booster Serum) and M.A.D Wheatgrass Recovery Mask with CBD and apply to area. This cocktail enhances the skin’s function, helping eliminate toxins and guard against free radical damage. Skin is left nourished, detoxified, and refreshed! Remove the mask.

8. Apply M.A.D Everyday Renewing Toner with cotton round over the entire area.

9. Cocktail Time! Combine equal amounts of M.A.D Wrinkle Repellent Environmental Protection Serum and M.A.D Youth Transformation Age Corrective Serum and apply to area. This cocktail helps shield against environmental damage, nourish your skin, improve skin texture, and provide great anti-aging benefits.

10. Apply M.A.D Transforming Daily Moisturizer (on warmer days or if a light moisturizer is needed, mix appropriate M.A.D Serum with the M.A.D Transforming Daily Moisturizer).

11. Apply M.A.D Sun Protection Product of your choice.

Watch A Video Tutorial Of The Spring Has Sprung Renewal Facial Protocol

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