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Lipgloss + Aftershave Intro To Lashes: A Trilogy, Part III

Three: Dolla Dolla Bills Y’All

As we enter 2019, lashes are now more popular and affordable and have become more of a necessity than a trend or to gain a level of status.  Women are flocking to salons to receive this beauty treatment that gives them an added boost of confidence, cuts down on the amount of time spent on their make up every day, and allows them to simply do something for themselves.

In my opinion everyone has their, what I like to call, “extras.”  

Some examples of creature comforts :








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These things that are not necessities but are necessary for that particular person to function and to find fulfillment.  Mine are clearly pop culture, especially the 1990’s, and sour gummy worms.

What I’ve found is that my regular lash clients will simply switch their spending habits to make lashes a part of their monthly budget.  Lash technicians, need to create that incredible customer experience and value so clients will make lashes a priority.

Want To Make SIX Figures A Year?

Offering lash extension services will give you the opportunity to create recurring revenue in your business.  The average person loses between 1-5 eyelashes daily which means a lash “fill” or “touch-up” is required every 2-4 weeks to maintain their eyelash extensions.  On average a lash tech will charge between $50-$100 an HOUR. You do the math. Wait……

Ok, ok I’ll do it for you.

Let’s say you work 40 hours/wk and charge $50/hr on average for your services.  This is $2,000 per week in service revenue which means bringing in over six figures a year!  Now, just to bring you back from your cloud in the lash heavens, don’t forget you’ll have to pay expenses like rent, supplies, taxes etc. from these totals – this is not what would go into your bank account.  But WOW, you could do a lot with what’s left over!

Which brings me to another point: SELLING RETAIL FOR AFTER CARE.

Selling retail means more loyal returning guests, more credibility and more money for you!  Research has found that if a guest can purchase two retail products from you, there is a 60% chance they will return to your salon.  If that same client purchases just one product, there is a 30% chance she will return. If you never spoke to her about any product, there is a small 10% chance she will return. Retail should not be optional, but a must.

I hope you’re also educating your clients on proper aftercare and take-home product.  Retail will only add to your bottom line and will make your clients more loyal to you so please don’t be afraid to recommend products and other services you offer.  

Fun tip: Watch QVC or Home Shopping Network for 5-10 minutes a day and learn how the professionals sell.  They speak on different ways a product can benefit you and give different ways to use it.

SIDE NOTE:  And if you personally know anyone who works there, tell them I’m for hire.  Hey, a girl can dream right?

I could go on and on about eyelash extensions and how they can help to build your future in the salon.  They aren’t just a superficial “want.” They have the ability to enhance a person’s natural beauty and boost their self-esteem.  By offering Lash extensions you’re helping women and a few men to find a way boost their self-esteem and you can boost your sales revenue in the process – HAPPY LASHING!  

Want to learn more about becoming trained in lash extensions?  Email Katie.Gross@yahoo.com

Katie Gross

Katie Gross

Katie Gross has been in the beauty industry for 15 years.  She is a trainer for Bella Lash, is a Senior International Journalist for Lash Inc Magazine, and is the Founder of The Lash Artist Box, a US based subscription box company for professional lash artists. Read More…

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