L+A NOW: PFB Vanish Drop Ship Program

Help keep your clients free from ingrown hairs, razor burn and bumps with the PFB Vanish Drop Ship Program. 

Learn More About PFB Vanish's Drop ship

PFB Vanish wants to stand behind all of their retail outlets with support during these unprecedented times of COVID-19 and the coronavirus.  Now is the time for everyone in the beauty business in the United States to come together and think outside of the box.

PFB Vanish wants you to still be able to earn income for your business even if you’ve been forced to close your business.

They’re here to help you keep the doors open and serve your customer’s needs.

PFB Drop Ship Keeps You In Business

Drop ship to your customers. Limit 2 bottles per order. FREE shipping.

You sell the product to your clients!

You collect the full retail value, plus tax and shipping.

You email the order to pfb@pfbvanish.com

We will also need the consumers, email address, phone number and shipping address.

We will bill you the wholesale price.

We will ship the order to the address you include in your email.

We are available to take orders whenever you submit them, however, we have limited days that we are able to ship, but we will get the product to your clients!  You can count on that!

Call / Email / Text Your Clients

Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and start calling, emailing and text messaging your clients to offer them the PFB Vanish Drop Shop program.

Push on Social Media

Make sure that you are proactive on social media.  We also are including sample photos that you can use on Instagram and Facebook to help promote the PFB Vanish Drop Ship Program.

Don’t forget to share your message on your Instagram Story and Facebook Story – we are including posts that you can use in your stories.


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