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Salmon Ovary Peptides + Super Nutrients Set These Products Apart!

M.A.D Luxe, using Salmon Ovary Peptides, will change the way you think of professional skincare products. This collection from M.A.D Skincare elevates professional skincare to a level of luxury that we’ve not seen in the professional space. M.A.D Skincare has also introduced Keraceuticals, using super nutrients! This is skincare for your scalp! Scalp care is skin care + hair care combined! If you want to help clients look their absolute best – scalp skincare is the next frontier for the esthetician!  

M.A.D Luxe – Luxury Redefined 

M.A.D Luxe is a collection of 4 products that clients will fawn over! The 4 revitalizing products are a complete sensory, luxury experience. The client will be in awe of the striking black and gold colors. They will be enticed from the moment they touch the opulent packaging. Opening the box is an experience as if unpacking a precious piece of jewelry! 

While the colors and packaging are exceptional and will establish a luxury-level experience – nothing and we mean – nothing – compares to the ultra luxurious and highly effective ingredients that M.A.D Skincare has compiled in the 4 retail products. 

Why M.A.D Luxe?

We asked Michael from M.A.D Skincare, “What makes M.A.D Luxe so special?”

“This collection actively repairs the Skin Barrier Repair System by revitalizing a weakened skin barrier and improving the skin barrier function. The Purified Salmon DNA Peptides penetrate, delivering unprecedented skin care benefits due to its rich amino acid content.  M.A.D Luxe acts as a Dark Spot Corrector, reducing the look of sunspots, post-acne marks, dark spots, and redness.

M.A.D Luxe deeply hydrates the skin with a powerful boost of hydration to the skin barrier helping prevent any water loss.

Finally, M.A.D Luxe deeply relaxes the appearance of expression lines.”  Michael Contorno, President M.A.D Skincare. 

Luxe Ingredients 

M.A.D Luxe ingredients are some of the most sophisticated single ingredients. Then when they are combined together their synergy creates impressive efficacy that will elevate any client’s home care. 

Salmon Ovary Peptides

A combination of 20 ultra-effective amino acids including Asparagine which acts as a water-binding agent, providing antioxidant properties, protecting from free-radical damage, and reducing signs of aging; and Threonine known for its ability to provide anti-aging and hydration benefits. 

Matrixyl® Morphomics®

A new lipopeptide with unprecedented benefits. It helps re-establish the natural connections between the cell nucleus and the extracellular matrix. After just 6 weeks of treatment, nasogenian folds, marionette, and frown lines are visibly reduced for a happier, more youthful facial expression.

Ceramide Complex

A multi-lamellar system of vegetable-derived, semi-synthetic ceramides, cholesterol-free fatty acids, and phytosphingosine. Identical to lipids found in the skin, this highly concentrated Ceramide Complex provides enhanced skin miniaturization and protection. It also restores the protective barrier function of the skin, offering enhanced delivery and exchange of skin lipids.

Barry’s Review of 4 M.A.D Luxe Products 

Cellular Revitalizing Serum

“Wow! The Cellular Revitalizing Serum is not like any serum you’ve tried. It has a rich lotion consistency that your mature/dry clients will love under the ultra-rich Luxe Day Cream + Night Cream. This serum can even be a moisturizer for normal to oily skin.” Barry

Cellular Revitalizing Eye Cream

“The consistency of the Cellular Revitalizing Eye Cream is incredibly dense! My under-eye area LOVED it! A very small amount is all you need!” Barry

Cellular Revitalizing Day Cream

“The Cellular Revitalizing Day Cream is delicious! My skin loved it! Great glide for facial massage to stimulate the Sculptra filler that I have! All those amino acids will fuel the collagen growth!” Barry

Cellular Revitalizing Night Cream 

“The Cellular Revitalizing Night Cream is just as delicious as the Day Cream.” Barry

Keraceuticals – Scalp Care is Skincare

Now you can improve your client’s overall appearance and your revenues by incorporating a scalp treatment into any skincare treatment in your treatment room!

Keraceuticals Scalp & Hair System has a mission to optimize the health of the scalp and hair by combining nature and science, including a proprietary blend of ingredients, creating a nourishing environment for the scalp and hair to thrive. Skincare is scalp care for optimal scalp health. 

The Keraceuticals philosophy is to deliver a unique hair and scalp system enriched with cutting-edge ingredients including Super Nutrients and KeraPolymer Technology, resulting in healthier, shinier looking, and stronger hair. Super Nutrients are a foundation of the Keraceuticals Scalp and Hair System. We look to deliver the best possible ingredients for your hair and scalp.

Scalp Health 

Skincare does not stop at the hairline. Just as skin needs to be cleansed, exfoliated, nourished, and protected from environmental damage, so does the skin on the head, and the scalp.

Super Nutrients 

Keraceuticals contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Examples include Wheatgrass, Soy, Leafy Greens, and Berries.

KeraPolymer Technology

A potent blend of polymers and amino acids to help repair damaged hair bonds & provide hair with moisture & strength.

3 Keraceuticals Product Collection

Keraceuticals Strengthening Shampoo

The Keraceuticals Strengthening Shampoo is not only for weak and/or dry hair. Everyday hair maintenance, environmental aggressors, and color-treating can all cause hair breakage, weaken hair and damage the scalp.

Jenni’s Review

The proof is in the hairline! After about 6 weeks of using this system, my hairstylist of 10+ years pointed out new growth at an appointment.  She asked what I’d been using, and wanted me to know that the short, wispy hair around my hairline was not breakage from color processing, it was new growth!

You have to approach this product as a treatment; it does not lather into a thick sudsy shampoo that you may be accustomed to.  It feels amazing when used in combination with the brush to stimulate the scalp.  This has become a new “shampoo day” ritual that I can’t get enough of!

Keraceuticals Strengthening Conditioner

Keraceuticals Strengthening Conditioner is not only for weak and/or dry hair. Everyday hair maintenance, environmental aggressors, and color-treating can all weaken the hair and damage the scalp.

Jenni’s Review 

I apply this product to the ends of the hair first, using the excess at the root and on the scalp.  I have very fine, thin hair, and this never weighs it down.  I use the scalp brush to massage this step in as well, then clip my hair up and let it sit for the next several minutes while I finish my shower.  

It is a great detangler and leaves my hair soft.

Keraceuticals KB98 Leave In Bonding Treatment 

Keraceuticals KB98 Leave In Bonding Treatment targets the important hair bonds and helps strengthen & add elasticity and shine. Everything from brushing hair to pollution to chemically treated hair can cause bonds to break. KB98 works to repair hair bond damage and fortify the hair with Super Nutrients, Keranutri™, and KeraPolymer Technology.

Jenni’s Review 

I apply 3 pumps of this to the ends of my hair when wet, every time I wash! It is a lightweight, clear serum that absorbs quickly, and does not interfere with other styling products. 

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