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All-New Summer Refresh Facial 

M.A.D Skincare launches an all-new Summer Refresh Facial! 

Warmer weather causes increased water loss from the skin, leading to dehydration and possible drier skin. Sweat, sun exposure, and air conditioning can leave skin feeling parched. At the same time, higher temperatures can also lead to increased oil production (think clogged pores, dull skin, and potential breakouts). Sun exposure can darken existing spots and cause new ones to form. Signs of aging tend to increase, and skin needs balance.

Help clients embrace summer skin with M.A.D’s Signature Summer Refresh Facial. M.A.D designed their signature facial addressing these concerns. A carefully curated protocol exfoliates, balances, hydrates, rejuvenates, and brightens skin while helping reduce irritation, calm redness, accelerate cellular repair, and tackle signs of aging. Leaves skin healthier-looking, brighter, smoother, and summer-refreshed. 

M.A.D Signature Summer Refresh Facial Protocol 

It’s summer and that means clients’ skin needs revitalizing, refreshing, and radiance! Clients are spending more time outside, facing environmental aggressors and damaging UV rays. There’s a need to balance increased oil production and dehydration as well as tackle hyperpigmentation and increased signs of aging. 

M.A.D Signature Summer

  1. Thoroughly cleanse the client’s skin with M.A.D Mandelic Refining Cleanser.
  2. Apply M.A.D Everyday Renewing Toner with a cotton round over the entire area. Clients will immediately feel the difference with this alcohol-free, non-drying, nourishing toner formulated with multi fruit acids and enriching botanicals to reduce irritation and accelerate cellular repair. 
  3. Apply M.A.D Four Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Mask with Pumice to the entire area. This powerful mask nourishes skin with over fifty minerals as pumice gently etches the skin to improve enzyme effectiveness and exfoliation. Remove mask with water.
  4. Peel time! Dispense the M.A.D Delicate Resurfacing Peel and apply over entire area. A pH of 3.75 to 4.0 and larger molecular size helps make this peel very tolerable. Multi fruit acids gently exfoliate cells and rejuvenate dull, tired skin. Natural skin soothers Chamomile and Licorice Extracts and Aloe Vera, help ease irritated skin, act as anti-inflammatories and quench dry skin. 
  5. Remove the peel by gradually bringing the pH of the skin back up, avoiding “shocking” the skin and for maximum results. How? Use M.A.D’s Gradual Neutralization Process: First, apply M.A.D Everyday Renewing Toner over the entire area. Second, apply distilled water to the entire area and then finish with an application of M.A.D Neutralizer Solution.
  6. Cocktail Time! Combine equal parts M.A.D Radiant Brightening Mask (including 3-4 drops of Radiant Brightening Booster Serum) and M.A.D Wheatgrass Recovery Mask with CBD. This cocktail helps with hyperpigmentation as it brightens the skin, delivering a burst of radiance, nourishment, and rejuvenation. Its soothing properties hydrate, the skin setting the tone for destressing and calming irritated skin. Remove the mask.
  7. Apply M.A.D Everyday Renewing Toner with cotton round over the entire area.
  8. Cocktail Time! Combine equal amounts of M.A.D Wrinkle Repellent Environmental Protection Serum and M.A.D Redness Rescue. Apply to entire area. This cocktail calms, soothes and reduces redness and irritation.  Anti-inflammatory properties help improve skin circulation. 
  9. Apply M.A.D Illuminating Daily Moisturizer. This lightweight, daily moisturizer enriched with nature’s best holistic skin lighteners, botanicals, and peptides to lighten and even skin tone, provide anti-aging benefits, and minimize the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  10. Apply M.A.D Sun Protection Product of your choice. For this facial we like the Hyper Sheer SPF 50 Matte Finish Daily Moisturizer for a lightweight, matte-finish or the Hyper Sheer SPF 50 Daily Moisturizer for a lightweight, moisture sheen finish.

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