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Our 10 Reasons To Take This Clinical Class In Florida 

Lira Clinical is offering their, now world-famous, Purely Clinical Event in Florida! This stop on the Global Skin Affair Tour will be at the W Hotel, in Fort Lauderdale. This all-day event is kind of epic! L+A has attended several of these events – the education is next level. Come ready to learn from the Lira Clinical founders who have decades of experience. Expect hours of theory on skin anatomy and pathology as well as a deep dive into the science of correcting skin issues through chemical peels and high-level ingredient technology. 

Don’t miss this chance to Register for the Fort Lauderdale Purely Clinical at the W Hotel, Monday June 10, 2024! 

L+A’s 10 Reasons Why You Need To Attend Purely Clinical

1. Lira Clinical treats you like family.

“There’s a genuine warmth and connection that the team has with their professional retail partners – we see this constantly!

Yes, Lira treats us well! But what we’ve seen at these events is that they love connecting with their professional retail partners. Yes, they call their customers – partners! 

When you join Lira Clinical they invest in you! We see this in how they offer bonuses based on orders and their commitment to true connection. They want to make sure you’re comfortable and doing well!

2. The food is delicious!

“We love good food and always get nervous when attending events because oftentimes your options are just not great. Not with the Lira Clinical team planning the events! The breakfast, lunch, and afternoon cocktail hour has offered delicious food that we actually wanted to eat!”  Jenni + Barry 

3. Hours of in-depth training on the anatomy of the skin that is good for anyone to learn.

“You don’t have to carry Lira Clinical to be able to grow your knowledge from this event. We’ve sat through two of these and we’ve learned something new about skin in each class. You can use this knowledge in your practice on a daily basis.” Jenni + Barry 

4. There’s a deep dive into how chemical peels and ingredients impact the skin.

“No matter how seasoned a skin pro you are, there is always something to take away.  Metaxia made a statement about how she’s been in this industry for decades, and she is still learning new things.  The team strives to bring these new advancements to you to keep up with industry changes. Chemical peel technology is changing at a rapid-fire pace. Our industry is growing, which allows for more research and development, which gives us new products to work with. We love learning how skin pros can use these advancements in chemical peels in their practices.”  Jenni + Barry

5. You get to play with products during the “lab portion” of the class.

“There’s an entire section of the event where we got to play with back bar products. It was like a Mixology class but with professional skincare products. It was really interesting to see how products can mix together for a greater impact on the skin.” Jenni + Barry 

6. You get to watch a live demonstration and ask questions. 

“Both events we attended offered live demonstrations of treatments – with a model from the event. The education team did a LIVE intake consultation and then performed the treatment with step-by-step instructions. Throughout the entire demo, they opened it up for questions and the attendees were asking questions and getting answers LIVE from the educators on stage.” Jenni + Barry 

7. You’re learning from high-level educators with decades of experience.

“L+A has asked the founders of Lira Clinical to write for us on numerous occasions. We love to draw on their decades of experience. Brenda Cummings is an RN and owns a medical spa practice in Denver, Metaxia has been developing chemical peels since the 80’s and Francine is a globally recognized leader in product formulation.  We love going to Lira Clinical for answers to high-level questions.”  Jenni + Barry

8. There’s a whole section of the day on using devices in your practice.

“During the presentation on devices, Brend Cumming started off by saying, ‘Devices are a hot commodity in the professional skincare space right now.’ We just loved seeing that Lira Clinical is on top of the trends and educating skin pros on the hottest topics! When we see a brand share on how devices can take treatments to new levels – we know their education has to be cutting edge.” Jenni + Barry 

9. Get one-on-one time with Educators To Ask Questions 

“We watch everything at an event. Throughout the course of the day, we observed all four of the Lira Clinical founders; members of the Education team;  and several of the Business Development Partners on countless occasions in deep conversations with attendees. These are down-to-earth professionals who are present to help serve the attendees and make sure they get all of the questions answered! We love watching a brand interact without ego or pretension! It’s so refreshing!” Jenni + Barry

10. It’s education that’s lively and entertaining. 

The Lira Clinical education team makes this event fun, it’s high-level information delivered in a fun and easy-to-digest format.

Lira Clinical June 10

The Fort Lauderdale Purely Clinical Global Skin Affair Tour

Monday, June 10 · 8 AM – 6:30 PM EDT

W Fort Lauderdale, 401 North Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Time to change your peel protocol. Transformative skincare requires more than just exfoliation, it demands a new, Purely Clinical approach. Presented by the Masters of Peel Innovation, Purely Clinical offers a new way to achieve dramatic results by pivoting away from stripping skin to rebuilding skin through sophisticated delivery systems, powerfully active and nutritive ingredients, and innovative resurfacing solutions. Sign up now to discover how Pure Peel, and Lira Clinical’s new line of Smart Peels, initiate change without instigating inflammation while promoting skin hydration, skin health, and delivering advanced results. Are you ready to rebuild?

Event Schedule 

Registration Opens at 8 AM
Event Time: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Your investment of $350 includes

Breakfast, lunch, afternoon cocktails. 
Skincare Professional Textbook: Guide to Bright, Beautiful Skin (a value of $199)
Advanced Device Protocol Booklet
Class Booklet
Full-size surprise gift
Additional savings on orders and product releases
Discounted host hotel room rates are available with Lira Clinical Purely Clinical Tour.

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