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This Esty Gave Jenni Nagle Glass Skin

Jessline Fermin gave Lipgloss + Aftershave Co-Founder, Jenni Nagle, one of the most impressive skincare treatments! Jenni visited Jessline Fermin at her solo-esty practice, called Jessline’s. She’s like Cher or Madonna, so talented and all-encompassing that she stands out enough to go by a single name! Jenni went directly to social media after the treatment and called the treatment, The Glass Skin Facial

Jessline Fermin did it! She’s the Feature Esthetician for Pure Pro Aesthetics, a distribution company in Atlanta, GA that showcases some of the hottest Korean skincare brands available on the global market. Jessline is also an Ambassador for Pure Pro Aesthetics and helps estheticians learn the Korean skincare brands and how to best fit them into a skincare practice. 

Get To Know Jessline Fermin Feature Esty for Pure Pro Aesthetics

Jessline Fermin is a licensed esthetician located in Elmwood Park, NJ. She has a solo practice that is thriving. She specializes in lash extensions, international skin care, and permanent makeup. She began doing lash extensions in 2018 and then in January 2020 she enrolled in the skin care program at Christine Valmy where she fell completely in love with skincare. 

She professes to “love performing every service on her menu, however, facials are her favorite!’ While researching skincare brands to use in her practice she found Pure Pro Aesthetics. The results she saw from the brands offered at Pure Pro Aesthetics were like nothing she had ever seen in the esthetics field and realized she had found the lines that she wanted to use in her practice. 

Jessline Fermin – Pure Pro Aesthetics Brand Ambassador 

In 2022 Cherece, Co-Founder of Pure Pro Aesthetics was looking for a brand ambassador to market the products. Jessline then began creating content for Pure Pro Aesthetics. In 2023 Cherece asked Jessline to work with other Pure Pro Aesthetics accounts and act as a consultant to help those estheticians with their questions and concerns. 

Now Jessline works to develop strong relationships with estheticians, learning about their business and providing consultations on the usage and protocols of the lines offered at Pure Pro Aesthetics. Jessline loves this job because she believes so strongly in the product lines. The Pure Pro Aesthetic brands have completely changed her practice and helped her stand out in her local market – as one of the only Estheticians providing Professional Medical grade Korean Skincare. 

Jenni Nagle’s Experience With The Glass Skin Facial 

“This gives new meaning to the term ‘glass skin’!

I’ve heard it, I’ve seen it, but I have yet to fully understand what it meant until experiencing the ISOV treatment with Jessline! This multi-step treatment was completely customized and included several different modalities to further infuse the ingredients.

The cleansing process alone was multi-step and left my skin glowing from the get-go. I could feel the active ingredients on my skin from the start, and the S-Amino peel had a kick! It was nothing I couldn’t tolerate, a 7 on a scale of 1-10. After the sensation subsided, it was reactivated when Jessline performed a short facial massage.  

Each step seemed to kick start my skin, waking it up with the ampoules, infused by a plasma microchanneling device. My skin was then soothed by a cream mask and eye and neck sheet masks.

I fell in love with the glow, especially on my forehead. It seems this Korean skincare line was the drink my skin was craving!” Jenni Nage

Jessline Fermin

Jessline Fermin Explains The Glass Skin Facial AKA S Amino Protocol by ISOV

We sat down with Jessline and asked her to help us understand all about the S Amino Protocol by ISOV. We wanted to get to know as much as possible about the products used in this treatment! Here’s what she had to say! 

You performed the S Amino Protocol by ISOV, tell us why you love this treatment.

The S Amino Acid kit is a unique blend of 4 different acids as well as 8 different amino acids. This treatment not only performs as a chemical peel but simultaneously feeds the skin nutrients through the amino acids. This no-downtime treatment is great for all skin types and a perfect choice for antiaging. 

Tell us what clients say about this treatment.

Clients are amazed by the afterglow and the “lit from within” results that last days after the facial is performed. This is one of the most requested treatments because it also pairs well with dermaplaning, LED light therapy, nanoneedling, and other infusion devices.

You used the ISOV S-Amino Peel, tell us about this peel and why you love it.

This kit contains a blend of AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs (The newest form of acid that works on the outermost layer of the skin due to its larger molecular size) and a fruit acid blend. This makes this a peel that works intracellularly as well as on the outer surface of the skin. This peel is a no downtime – red carpet facial.

You used the ISOV O2 Ampoule, tell us about this product, why you love it, and why you recommend infusing it.

This is where the true uniqueness of the  S Amino Kit comes in. These ampoules contain 8 different amino acids that are extracted from the silk of the spiderweb. As we know, spider silk is considered one of the strongest materials on earth. These serums are designed to be infused, driving them deeper into the skin cells through microchanneling.

You used the ISOV M-Amino Cream Mask, tell us about this product, and why you love it. 

The M Amino Mask is a decadent, cream mask that can serve double duty, it contains those same amino acids, along with peptides & sodium DNA extracted from caviar. This mask helps restore skin elasticity, brightens the skin, and restores hydration. 

You performed the ISOV Intensive Eye Treatment and ISOV Intensive Neck Treatment as an add-on to Jenni’s facial. Tell us what products you used. Also, tell us about the patches that you used, and why you used them.  

The Intensive Eye Care Kit and The Intensive Neck Care Kit are both great because they are such an easy upgrade to any facial service. There are 3 steps in total for each kit, containing multi-peptide ampoules (great for infusion) and eye & neck masks (the eye mask is amazing because it not only covers a large area of the lower eye & cheek but also, the upper lid as well. Each kit contains 10 treatments per kit making this one of the easiest and effective add-on treatments to any facial.

Jessline Fermin

Thanks to Pure Pro Aesthetics for sponsoring this content so we are able to share Jessline’s story! 

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