Topical Probiotics: Do They Really Work? 

It’s the most popular question googled surrounding the subject of topical probiotics and who can blame those late-night searches? Probiotics for the skin is a new idea that challenges what we’ve been taught. Most of us grew up believing all bacteria are bad. This is not entirely true. Much like the gut microbiome is full of bacteria, so is the skin’s microbiome. The skin microbiome is vital to overall health. It helps defend us against pathogens and manages our ideal skin pH while also working to deliver the vitamins, minerals, and peptides the skin needs to look and feel your best.   

Just like diet and stress impact the gut microbiome, the skin microbiome is bombarded with similar stressors. Therefore, it is just as imperative to support the skin as it is the gut. We all understand that by taking oral probiotics we can help support the beneficial bacteria in our stomachs to stay healthy and improve digestion, so utilizing topical probiotics to help the skin mend and thrive naturally is an initiative solution.  

In fact, LIVE probiotic skincare has been shown to help numerous skin conditions such as: 

  • Acne (teens to menopausal women) 
  • Rosacea  
  • Eczema  
  • Sensitive
  • Overexposed skin  

Unfortunately, what has caused even more confusion in the skin probiotic category is that numerous brands incorporate only prebiotics or probiotic extracts (lysates) in their formulas and call it “probiotic skincare.” Technically to be classified as a “probiotic” product it should contain LIVE bacteria. Why? Well, the answer is easy, probiotics are what can immediately change the skin microbiome for the better. 

Understanding How Probiotics Work

To Understand Skin Probiotics, You Need To Understand How Probiotics Work

Many brands use only prebiotics like oats, mint, and seaweed. They are important because prebiotics are the source of energy/food needed for LIVE probiotics and your skin microbiome. However, if you aren’t applying additional LIVE beneficial bacteria when you use these products you are potentially feeding all the current bacteria on the skin including the harmful bacteria.  

Other companies only use a probiotic extract, which is scientifically known as lysates. This is a fluid obtained by the process of breaking LIVE probiotic bacterium apart. Probiotic extracts do not contain LIVE probiotics.    

This is why it’s important to use a skincare system that includes LIVE probiotics. Topical LIVE probiotics provide an instant boost of beneficial bacteria to the skin microbiome and help actively neutralize harmful bacteria. They are the only type of skin probiotics that deliver the postbiotics the skin needs to mend and thrive.   

These postbiotics include AHA, PHA, BHA, vitamins like retinol, antimicrobial peptides, amino acids, micronutrients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances, ceramides, and more. The beauty of using LIVE probiotics instead of lysate-based products (probiotic extracts) is that LIVE probiotics work with your unique skin microbiome to create exactly what it needs rather than taking an educated guess, applying products, and hoping the desired results are achieved.  

5 Ways Topical LIVE Probiotics Have Proven To Help

Increase collagen and elastin production. 
Decrease redness and sensitivity.
Reduce the frequency and intensity of breakouts. 
Fight off harmful bacteria, pathogens, and viruses on the skin.
Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Results You Can See

In an independent 27-day skincare study participants (both men and women ranging from 20-70 years old) reported seeing significant changes in their skin health after using LaFlore’s 3-Step Kit. What makes this 3-Step Kit unique is that it contains prebiotics, LIVE probiotics, and probiotic extracts to fortify the flora in the skin’s microbiome and neutralize harmful bacteria to support the probiotic life cycle. 

Most Notable Results Included… 

  • 92% saw improved skin texture.  
  • 97% had a reduction in spots, this includes red, brown and UV spots.  
  • 92% saw a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.  
  • 84% had a reduction in pore size.  

To see a few examples of before and after images check out LaFlore’s Why LIVE Probiotic Skincare page.   

Key Takeaways:  

Yes, probiotic skincare works if it contains LIVE probiotics. Everyone’s skin is covered in bacteria, and it is the balance of these bacteria that helps create healthy skin. Most common skin conditions are the result of an imbalanced skin microbiome. Topical LIVE probiotics, like those found in LaFlore’s homecare and professional products, are an effective way to instantly replenish beneficial bacteria, balance the skin microbiome and provide your skin with everything it craves. Ultimately, probiotics are a delivery system of goodness the skin needs to mend and thrive – naturally.  

Thanks to Laflore for writing this article.

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