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The Brand Used in This Spa’s #1, Most-Booked Treatment

Laura Mayhew is the January Feature Esthetician for Roccoco Botanicals. We chatted with Laura and learned all about her business and her thoughts on Roccoco Botanicals. We learned all about her #1, most-booked treatment;  we found out about her obsession with the Roccoco Botanicals founder; and we totally agree with her favorite Roccoco Botanicals retail product

Meet Laura Mayhew, owner Sparkle Spa 

Originally from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Sparkle Spa owner Laura Mayhew is a 1997 graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She became a licensed esthetician in 2002 from Pivot Point International School of Esthetics and started her career working at Michael Anthony Salon/Spa in Chicago before returning to Wisconsin in 2007. Laura opened Sparkle Spa in 2011 in Wauwatosa and moved it to its current location at the Elm Grove Park and Shop in 2014.

“My passion for my business is driven by my personal connection to it. Skincare has always been an important part of my daily life, but I’m also a caregiver and enjoy connecting with people on a personal level,” Laura says. “I take pride in educating clients of all ages on how to take the proper care of their skin, and how diet, sun, stress, hormones, and medication can affect it. Additionally, 50% of adult women get acne and the cosmetic industry fails to recognize it. I have done extensive research and postgraduate training to scale my knowledge and increase my understanding.” Laura Mayhew 

Sparkle Spa introduced the Roccoco Botanicals skincare line in 2018 and has since grown to be the largest individual seller of Roccoco products in the world. Always researching new products and techniques, Laura found that the Australian-based company aligned with her own skincare philosophy. Roccoco Botanicals takes a holistic approach to respect the skin barrier by utilizing hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, acne-safe plant-based products. Sparkle Spa has two treatment rooms and is staffed by a team of three! 

Laura Mayhew’s Favorite Roccoco Botanicals Treatment 

“The Sparkle Spa Signature Sparkle Facial.  It’s a customized treatment addressing each individual’s skin care needs using Roccoco Botanicals products exclusively. It amazes me every single time how calming, anti-inflammatory, restorative, and deeply hydrating the products are. I love working with Roccoco because I can guarantee the client’s skin will look more radiant when they leave our spa.” Laura Mayhew  

Clients Reactions to the Roccoco Botanical Facial

“Our clients love the immediate difference they see and feel in their skin, especially those suffering from severe dryness, redness, and/or acne. They love the improvement in texture, tone, brightness, and clarity. The dedicated Roccoco users are always willing to try new products because they continue to see incredible results.” Laura Mayhew

Ruby Crystal Cleanser by Roccoco Botanicals is Laura Mayhew’s Fav 

I could list several, but if I have to narrow it down to one I’d have to say the Ruby Crystal Cleanser. It’s magic in a jar! I’ve never used a cleanser even remotely similar to it. This product cleanses, removes makeup, brings redness down, stimulates collagen production, brightens, and helps decongest the skin. Also, the slip and glide are outstanding, making it the most phenomenal massage medium I have ever used, which is how I introduce it to our clients during a treatment. 

Jacine Drummond, Roccoco Botanicals Founder  

I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know Jacine Drummond quite well over the years. I started out by following her on the Educated Therapists Facebook page. I had a strong interest in Roccoco as soon as I learned about it. The before and after photos were what drew me in. Jacine has come to visit our spa 3 times over the years. She was here last in June of 2023. We had a delightful time together and covered everything from continuing staff education to our clients receiving treatments from Jacine to our social media director filming an interview with Jacine and me. We showed Jacine and her team around Milwaukee by boat with my family, had a Karaoke night at The Buffet Bar (aka my parents’ basement), and even took the Aussies to their first American sporting event, a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game. Jacine was introduced to tailgating in WI and played “Cornhole” for the first time in the stadium parking lot while my husband grilled up hotdogs and put out an amazing spread. The Brewers won that night and we were featured dancing on the Jumbotron after they hit a home run! Every time Jacine comes to visit, my parents want to get in on all the fun too as they’ve also gotten to know her over the years. It’s amazing to see my mother and Jacine conversing on Facebook regularly. 

The relationship and connection I have with Jacine is priceless which solidifies my loyalty and trust to the brand. It’s astonishing to work with someone who is so in alignment with her purpose, and her passion is contagious. 

Thanks to Roccoco Botanicals for sponsoring this content so we could share Sparkle Spa with you! 

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