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Quality + Luxury A Winning Combination For Cassia Cardoso Med Spa

Line Repair from Christina Skincare is THE product line at Cassia Cardoso Med Spa in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Christina Skincare approached us and asked us to try their Line Repair facial and suggested we go to one of their facilities in Pembroke Pines, FL. We’re always down for a great facial, especially from Christina Skincare – we love them and have featured them many times here at L+A.

Line Repair At Celebrity Esthetician’s Spa, Cassia Cardoso Med Spa

It’s not every day that we are able to hang out with a celeb esty! We had no idea that Cassa Cardoso Med Spa (named after the celeb esty owner) was the go-to spot for TV celebs! But one look at their Instagram and you can see this is the go-to spa for celebrity TV Actors like William Levy. That’s why when we had the chance to visit Cassia Cardoso Med Spa and experience the Line Repair Facial from Christina Skincare – we jumped at the chance! 

Get To Know Cassia Cardoso

“I instantly fell in love! Cassia is absolutely one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met. It’s no surprise why she is able to run a thriving business that celebs choose for their needs!” Barry Eichner

Cassia met me at the door and from the instant I stepped into her med spa, she made me feel welcomed and cared for!  She introduced me to everyone that was working that day! This is when I met, Itala Alvarado, the esthetician who would be giving me my Line Repair treatment by Christina Skincare! Itala is one of 16 employees that work for Cassia.  

Cassia and Italia gave me a tour of the gorgeous 6-room treatment facility that offers a full menu of medical spa services including microneedling, microdermabrasion, laser, plasma lift, Hydrafacial, LED Light Therapy, and Injectables. The spa has been in business for 14 years, and Cassia has been an esthetician for 40 years – which is crazy – because she barely looks 40 years old! 

Why Christina Skincare To Mix With Medical Services?

I asked Cassia if she recommends that her clients get treatments with Christina in between their medical skin care treatments (Botox, Injectables, Plasma Treatments, Microneedling and microdermabarasion)? She told me, “Yes, the recommendations depend on the individual client’s needs.”

Cassia has been using Christina Skincare for 25 years, she chose it for the incredible quality and ingredient technology! I wanted to pick this pro’s brain, so I asked Cassia to give me her favorite retail product. “I love the Comodex Collection and The Bio Phyto Collection retail products.” Cassia also told me that she loves Christina Skincare for their incredible training! “I take classes with them every year! The classes are very informative and help us relay important information and expectations to our clients.”

Line Repair

Barry’s Line Repair Treatment at Cassia Cardoso Med Spa

“I love getting any Christina Skincare facial because this brand incorporates so much massage into every treatment! Not only does your skin benefit from the incredible ingredient technology, but the massage makes it a delicious treat!” Barry Eichner

The Line Repair collection from Christina Skincare is kind of amazing. The collection has a 7 Step professional treatment. Then the esthetician can choose the clients’ home care from 5 separate retail collections –  Firm, Fix, Glow, Nutrient, Hydra.  

Barry’s Christina Line Repair Nutrient Collection Favorites

I have been using home care from the Line Repair Nutrient collection and love it. The Pure Natural Cleanser is a refreshing gel cleanser that has a lovely foam and doesn’t dry out my skin. I am obsessed with the Bio Satin Serum – this clear serum glides on and leaves my skin soaked with moisture. The Depuff Vitamin Eye Mask – OMG – please – run – don’t – walk to get this!!! 

Line Repair

Barry’s Review of the 7-Step Line Repair Professional Treatment 

“I had the 7-Step Line Repair Professional treatment which starts with an oxygenation of the skin, followed by a very mild peel, two masks, and then some incredible massage using a concentrate and day cream. I was lucky enough to have Itala Alvarado give me this treatment and it was pure bliss!

1 Moisturizing Micellar Milk 

This was a lovely, creamy cleanser. Itala massaged this in and made even a basic cleanse a true treat.

2 Oxygen Peel 

Itala gently massaged this into my skin. There was no sensation at all, it was just relaxing. It saturates the skin with oxygen!

3 Glow Mask 

This is actually a 15% AHA so it does a nice purification and exfoliation of the skin. Itala applied it with a fan brush and left it on for 5 minutes. I didn’t feel any tingle or sensation from the AHA. 

4 Ultra Nourish Mask 

This mask saturates the skin with moisture.  applied with a fan brush and allowed to stay on the skin for 10 minutes. My skin felt delicious after this mask came off.

5 Lift Define Mask

This mask is your MONEY SHOT MASK!  It is an algae mask that solidifies on the skin and can be rolled off. Get your cameras ready to catch a video of you removing this mask! 

6 Hydra Fusion Concentrate

This has a lotion-like consistency and was massaged into the skin

7 Radiance Firm Day Cream

This is a luxurious, rich day cream and felt incredible as it was massaged into my skin.

My skin felt so hydrated, soft and glowing!! You can see how good I looked in the picture above with Cassia! 

This was an amazing experience to be able to visit such an advanced facility with such a respected owner! The treatment was incredible because of the talented esthetician and the phenomenal products from Christina Skincare!

Line Repair

Thanks to Christina Skincare for allowing us to visit Cassia Cardoso Med Spa and share her story by sponsoring this content. 

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