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Why Clients Are Raving About Spa Chain’s Choice Of Products  

Jón Alan Salons is the Nashville-based, salon/spa chain that took its skincare game to a whole new level in 2022. They did this by adding a cult-favorite brand. This brand has been globally distributed for decades and has been exploding in the U.S. over the past 5 years! 

Jón Alan Salons selected this highly respected brand for all 4 of its Nashville locations to sit next to Skinceuticals and Aveda. The owner of the salon/spa chain had incredible things to say about this company. The esthetician we spoke to also made emphatic statements about the treatments she offers clients and home prescriptive that she offers her clients

Jón Alan Salons Selects DMK International 

During a visit to Jón Alan Salons Jenni had a chance to chat with chain owner, Jón Snetman about why she selected DMK International. Jenni also had the opportunity to chat with and experience a DMK International skin revision treatment from Jón Alan Salons, Lead Esthetician, Shyan Strunk. 

Jenni spoke to Jón Snetman, founder of Jón Alan Salons about DMK International, and here’s what she had to say. 

“We saw the results on Instagram and loved them. We also feel that DMK is in alignment with our current brand and beliefs. We are adding DMK International to our brand mix of Skinceuticals and Aveda. We also offer Hydrafacial. Even though we’ve just started using the line – we’re thrilled with the results. The DMK International team has helped us every step of the way.” Jón Snetman, founder of Jón Alan Salons 

Jón Alan Salons Esthetician Feedback on DMK International 

We love to get down into the treatment room and talk to the team that uses products and devices. So Jenni had the chance to receive a treatment from Lead Esthetician, Shyan Strunk. During the treatment, she asked her what she thought of DMK International. Below are some highlights from that conversation. 

Jón Alan Salons Loves STEMZYME™

“I’m also really excited about  STEMZYME™ because this is something innovative to the industry. This series of 5 is the ultimate age management and prevention treatment because it promotes adult skin cell renewal. As a result, you will continue to see a lift in jowling and in the neck, and fine and deep lines softened. You continue to have collagen production and see results for up to 6 months after the series.” Shyan Strunk  

STEMZYME™ is the ultimate Age Management treatment that reduces the effects of impaired stem cell function. Effects include fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven skin tone, discoloration, uneven texture, dullness, sallow complexions, enlarged pores, dry skin, and hyperactive skin.

The skin’s regenerative properties imply the existence of stem cells, able to differentiate into many cell types for the skin’s distinctive needs.  STEMZYME™ therapy helps refine the skin cell life cycle at every stage.

Jón Alan salons

What Jón Alan Salons Clients Are Saying About Their Skin After a DMK Treatment?

“There is an evident difference that my clients see when receiving DMK treatments. I have worked with clients on age management, acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation. Every client is in awe after each treatment. There is no treatment on the market that works on the function of the skin, and this is truly the key to healthy, youthful skin.” Lead Esthetician, Shyan Strunk

Jón Alan Salons Esthetician’s 2 Favorite DMK Home Prescriptive 

I have two favorites! These two assist in hydration retention, restoring volume and density for up to 5 years, and act as an anti-inflammatory duo. Everyone needs to be on these two!” Shyan Strunk

Wetter Than Water
Wetter Than Water™ uses a unique blend of carrier and wetting agents, allowing WTW to be driven into the epidermis almost instantly. Once there, it trans-epidermally releases its moisture and nutrients, which are known for their volumizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, free radical scavenging, and immune-boosting properties.

Through the evolution of skincare, serums have been promising youth in a bottle. FirMatrix™ is now delivering on that promise. This premium skin recovery serum contains powerful botanicals that utilize bio-homeostasis technology to rebuild the epidermal matrix restoring up to five years of density. Greater density will bring firmness to loose or sagging skin, giving you a more youthful, fuller look. Almost like a “skin filler,” but without the injections.

Jón Alan salons

Jón Alan Salons Esthetician Loves DMK Education

“DMK’s education is what hungry, eager estheticians have been craving since we graduated beauty school. It is challenging and intriguing, keeping us excited and eager to learn more. They focus on education around the function of the skin, and how it’s much more than treating our skin at the epidermis. It comes down to lifestyle and uses products that mimic the body’s function. This is what gives outstanding results.” Shyan Strunk 

Get To Know DMK International For Yourself

We’ve been featuring DMK International for the past 5 years. We’ve traveled around the world and experienced the treatments. We’ve taken their brand education and had the chance to meet with hundreds of DMK International clinic owners. We’re obsessed!

If you want to find out more about DMK International, take one of their DMK Skincare™ Fundamentals Intro to Skin Revision webinars.

Thanks to DMK International for sponsoring this content so that we can share the story of Jón Alan Salons with our community. 

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