LIVE FROM PARIS! Facial Massage Chemical Peels and M.A.D Mapping

LIVE FROM PARIS! – Chemical Peel Massage and M.A.D Mapping™ of The Face 

Join Barry + Jenni and the M.A.D Skincare Team LIVE from Paris!

The M.A.D Skincare team will be showcasing the art of face mapping with M.A.D Mapping™ and how it can dramatically improve your treatment options and results. Ava from ESSpa Organic Skincare & Salon demonstrates massaging in chemical peels and M.A.D Mapping™ of The Face and Elizabeth from DermaJEM demonstrates incorporating devices into your M.A.D Mapping™ treatments.

M.A.D’s innovative approach to treatments is where the future of skincare is headed. M.A.D Mapping™ is a “paint by numbers” approach that enables you to customize a treatment exactly to your client’s needs and guides you to think outside the box!

Don’t miss TWO innovative classes LIVE FROM PARIS! 

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