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4 Reasons This Brand Has Ruled Since 1978

Barry’s first exposure to Lycon Wax was back in 2015 when he worked with a distributor who sold it. During photo shoots with the wax, the beautiful aromatherapy captured his attention. He was told by the distributor, E.F Tropics that the wax worked really well with Epilfree, a permanent hair reduction serum, because it was rosin free.  

How We Got Connected With Lycon Wax 

Fast forward to 2023 when we (Jenni and Barry) were in Toronto for ESI with Spavaro! We met Lindsay of LyconUSA who was exhibiting with Spavaro, her Canadian distributor! Barry’s first comment was, “I’ve known about you all for years, but I don’t see you on the U.S. market very much!” Jenni added, “Yeah, we know about you because of working with another one of our brands, and we’d love to share more information about it.”  

It was an instant connection! Lindsay mentioned that she’d been wanting to talk to us about helping her share the Lycon Wax story with the L+A community. After a few weeks of chatting, we came up with a plan for us to get to know Lycon Wax, it was game on!

Jenni Tested The Lycon Wax

Lindsay sent Jenni an assortment of Lycon wax and she quickly got to work testing it out in her treatment room!

“The most pleasant surprise! After dropping the Lycon Lycotec Film Wax into my warmer, I left the treatment room to allow the wax to melt. Stepping back into the room was like walking into a tropical vacation! The coconut fragrance was subtle and delicious.  

Once the consistency was just right, I did an underarm wax on myself. This wax spread perfectly and with one large strip, my underarms were done in less than 3 minutes, with no residue left of the skin.

I’ve been waxing my underarms for 15 years; there are some occasions where it can “smart” or feel a little spicier than others. This experience was PAIN FREE. I even had to double-check the strip to ensure the hair came out.

There is a formula for everyone! The wax is available in LYCOJET hot wax, LYCOtec Film Wax.’ Jenni Nagle 

The 4 Reasons We Think You’ll Love Lycon Wax

Holy Grail of Brazilians

“The New Holy Grail for Brazilian Waxing and aftercare.” This is right on Lycon Wax’s home page – and we’re here for it! It’s not just wax – it’s a complete line of brightening products, pre and post wax products; and a hybrid Hot wax that’s been customized from a combination of the traditional hot wax and the LYCOtec film wax formula! 

PINKINI Brazilian Care is a luxury collection and a necessity, as Brazilian and Bikini waxing are the most requested in-salon services, which salons are often judged by.  

With a fresh and calming scent, the PINKINI collection has been carefully formulated with an abundance of technologically advanced and natural soothing ingredients, which provide results beyond compare.”

Lycon Wax

Ingrown Hair, Spa, and Skin Products

Lycon Wax is a company that offers just about everything, including a complete spa product line and a skincare line! 

Ingrown Hair + Lycon Spa 

If you do a lot of waxing you know that ingrown hairs are a real issue for many clients. You need to check out LYCON Wax’s ingrown hair products! Then discover the ultimate spa experience with the latest professional skincare and massage products in the LYCON Spa Specialist Aromatherapy spa products.

Lycon Skin 

Lycon Wax also sells a collection called Lycon Skin.  This is clean beauty that’s Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Gluten-Free. It’s a bioceutical skincare collection featuring complex ‘superhero’ ingredients and LYCON’s new Adaptive Skin Science Technology, making each product multi-faceted and multi-functional, shifting the paradigm of what skincare should be like.

Lycon Wax


Hello – no burning wax smell in your treatment room! Legit aromatherapy is what you get with Lycon Wax. The fragrances are so beautiful, clients will think you’re diffusing pure essential oils. What a gorgeous benefit! 

Rosin Free 

Why is this important? There’s a post-hair removal serum called Epilfree that helps to permanently reduce unwanted body hair that is applied directly after waxing or sugaring! The only caveat is that the wax needs to be Rosin-Free and LYCON’s LYCOtech Wax fits that bill! We know this because we reached out to Epilfree expert, Robyn Newmark of Newmark Beauty, “ The Wax must be Rosin and Rosinate free in order to be used with EpilFree.”

You can see how estheticians are finding success using LYCON”s LYCOTech wax with Epilfree by reading this article.

Lycon Wax is Resin based not Rosin based. “Compared to resin, rosin is often regarded as a superior concentrate. While both are similar in name, the process by which each is produced varies significantly. Most notably, whereas resin is produced through hydrocarbon extraction, rosin is created through a solventless method.” Greenpharms.com

Thanks to Lycon for sponsoring this content so that we can bring our community information on the amazing features of this brand.

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