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Skin Care + Cannabinoids

Love Lynn Botanicals Talks About Skin Care + Cannabinoids

Love Lynn Botanicals offers some amazing information on the Marriage Made In Heaven of Skin Care and Cannabinoids.

In a quick look at all the headlines about CBD, it’s like wow, what can’t this miracle magical stuff accomplish!

Let’s dig in and get specific. Starting with the fact that there are several kinds of “CBD”.

When we talk about “Hemp CBD”, it’s “broad spectrum”, which is legal everywhere. It’s made from a sister flower to the cannabis plant and contains zero THC, the chemical that has a psychoactive effect on your mind. It’s highly useful for making all kinds of things, and has an incredibly bright future creating biodegradable everyday items, while increasing critical sustainability for our planet. YAY, HEMP!

Full-Spectrum CBD
The next iteration is referred to as “full-spectrum CBD”, which is what we use in our products at Love Lynn Botanicals. Full-spectrum CBD is made from the marijuana plant and is scientifically concocted to ensure that the levels of THC, the chemical that has a psychoactive effect on your mind, is kept to a bare minimum, below .3%.

It can be made in an alcohol base (tincture) or an oil base, and it’s extracted in several ways. We use it for healing because it is believed that the THC driver, no matter how small, can create an entourage effect and greatly enhance the efficacy of the CBD in our system.

Contribution by Love Lynn Botanicals

Thanks so much to Lynn from Lovey Lynn Botanicals for taking the time to create an article on skin care and cannabinoids.  

The Amazing Benefits of CBD

Reduces pain and muscle aches
Regulates anxiety
Helps with sleep problems

Many of the benefits touted come from an oral intake of CBD.

But when CBD is applied directly to the skin, those kinds of benefits can be very effective.

Skin Care
In creating the Love Lynn Botanicals Skin Care from flowers, we like to combine the useful qualities of “full-spectrum CBD” and then further enhance them significantly by adding flower oils with other healing properties, such as lavender, calendula, rose, and arnica, whose miraculous efficacy for anti-aging, dryness, and wrinkle prevention has been well documented.

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We extract the healing properties through drying and deep-steeping the fresh flowers.

Our Ingredients
In addition, we add nut, fruit and seed oils, like jojoba, sweet almond, kui kui nut, pumpkin, pomegranate, macadamia, argon, and grapeseed, as well as other specialized oils like Emu, Sea Buckthorn, rosehips, raspberry, and carrot seed. All are, over-the-top, power- packed oils with low comedogenic ratings that protect, heal, and may well prevent premature aging.

And last but not least, the essential oils! They’re the ones that bring the subtle but luxurious scents, adding pleasure and an overwhelming sense of well-being – not just to the skin but also to the mind, body, and psyche!

Imagine! All of those ingredients packed into each little jar of butter or bottle of oil.

The Love Lynn Botanicals Difference
Love Lynn Botanicals are made by hand in small batches.  We can customize your order to meet your needs, be they for scent pleasure or to meeting personal skin- healing goals.  We can also create personalized skin care products for events or parties, making unique, indulgent giveaways for the guests.

Or, if you’ve ever wanted your own brand of skin care, I can easily help you realize it!  Let’s create your perfect skin-anointing emollients together.

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