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Effective Skincare Brush Offers Lymphatic Drainage

Skincare Brush For Lymphatic Drainage

Immune Boosting Beauty Tip

I fell in love with this Skincare Brush, from the first time I used it and the funny thing is…… it’s not even a “brush”! Well, not a brush with conventional bristles.  Like those brushes that spin and can cause damage to the skin, over exfoliate, and can harbor bacteria.
I even featured OctoVie as one of my 4 Immune System Boosting Beauty Hacks!
Barry Eichner

OctoVie Created by An Aesthetician For Aestheticians

Pamela Auger, an Aesthetician, Nurse and Face/Neck Lymph Drainage Therapist, for ageless beauty. As a skin specialist, she decided to revolutionize the skincare industry after she discovered the absence of beauty products to help rejuvenate her damaged skin after breast cancer treatment.

Get Pamela's Unique Facial Protocol

Pamela created a facial massage protocol that will help other skincare professionals perform lymphatic drainage massage in their professionals skin care treatments.  

Sign up for protocol below.

3 Benefits of OctoVie Skincare Brush for Lymphatic Drainage

OctoVie Skincare Brush was created as a beauty tool with 3-in-1 benefits to simultaneously cleanse and exfoliate away dull skin cells and impurities for a gentler, hygienic choice over dry, nylon brushes, bath cloths or loofahs.

The unique, patented design of OctoVie’s “feel good nubs” surface provides a therapeutic lymphatic drainage massage with every use.

Skin brushing helps delivers a collagen, immune boosting massage to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while moving lymph fluids to detoxify/revitalize skin for optimal wellness from the inside out.

lymphatic drainage

Fight Inflammaging with Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

The hottest new term on the skincare landscape is inflammaging.  It’s defined as aging that happens to your skin as the result of inflammation.  You’ll see “anti-inflammatory” listed as one of the key benefits of many of the hottest skin care products, devices and machines on the market.

The skincare industry is focused on reducing inflammation because it can have such profound anti-aging benefits for the skin!

One of the oldest and most effective modalities for reducing inflammation in the skin is lymphatic drainage massage of the face and neck.  This helps to flush out toxins from the skin to create a more positive skin environment, leaving the skin with a healthy glow, improved texture and in some cases even more firm.

OctoVie Quick And Easy To Use

OctoVie Skincare Brush, can be used daily at home with your favorite cleanser.  You can quickly and easily fight inflammaging every day as you cleanse and exfoliate.  Your skin will glow and get therapeutic benefits of lymphatic drainage massage!

Simply follow Pamela’s outline for lymphatic drainage on the face using OctoVie and you’ll receive the 3 in 1 benefit of OctoVie Skincare Brush.

Use OctoVie In Treatment for Lymphatic Drainage Facial

Providing a deeply relaxing, therapeutic facial is one of the most important aspects of any professional skincare treatment!  Skincare pros spend lots of time, money and resources to learn how to offer incredible facial massage.  Now you can begin your facial massage with OctoVie for lymphatic drainage! 

When the specialized design of the surface of the OctoVie is combined with a luxurious massage oil or cream and in a facial as the introduction to the facial massage, it activates lymphatic drainage, carrying away trapped fluid and toxins in the skin.  OctoVie is hygenic as its BPA Free, contains no phthalates, and made from FDA (approved personal for care) Elastiomer, resistent to  bacteria and germs and can be easily sanitized after every treatment.  Made in U.S.A.

Make OctoVie A Gift From Your Treatment Room

Because OctoVie has such a low wholesale cost, you can make OctoVie part of your treatment cost and give it to your client for take home use. OctoVie should be replaced every 3-4 months, just like any personal care items!  OctoVie makes an ideal gift to give clients to remind them of the amazing treatment that you provided.  

lymphatic Drainage

OctoVie VIP Exclusive Offer

During the month of July, 2020.

OctoVie has a VIP Exclusive Offer for our L+A Community.

Download the L+A Mobiel App to get a FREE Gift with the purchase of the OctoVie Skincare Brush.

Get The L+A Mobile App.

OctoVie For Lymphatic Drainage on the Body

This must have “smart skincare brush” comes in two sizes

1. FACE Mini (squishy feel) in  the clear version so you can see all of the impurities and makeup extracted from your skin during your beauty routine.

2. BODY + FACE (firmer feel) in the signature colors of vineyard rose and ocean blue.  This one is great for the body. 

Clients can have an at home spa treatment everyday with a favorite body wash and the Body + Face OctoVie.  In one step they can cleanse, exfoliate and do lymphatic drainage massage on the whole body. 

The Body + Face OctoVie is great to use with anti-cellulite creams and gels to help fight the appearance of cellulite.  It’s also a great exfoliating step before self tanning! 

Get Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatment Protocol

OctoVie was created by an aesthetician and nurse! Pamela designed it to have tremendous therapeutic benefits.  Now you can get her Lymphatic Drainage Massage Protocol for FREE!

lymphatic Drainage

Thanks to OctoVie for sponsoring this content.

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