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How The Lymphatic System Impacts The Skin Appearance

The lymphatic system and skin appearance are connected because the human body is incredible. It has internal defenses to detoxify itself. This detoxification process directly affects the health and appearance of the skin. As an esthetician, you can make a huge contribution to your clients by stimulating one of these internal defenses, the lymphatic system, to move impaired or stagnant lymph. A healthy lymphatic system is the key to glowing skin for clients.

The Lymphatic System and Skin Appearance Connection

The liver, kidney, and lymphatic system are the waste removal trio. The liver emulsifies fats and removes toxins through the blood. The kidney filter fluids, eliminating wastes while returning fluid back to the blood. The lymphatic system is a combination of waste removal and water retrieval.

Lymphatic System and Skin and Blood and Water

In order for everything to flow smoothly, we need water. Since our bodies are approximately 70% water, hydration is key to every function in the body. Every day we leak approximately 3 quarts of fluid through our capillaries. These fluids need to be returned to the blood to maintain blood volume. Without proper blood volume, our organs don’t function properly. A healthy lymphatic system returns this fluid.

The Blood and Lymph Connection

So what is the lymphatic system? It’s part of the circulatory system that retrieves leaked fluids from the blood vessels to return them to the blood. Lymphatic capillaries are more permeable than blood capillaries and collect fluid from surrounding tissues. Lymph, a transparent, colorless fluid, gets filtered through the lymph nodes which filter disease-causing agents such as bacteria and viruses. Lymph has disease fighting white blood cells. It removes cellular waste and toxins.

The lymph nodes, located throughout the body, play an important role as part of our immune system. Many lymph nodes are in the areas of the body that we are licensed to touch. The lymphatic system works only through muscle contraction or light massage to move lymph throughout the body. It moves upward, against gravity. Liquid accumulating in the tissue spaces leads to edema which results in swelling and puffiness.

Poor Lymphatic System and Skin Irregularities

Once lymphatic flow is blocked, it leads to a multitude of other issues. According to Analisa Spencer, Vice President of Spa Girl International, 90% of skin problems are signs of impaired lymphatic flow. This includes double chin, thickening of the neck, sagging jowls, puffy eyelids, skin tenderness, acne, hypo and hyper pigmentation, even migraines and persistent allergies. Add to this increased stress, a sedentary lifestyle at home and work, and more chemicals and toxins in our food and environment and you have a formula for stagnant lymph.

Linda Bertaut

Contribution by Linda Bertaut

A pioneer in the industry, Linda Bertaut brought Reiki and energy healing to esthetics over 20 years ago. Linda is a Milady author, national speaker, award-winning Esthetician, and Reiki master teacher. Linda is the healer’s healer, teaching others how to embrace and utilize their healing abilities. She is the inventor of the Energy Make-Over and gemstone treatments. As the founder of Chakralicious, she helps people find meaning and purpose in life.

Working on the Lymphatic System

Today, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment or take years of training. I tend to take a holistic approach. Everything I do includes Reiki, a hands-on healing modality that heals the spirit. It quiets the mind, calms the emotions so you feel peaceful within. At peace, you connect to intuition and feelings.

Energy Work + Massage Can Improve Lymphatic System and Skin Appearance

Reiki balances the Chakra system. The circulatory and lymphatic systems are both associated with the 4th, Heart Chakra, the center for unconditional love, the bridge between the lower, material world self and the higher, conscious self. The heart is your resonance center designed to guide you through feelings. When you are also connected to intuition, at the 7th Chakra, your internal guidance system is intact. You are directed through intuition and feelings to discover meaning and purpose in life. Therefore, healthy circulatory and lymphatic systems open you up for more love and resonance.

Moving the lymph and healing the spirit provides a healthy glow inside and out. I have used gemstone gua sha combined with Reiki in facials to heal the spirit, move stagnant lymph and lift the face. Considering the low cost for tools and training, you get incredible results. When clients see a significant difference with the first treatment, they’re inclined to sign up for packages. Any treatments you are doing that involve lymph drainage you can sell as a four-to-eight-week series. After the initial series is complete, clients return for maintenance one to two times per month.

 2 Examples Of Work on the Lymphatic System and Skin Improvements

My client Julie was part of my Heal the Healer program. The photo on the right shows the results of eight treatments within nine weeks. Each week, she received a Reiki facial, alternating the use of a gemstone gua sha tool and the Kansa wand. She had specific work to do as part of her home care, including Reiki self-treatments, meditation, fun daily activities, journaling, and more. Not only did she look younger and brighter after the program, she was able to banish the depression and anxiety she had suffered from for over twenty years. Her esthetic business increased by 50 percent. She went from renting a room in a salon to having her own space.

Another favorite method to move stagnant lymph is with Analisa Spencer’s PowerDerm machine. This kinetic dermabrasion machine does lymphatic drainage massage and anti-inflammatory skin resurfacing. Using this handheld machine with facial products, she can achieve visible results with clients within two to ten weeks.

Analisa’s client used Botox for 6 years. Since muscle contraction moves lymph, paralyzing the muscles of the forehead means no contraction. Lymph fluid builds up over time and once it is clogged the only way to move the congestion is lymphatic drainage massage. A plastic surgeon told her client that she needed a brow lift. She used the PowerDerm machine instead to restore lymphatic flow. After only three weeks she no longer needs a brow lift.

To help your clients create a healthy glow, sell facial packages that keep the lymph moving. You can also recommend home care that includes drinking plenty of water, practicing deep breathing techniques, exercising, stretching, and walking. Offer dry brushing kits with instructions. Add Reiki to your treatments and your clients can have a healthy glow inside and out!

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