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How This Esthetician Can Microchannel Rosacea Clients

Meet Jule OConnor, she’s the owner of Metamorphosis Clinical Skin Care in Dawsonville, GA. Julie OConnor has been an esthetician for 21 years. Julie’s first years in the esthetics Industry were in plastic surgical skin care, where she built her specialty in anti-aging services. She loves microcurrent and enjoys doing chemical peels as well as microneedling, microchanneling, and nanochanneling. 

Julie also found an outside-of-the-box way to treat Rosacea by using the EpiStep device to deliver the now, cult-favorite, EpiFusion Facial. 

Julie OConnor

Why Julie OConnor Choose EpiStep?

We sat down with Julie and asked her, “Why did you choose EpiStep for  Metamorphosis Clinical Skin Care?”

Here’s what she told us. 

“I love Microneedling and Microchanneling and had already been offering ProCell but I saw Epistep as being something similar that might be a bit better for certain skin types and conditions like Rosacea.” Julie OConnor

“Julie’s response to our question, ‘Why did you choose EpiStep?’ kind of blew me away because I had asked that SAME question during EpiStep’s Webisode of L+A Now! I was curious if it would be good for sensitive or Rosacea clients and Jennifer Crable of EpiStep said that it was ideal!” Barry Eichner

We reached out to Jennifer Crable of EpiStep to ask her why EpiStep is safe to use on sensitive and Rosacea clients.

Here’s what she told us, “Products and devices that cause inflammation through rubbing, burning, stinging, or bleeding must be avoided when working on clients with Rosacea since it is a chronic inflammatory disease. Our Epipin pro device induces collagen production and plumps up wrinkles instantly without causing any inflammation! It is a gentle and comfortable way to give clients with Rosacea results that they’re so desperately looking for.” Jennifer Crable

Julie OConnor

How Julie Gets Results For Everyone Even Sensitive and Rosacea Clients 

We asked Julie, “What results can you achieve with the EpiFusion facial?”

Here’s what she told us. 

“Epistep has been very helpful, particularly with dry skin as well as sensitive skin. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find just the right treatment for sensitive skin and I have found myself with only a couple of options in the past, but Epifusion has worked amazingly well for those clients.” Julie OConnor

She continued on to say, “Epistep has given me another option for clients that want microneedling but maybe are on a budget. It’s also a great treatment just before a big event. The skin looks amazing afterward.” Julie OConnor

We asked her “What do the clients love about the EpiFusion facial?”

Julie told us, “The GLOW!!! Oh my goodness, I haven’t even mentioned the glow that you get from their amazing mask. I actually use the mask in a lot of other treatments now and my clients love it.”

“It seems that EpiStep’s EpiFusion Facial can be dubbed,’ The treatment that is, a Glow Up for everyone!’ “ Barry Eichner 

EpiStep Works With Other Modalities + Skin Care Lines 

We found out that Epistep works seamlessly with other modalities when we asked Julie, “Why do you love using EpiStep?”

Her response was very informative for us, here’s what she had to say. 

“I love that I can combine it with other services and that in addition to the 4 different treatment tips, I can also customize the type of exfoliation that I want to use from person to person. It also works really well with microcurrent and LED. I do a lot of microcurrent and to add on Epistep is very much a red carpet treatment.” 

We asked Julie, “What skin care brands do you carry and love?” She told us, “Epionce, Rhonda Allison, Lemieux and Skin Fitness. I also have a little bit of Dermastart. They have the best Sunscreen I’ve ever used and my clients love it. It’s Sportshield SPF45 and it’s usually my top-selling product.” 

So you can tell that this device and facial works well on everyone, and works well with other modalities and other skincare brands. 

Thanks to EpiStep for sponsoring this content so we can bring you Julie’s story. 

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