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7 Treat YourSelf-Care Tips – Low Carb Edition

Need Me Time? Take A Break, Take some “Treat YourSelf-Care” Time

Low carb cookies and zero sugar wine make any skin care escape way more fun! If you need to escape for a while, we get it! It’s important to take time to Treat Yourself to a little self-care. Keep it cute with some low carb wine + cookies to make it memorable. 

Mid Day, Early Evening or Late Night Escapes

You know it really doesn’t matter when you do it, if you need a little self care – we say TREAT YOURSELF! 

Remember wellness isn’t just about meditation and chanting! Sometimes buying something special for yourself as a treat is a great way to practice self care! It just important that you make yourself the priority – even if it’s for 15 minutes or 30 minutes every now and then!

If you’re a busy working Mom, you may have to sneak in a little “me time” late at night.  If you work from home – maybe you can steal away during a mid-day break. Doesn’t matter when you do it, but it’s important that you do it. 

It’s important to note that you make it special! Like really fabulous! But you want to keep it cute, treating yourself means loving yourself, so there’s no need to break the bank financially or over do it on the calories either.  We’ve got treats that will fit daily calorie budget and are a great price too!  


7 Treat YourSelf-Care Tips – Low Carb Edition

#1 You’ll Need A Cocktail

Let’s face it, everyone loves to “wine-down” at the end of the day, so if you’re going to take some much needed Treat YourSelf-Care time at the end of the day, you’ll want to try Jenni’s newest obsession – Bev! This is zero sugar, 3 carbs, 100 calorie – SPARKLING WINE!

Crack open a can and enjoy every guilt free sip!  

#2 You’ll Want Something Sweet

Ok, we have to admit, we’re more than a little excited about this one! Take a deep breath, clear your eyes, now envision healthy, low carb cookies!  Now close your eyes and chant “low carb cookies” over and over for 10 seconds.  Ok, there’s your meditation mantra for your Treat YourSelf-Care moment. 

Are you dying? 

We are dying!

Barry’s dying to try the Bougie Bakes Cricket Protein Strawberry + Almond Cookie. Hello a low carb cookie that has 10g Carbs and 6g Protein in each one!  

#3 You’ll Need A Skincare Kit

Duh! What Treat YourSelf-Care routine would be complete without a fabulous skincare kit? You can do your own little mini facial!  Take a tropical escape with Circadia’s Tropical Refresher At Home Facial Kit. It’s complete with cleaners, masks, serums and moisturizers.

You know we love Circadia and you will too!  Sip your Bev, munch on a low carb Bougie Bake Strawberry Almond cookie while you mask with Circadia’s Marshmallow Mask. WARNING: DO NOT DIP YOUR COOKIE IN THE MASK!

#4 Take It Up A Notch With A Facial Massage

Ok, we need to talk about facial massage for a moment! It’s so good for the skin. Also, you can do it at home once in a while to for a nice treat! It’s great for skin health, improved muscle tone and so much more!

Be sure to get yourself a great facial oil to use when doing your massage.  We love the ageless CBD facial oil™ from dermamed solutions.

It’s totally acceptable to massage in between bites of your low carb Bougie Bakes! 

#5 Add A Wellness Touch To Your Skincare

Want to make your cleansing experience, your facial massage experience and applying your product a full on wellness ritual? You have to check out OctoVie! 

This amazing little skincare companion was designed by a Nurse and lymphatic specialist! Cleanse, massage and apply all while stimulating blood flow and lymphatic flow!  

#6 Maybe Shop While You Mask

While you’re chilling out with Circadia’s Marshmallow mask on and you’re sipping your low carb Bev – maybe you’ll scroll through IG and do a little shopping.  We say Treat YourSelf-Care – means – it’s ok to buy yourself a little treat!

What’s more fun than some jewelry? We love Be The Good!  They have the cutest pieces and the prices are totally affordable!  They’re also great to buy in bulk at wholesale prices and sell in your own skincare business!  They make a great item to offer with a gift certificate – you know for Valentine’s Day!

We’re obsessed with the Red Heart Enamel Midi Link Necklace!

#7 Finish Off With A Lip Treat

We met Skin Authority years ago in NYC and had a blast at their booth at the IBE! We took the now famous picture of Barry with their foaming black mask.  But Jenni just found their SkinSuit Lip! It hydrates, protects and plumps!  All with a Reef Safe SPF!  

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