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Las Vegas Skincare Competition Poised To Donate $35,000 To Charity

The Skin Games, will be hosting the finals of the 2019 Competition and its 2019 Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas on June 15th and 16th. Our own, Barry Eichner will be live on The Skin Games Facebook Page for The Red Carpet Event and then serve as Emcee for The Skin Games Award Ceremony.  The Skin Games has an Exclusive Partnership with DMK International, GLYMED PLUS, RÉJUVESEA and LightStim.  Professional, licensed estheticians can choose to compete in 12 different skincare categories, The Make Up Challenge, and  Lash Extensions.  There is also a Spa Decor competition.

Skincare contestants must complete an 8 week case study, which includes video recaps and before and after images along with a written report of treatments and products used.  Contestants may compete in multiple categories, in fact last year one contestant, Stephanie Andresen, won awards in 8 categories.  One of Stephanie’s awards was 1st place in the Compassionate Category, for her work with charities in her local community.   We were so moved by her story we wanted to look deeper into this very special segment of The Skin Games.  

Compassionate Category 

One truly unique category is the Compassionate Category.  

The competition asks, “Are you helping your community and the people that live in it?  Are you an everyday esthetician who is helping to change the world?”
This Category is designed to bring awareness to the game changing acts of kindness estheticians are doing and reward them for it!

Eye On The Prize 

The Skin Games is poised to donate:
$20,000 to the first place winner’s charity of choice
$10,000 to the second place winner’s charity of choice
$5,000  to the third place winner’s charity of choice
In an effort to highlight the service being performed by estheticians across the country, The Skin Games has established 3 enormous cash prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!  These prizes have been raised through the efforts of The Skin Games and The Esthetician Connection.  Through their partnership, they conducted an auction via Facebook Live on The Esthetician Connection’s Private Facebook Group for licensed estheticians only.   
A large number of sponsors donated products and services to the online auction and Esthetician Connection Group members were able to bid on items.  There is an 2nd auction schedule for April to help meet the $35,000 goal.  

Competitor Spotlight

While there are a large number of contestants in The Compassionate Category, I had the opportunity to chat with two women who are competing – I was blown away by their stories.

Darcy Debernarde – Pink Door Cancer Spa

Darcy Debernarde who is competing for her own charity, Pink Door Cancer Spa. Darcy has owned Pink Door for several years and has helped many women who have had late stage forms of cancer.  I asked Darcy about the women that she served at Pink Door and what they would have to say about how she helped them.  Her answer was heart breaking. She told me that most of the women she helped had lost their battle.  Through her work at Pink Door Cancer Spa, she was able to provide comfort and serenity to these women in the final days of their lives.  

Shirley Avila – The Phoenix

I saw a post on Shirley’s Facebook page, where she was doing a workout at The Phoenix, which I knew to be a recovery based non-profit. I’ve been to a a few workouts at a local CrossFit box that offers Phoenix classes.  So I reached out to Shirley to ask her how she liked the workout.  

She said, “I killed it!”  Boom!  Love to hear that!  Then she went on to explain that The Phoenix is her charity of choice for The Compassionate Category in The Skin Games.  The Phoenix provides free group workout classes to men and women recovering from addiction.  Shirley created the “Sober Sundays” program where she  provides complimentary facials to members of The Phoenix Orange County.  


Interview With Shirley Avila – Compassionate Category Contestant 

Want To Compete?

If you would like to learn more about the Compassionate Category and how you can compete, there is still time!  Just pick a charity that you’d like to work with and find a way to help those involved!  There is a complete list that will outline everything that you’ll need to complete in order to compete.  You will also find all of the criteria for judging.  

$20,000 Dontation to The Birdhouse

TSG2019 Compassionate category winner Tracy A. Lacina give her 1st place prize of $20,000 to The Birdhouse.

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